21 ways to make content more convincing: social proof guide

The main tasks of landings and presentations are company promotion; sale of their goods and services. In order to solve them, the content had to be convincing, and the means of persuasion were social evidence and tools of trust. What exactly - we will tell in this article.

Social evidence

The effect of the crowd and the position of "thousands of people can not be wrong" often replace a person's own assessment. Taking advantage of this and increasing the impact of a landing or presentation will help social evidence - a method of persuasion, in which a person makes a decision under the influence of the choice of other people.

1. Cases

People love case studies, because at first everything is bad, but then everything is good. This is a clear demonstration of the benefits in the "Problem - Solution - Result" format. Excellent if the cases are supplemented by short customer reviews.

2. Reviews

Reviews work by themselves. The main thing that they were:

  • real;
  • non-anonymous;
  • with relevant product / service information about the author. For reviews of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, it is logical to indicate the age per wow-effect: "Wow, she is 60, and she looks at 30!"; for real estate agency reviews, it’s more important what task the person came up with and how quickly he solved it. Do not use "left" photos for reviews - the uniqueness of a photo is easy to check through Yandex and Google.

Studying the offers of companies for the quick purchase of apartments when working on a landing, I decided to check the authenticity of reviews on one of the sites. It seemed strange that the information about the authors of reviews does not correspond to the service (age is indicated). I started searching for photos of "clients" in Yandex, and made sure that all the reviews on the site are one big fake. And this is in real estate, where we are talking about millions of transactions.

Search for photos in Yandex gave these results:

3. Letters of thanks

Thank-you letter - the same review in the b2b sector on a beautiful form, stamped and signed by the manager. Often the letters of thanks are crammed with red tape, but the very fact that they exist is weighty social proof. After all, heads of organizations wrote about the benefits of a product or service.

4. Expert opinion

Experts it is important to choose based on the topic. It is logical if the car will be praised by the Formula 1 racer, and the clothes of a particular brand are well-known designer. For the manufacturer of low-calorie bars, the opinion of a nutritionist is important, and when selling software, the opinion of an IT specialist is weighty. In addition to the photo expert, you can add the stamp “Recommend by experts” or “Approved by experts” to the text box.

5. "Already with us"

Placing on the landing page or in the presentation a clear list of companies that have joined the loyalty program, you can quickly attract new participants to the program. Showing how many franchises and in which cities they already operate under a promoted brand makes it easier to expand the franchise network.

6. Re-select

Magic phrases "50% of our customers choose paint N for wet rooms and when they are next renovated," or "6 out of 10 people buy F sneakers for their loved ones" can work wonders. The main thing is that the figures should be based on something - on field observations of managers, on contract statistics or on customer questionnaires, which can be indicated in the text of a landing page or presentation in the format “Following the results of a questionnaire of 1000 customers”.

"Over the 4 years of active work, such statistics has accumulated - almost 65% of clients return after the ordering of the presentation either for new product presentations or for content in a different format. In my opinion, this is a good, and, most importantly, real indicator that I I can document it as necessary, as we always work with the conclusion of a formal contract "

Valery Romanov, director of business presentations agency Romanoff

7. Famous people

Pop and movie stars, successful businessmen, top officials of states and members of royal families ... The higher the status of a person - the weightier the social proof. It’s not even necessary to get feedback from famous people; Restaurateurs and hoteliers often simply take pictures with famous guests by posting photos on the site.

If the photo stars in the interior of the institution is not, you can place a list of guests with their mini-photos from public sources. But only if they were really guests or clients of the company, and this can be traced if desired. For example, analyzing the work schedule of the president, the governor, or the program of a visit to Russia of royal persons.

8. Customers

Social proof can be work with well-known companies.

In a presentation or on a landing page, it is often not the names of customers that are placed, but their logos - for clarity, and sometimes it influences the company's image and sales so positively that it would fit the customers to pay extra. But it happens that the placement of customer logos refuse.

"We were ordered a landing page for a company that is engaged in catering in the b2b sector. The company has been working for a long time, including very large customers, whose names are well known. But the customer refused to place their clients' logos in the presentation, arguing that they don’t want to make free advertising to your customers. "

Maria Moskova, head of digital agency Bestslide.ru

9. Dynamic indicators

If in 2012 the sales volume of the Rondo brand furniture was 10,000 units, in 2015 - 50,000 units, and in 2017 already 90,000 units, the growth dynamics becomes social proof of the demand for products. So you can use the positive dynamics and other indicators by posting graphs or charts of profit growth, return on investment, increase market share.

10. Ratings

Top positions of the company in the ratings will sell products better and more naturally than frontal appeals "Go and buy!" These may be the top 5 most actively growing companies in the industry, the top 10 companies in accordance with their market shares, the top 5 industry ratings in terms of the number of completed projects, concluded deals or other significant indicators. When placing this social evidence, it is important to indicate who conducted the rating.

11. Counters

Landing counters may indicate a deadline, spurring visitors ("there are 7 places left to attend full-time training" Million in three days "), or to show the number of people who have already taken advantage of the offer (" stretch ceilings with a 20% discount already ordered 100 people "). Be honest with the visitors - if there are 23 places at the training, not 7, then write and let the number decrease as the number of participants grows. Do not place the counters at the very beginning of the process (for example, registering for a webinar) - too small push away what will attract the user.

Prove the relevance of a product or service will help the site attendance counter, which reflects the number of visitors on an accrual basis. Each new user will see that tens of thousands of people have visited the site before him - this is credible.

