23 examples and one experiment to create quiz

Quizzes are tests and quizzes that you have often seen on websites and social networks. This type of entertainment content is widely used in business. Do not believe that frivolous at first glance content can raise serious sales? Then read this article and be inspired by examples of others.

Why do we need quizzes?

Briefly, we have already written about quizzes in the article on alternative marketing options.

If even shorter - the creators of tests and quizzes play on the desire of people to know themselves better. Well, who among us refused to take any interesting test like "What kind of animal are you?", "What literary hero would you have become"?

Usually entertainment sites abound with quotations, but the most advanced companies are using them to promote the sites and their business as a whole. This way they kill several fat birds with one stone.

Suppose your company has a website or a public in social networks, or you own an online store. You publish on your resource news, blog articles, information about goods and services. All this is great, but ... sometimes it is boring, admit it. The audience is interested to read not only about you, but also about yourself. And she easily recognizes herself in tests, memes, funny stories.

So, what hares will we have for lunch today:

  • you will interest the old audience and attract a new one: if the test is really interesting - people will share its results on their pages, and other users will follow the link to your site;
  • depending on the results, you can offer your products to the reader;
  • You will at times increase the loyalty of Central Asia and earn a reputation as a modern creative company. And most importantly - you will be closer to the people. That very people who can buy from you;
  • You can collect contact details: just promise to send the test results by e-mail. For a start, you can do without it, but later I advise you to use this chip: leads are not superfluous.

Let's take a look at how Russian companies use quizzes. For convenience, we divide them into two types: entertaining and selling.

Entertaining quizzes

They can be placed on commercial sites and entertainment venues. Such tests do not advertise and at first glance created for fun. But if you look at the examples below, it's not that simple. Quotes attract attention to the brands and their activities, certain life situations, products or services. And of course, you can share them on the Internet and bring new users to the site.

Quest test from Alfa Bank for those who dream of becoming an entrepreneur

Cosmetics Test on the website dedicated to healthy skin

Whole test series on the website about interior design

One of the questions quiz on a popular car portal

Food test on culinary resource

Joint test "Promsvyazbank" and "Medusa". There is no direct PR bank, but it never hurts to remind yourself

Test from "TeksTerry". Pay attention to the number of shareings.

On the website of the company "Megaphone" is special entertainment section

Selling quotes

And here is the real meat. There are several options for increasing sales through quizzes. The first - based on the test results, to offer the user a product or service. It looks like this.

Skin Type Test on the website of the manufacturer of cosmetics

Another option: test on the site selling perfume

The second way is not to offer services directly, but to involve the user in every way in your business. Does not want to be involved - ok, you can offer a bonus, discount, gift or other nishtyachok.

The test on the website of the manufacturer of chips causes violent salivation and a desire to go to the store

And again quiz from "TexTerry" - this time directly related to the activities of the agency

Aviasales, as always, keep abreast of events. Test in the group of "VKontakte"

Quiz on UK online english learning website

Thematic test on a construction site

Test about the history of the company - great option quiz!

Such landing test already interested in a hot audience. Even if the person does not use the service right now. - the figure will surely be deposited on his cortex

A similar exampleOnly give gifts

Creators test for dance school play on the ambitions of parents: it is pleasant for everyone to feel their child by Maya Plisetskaya

The third option is to collect user contact information. It is not difficult for a person to leave his e-mail, and then you already do what you want with it: send suggestions, bomb mailings — not for me to teach. But remember: for the user to enter his data, the quiz must be really cool - so that I would like to know the answers immediately.

I found this test on training courses website

Bash on bash: go test - get the project

Research Service launched your game

I passed the test test on test builder. This is what the last step looks like.

How to create quizzes?

The article would be incomplete without a story about how to create these same quizzes. We will study together - we will conduct an experiment to create a test here and now.

“Okay, Google” and collective intelligence are prompted by several quiz designers:

  • marketing lead survey designer;
  • marketing quiz designer;
  • quiz designer from LP Motor;
  • quiz widget from Envybox;
  • English designer quiz.

I choose the second option and start. Come with me!

Step one. We come up with a theme. It should be correlated with the theme of your business or complement it, as in the examples above. If you want to draw attention to certain products or promote a new service - great, the test will help to gain an audience. Take the simplest topic: for example, "What to eat for dinner?".

Step Two. We make up questions. It is better if there are not too few and not too many - ten is enough. Do not abuse professional terms, the simpler - the better. Try to find a user among multiple answers.

Step Three. We decorate this business with photos. It is possible without them, but it is more interesting. You can take your own pictures, take them from stocks, draw unique pictures or comics - as your fantasy tells you. I used "Yandex. Pictures" - the simplest options. In the menu on the left I chose the item "Options with pictures", downloaded images to the computer and attached to questions.

Step Four. We come up with the following questions.

Step five. Questions are compiled - the turn of the results has come. There are two options: rely on the constructor or make the answer choices yourself, turning on the psychologist mode. I had the first option. Therefore, it remains only to fill out forms for collecting contact information and figure out how to insert quiz on the site.

Our quiz is ready. Further, in the constructor, instructions are given on how to insert a quiz on a website, set goals in analytics, calculate a discount and other functions. You can do it yourself or with the help of a programmer.

We gave for example the simplest option - a similar test can be done for each type of business. It is enough to replace the topic and questions with suitable topics. Try and see for yourself that quizzes are one of the important elements in the comprehensive promotion of the site.

And the last piece of advice: when compiling questions and answers, avoid negativity and truth-womb. Yet this is entertainment content, do not upset your potential customers.

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