How to work with copywriters. Customer Guide

The scandal in the editorial - hellish time eater. The author yells that he is a genius and will write as he wants. The editor shouts that he is in charge here and knows better how it should be. The work is worth it. Money is dripping. Customers are leaving. Let's see how to prevent scandals and what to do if they have already begun. What does the customer do? In the “Cowshed” of Artemy Lebedev § 181.

Chancery: good or evil?

I was prompted to write an article about the clerical office due to the undeserved contempt for bureaucratic language expressed by many authors. The reason for this attitude is the lack of understanding of the meaning and purpose of the clerk, its application where the office is inappropriate, or the inability to use it. Like any tool, the clerk requires certain skills and experience.

Growth Hacking: The Secret to Explosive Growth

What is Growth Hacking Recently, first in the foreign segment of the Internet, and then in runet, among Internet entrepreneurs, they started talking about Growth Hacking. The literal translation of the term Growth Hacking is “hacking growth” (to grow - to grow, to hack - to crack), but the translation conveys little the meaning of the phenomenon.

How to give a second life content: 12 ways to revive your best articles

If you run a personal or corporate blog, you probably have encountered such a situation: some of the publications receive a powerful response, while others go unnoticed. You can not accurately predict the effectiveness of articles. Materials that seem informational bombs, do not gain a dozen "likes". But passing publications suddenly explode the audience, attract traffic and cause heated debates on the verge of a holivar.