12. Publications in the media

When the media write about a company, product or event - this is also social proof. Firstly, the media actively influence the opinion of the audience, and secondly, media attention speaks about the interest to the product, brand, company. Blocks "Media about us", "They talk and write about us" or "We in the press" readily use companies from retailers to manufacturers of sophisticated equipment. On multipage sites in such blocks there are links to articles; on landings and in presentations - logos of newspapers, magazines and TV channels.

Trust building tools

Trust is an important factor in increasing sales. In the book "Speed ​​of Trust," American lecturer, organizational management consultant Stephen Covey writes: "Trust affects us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It inspires and maintains the quality of any relationship, any communication, any work and the project, each of your enterprise and any undertaking. " For trust to come to the point when a person is ready to buy from a particular company, it must be consciously formed. To do this, use a variety of tools.

1. Research results

For medical and medical supplies (dietary supplements, cosmetics, massagers, orthopedic appliances) one of the main tools of trust is the results of clinical studies. Research is conducted by traditionally trusted scientists, and the consumer is credited with confirming the safety and effectiveness of the product by scientists. The title and brief research results can be placed on a landing page or on a presentation slide, additionally providing for the possibility to download the full text.

2. Warranties

The instrument of confidence building and proof of the quality of the goods - guarantees from the manufacturer and seller. Previously, the standard warranty for equipment was 1 year, today it can be 3-5 years, and manufacturers of roofing materials give a guarantee for their products from 10 to 25 years. Service guarantees are more complicated; but in some cases even a lifetime warranty is possible on the services.

"The guarantees of the result in digital - the lot of either newcomers to the market or fraudsters. Various promises of" a 146% increase in profits after the design update "have nothing to do with reality. No serious company gives quantitative guarantees of results. Everyone is responsible only for that the work will be done on all requirements, qualitatively and on time. And the growth of profits and the number of customers is a complex issue that cannot be solved only by developing a new website. As for the guarantee of the technical work of the site, then it is for life - if the client himself did not change anything in the site code or third parties did not. ”

Sergey Ivanov, Team lead team WebResident

3. Figures

8 years of experience in the market; 240 cases; deliveries to 30 foreign countries; production growth by 15% per year; 300 large regular customers - these numbers work as tools to build confidence. The specifics catch the eye, and it looks more convincing than the streamlined constructions about a “dynamic developing company” or “a growing number of realized projects”.

4. Official documents

These may be federal laws and programs, decrees of the president, international documents, for example, norms of the World Health Organization or the Customs Union. But not all official documents and not always will be tools of trust - only those that are thematically close to a particular product or event. Thus, for a company inviting people to take the standards of the TRP, the social proof was the “Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin” On the approval of the provision on the All-Russian sports and sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense”. If the importance of the TRP is told by the President, this is serious!

5. Awards, merit, position

Diplomas of sectoral Russian or international exhibitions; awards of the competitions "100 best goods of Russia" or "100 promising inventions of Russia" - all this increases the credibility of the company. The same applies to individuals - an instrument of trust and confirmation of their expertise besides awards can even be a successful track record.

Diplomas and awards are placed in the form of scans, the track record - a text box next to a photo of a person.

“Talking about yourself and showing your achievements is extremely important if we want to inspire confidence in the target audience and aim to sell something to it. The person who came to your site is NOT a psychic. He may not have a clue how cool you are if you yourself You will not say. When choosing the strategy of “voice-overs of regalia and service record, you need to focus on what your target audience is and what niche you represent. To do this, you need to do research and study audience trust points, they are all different”

Alisa Lins, head of the studio selling sites for the training business

6. Gallery of works

Gallery of works, or portfolio - heavy artillery and an important tool for building confidence. The copywriter's portfolio allows you to evaluate his style, the web studio's portfolio gives an idea of ​​taste and approaches, and the developer's portfolio shows how many houses the company rented out without running away from the co-investors and without going bankrupt.

7. Cards

The map is another tool for building trust. If the trading network is called federal, it shows on the map of the city and the regions where its stores are open. From a manufacturer supplying household appliances in Russia, a person choosing a slow cooker in Omsk is waiting for information whether there is a service center in his city.


This is a variant of using the authority of famous people as a tool for building trust. The presentations use quotes from historical personalities (Cicero, Hippocrates, Napoleon), famous businessmen, such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Ilon Musk. Confidence is also aroused by quotes from influential business coaches, motivators - for example, Nick Vujcic or Alan Pisa. It is important that the author of the quotation be authoritative in his field: quotations of famous athletes work for the sports industry; sound equipment manufacturers useful quotes stage musicians.

9. Contact details

Often on the landing page or in the presentation for communication indicate the phone and e-mail; sometimes a contact person may be indicated.

But the most significant information for the selling text is the offline office address. This is proof that the company exists, is located in the business district of the city, and its income is enough to maintain the premises. It is psychologically easier for most people to deal with a company when it is clear where to look for it if necessary. If the address is wrapped in a marketing package, indicating that it is nearby - it can turn out both convincingly and not boring.


Social proofs and trust building tools make the content of the landing page, presentations convincing. But in content marketing, as in cooking, 5-7 ingredients are a great salad, and 12-15 are an unappetizing mess. Use different types of social evidence and tools for building confidence without going over, mix, change, watch which combinations increase profits in each particular niche. And if you use something that is not in this list - share your experience!

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