When pop-ups can ruin your brand

Pop-ups (pop-ups) - the tool is far from new. However, despite this, opinions about their effectiveness are still divided. Some claim that pop-ups are the best way to increase conversion. Others consider them to be the main irritant of outbound marketing (aggressive, intrusive, and so disliked by modern Internet users).

How to deal with killer conversion: 9 most terrible threats to your site

According to the Internet marketing company WordStream, the average conversion rate of search traffic is 2%. Only two out of a hundred site visitors become your customers. You yourself are helping some of the 98 remaining visitors to refuse to cooperate. You do this with the help of so-called conversion killers, which force users to leave the landing pages immediately.

How to work with copywriters. Customer Guide

The scandal in the editorial - hellish time eater. The author yells that he is a genius and will write as he wants. The editor shouts that he is in charge here and knows better how it should be. The work is worth it. Money is dripping. Customers are leaving. Let's see how to prevent scandals and what to do if they have already begun. What does the customer do? In the “Cowshed” of Artemy Lebedev § 181.

How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles. You will learn: how to present the reader in a convenient form with the information for which he started reading; how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

How to determine the effectiveness of content marketing: marketing metrics and monitoring methods

Content marketing is a resource-intensive activity. To succeed, you have to spend a lot of time, effort and money. Sooner or later you will want to assess how efficiently you spend resources. In this article, you will learn how to do this. Why evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing? You can calculate the effectiveness of investments in content marketing without opening the analytics system.