How to use customer contact points to boost sales

Contact points are points of contact between a client and a company or a specialist, influencing the decision to start or continue cooperation, to buy goods or to refuse them. How to find and work out business-critical points of contact? For companies or entrepreneurs working online, there are several key points of contact: social networks - pages, posts, replies to comments and posts from users, advertising, guest posts, etc.

How to make multilending if you are not a programmer

What it is about In beauty salons offer this service - keratin hair straightening. We do not care now what it is. The main thing is that the same procedure is also called Brazilian hair straightening, and biofirement of hair, and Brazilian keratin straightening, and keratin biovyrina, and so on.

Why copywriters do not like Ilyahov

Hello! My name is Sergey Korol, I am an editor and commercial writer. I have been writing text for money since 2006. During this time, I managed to work with different companies: from small startups with Facebook instead of the site to Yandex and Russian Post. I have a blog of average popularity, sometimes they even call to speak at profile conferences.

How to work with copywriters. Customer Guide

The scandal in the editorial - hellish time eater. The author yells that he is a genius and will write as he wants. The editor shouts that he is in charge here and knows better how it should be. The work is worth it. Money is dripping. Customers are leaving. Let's see how to prevent scandals and what to do if they have already begun. What does the customer do? In the “Cowshed” of Artemy Lebedev § 181.

What is Yandex.DZen and how to earn money on it

Zen is a Yandex advisory service. It automatically forms a feed of interesting articles based on user preferences. The Zen tape is visible on the Yandex main page (turn down), at, in Yandex Browser, Yandex.Loncher and the Zen mobile app. We, the creators and distributors of content, are interested in the following: “Zen” daily audience is 10 million people, and over the year it has doubled.

How to write a selling text: step by step recipe

Companies spend a lot of money on creating selling texts in the hope that they will convert the reader or listener into a client and instantly increase their sales. But the question is: is this all-selling text almighty? Is there any universal formula for writing material that necessarily leads to the sale?