What they say about the quality of the evaluation text for the Glavred, Turgenev and Advego services

Score on Glavred, points in Turgenev, classical and academic nausea on Advego are questionable measures of quality. These and other popular verification services, if used wisely, help the authors not to get on. With their help it is easier for customers to screen out frank graphomania, no more. To understand why, let's look at how the indicators are considered, which are most often included in the terms of reference for the text.

What does the Glavred rating mean?

The Ilyahovsky service GLVRD.ru highlights stop words and convoluted syntax. For each type of verification a separate tab in the editor. Estimate 10/10 on the tab "Words" in it receive texts with a minimum ratio of "extra" words to the total volume of the material. Extras are pronouns, some verbs, adjectives, clerical, hackneyed turnovers. In the tab "Syntax" 10/10 put texts from simple sentences with subject and predicate.

Strong words are written not only strong texts. For several years, even the exchange gostraytery adapted to issue meaningless writings for the info-style. All you need to do is remove a little of what Glavred stressed, and you can proudly attach a screenshot of 7/10 points to the text.

A green mark in Glavred means only that the author is able to express thoughts without stop words. Skill questionable utility for sales, SEO and SMM. Therefore, it is important to deduct after the auto check sent on the subject of benefit, simplicity, truth. In proofreading, it is still useful to filter what Illyakhov called the information style stamps on a blog.

How important is it to achieve zero for "Turgenev"

The relatively young testing service "Turgenev" from the Ashmanov laboratory checks by several parameters: it counts word / phrase repetitions, a piece of informative text, finds stylistic errors, highlights relevant queries, evaluates readability. Based on the check, the score is formed, the higher it is, the more chances the content will get under the "Baden-Baden" filter in Yandex.

The description for Turgenev says that the algorithm of his work is based on the analytics of the Ashmanov and Partners projects. Indeed, verbose articles where the same words are not repeated in every paragraph are better indexed.

It is not necessary to achieve zero for "Turgenev". Rich vocabulary and respect for the stylistic canons of the language - not the main features of a strong text. In the top of the issue on some commercial requests pages with content for 14-20 points on "Turgenev", but they obviously bring good traffic.

What is the best indicator of nausea on "Advego"

"Advego SEO Analyzer" creates visual tables with text semantics, indicators of water content, academic and classical nausea. The indicator of water is higher, the fewer verbs and nouns in the checked fragment. Academic nausea depends on the ratio of the frequency of repetitions to the volume, classical - shows the percentage of duplicates of the number of unique words.

Academic nausea above 7% speaks of frequent repetitions. In some topics this is normal, medical or legal articles with terms sometimes remain readable and informative at a rate of 10-11%. It is permissible for the author to set the bar not higher than X only taking into account the topic, format, and list of keywords.

The optimal rate of nausea for any text materials on "Advego" does not exist. Reducing the percentage helps thoughtless replacement of parts of recurring words with synonyms, adding a few watery paragraphs, removing informative blocks from the structure. If we look at this figure when accepting work, it is only during the final verification of the content before publication.

How to read grades on Glavred, Turgenev, Advego

  • When accepting commercial texts, you should immediately read them, and then drive them through checks.
  • Rechecking in Glavred, Turgenev and Advego there is a sense of only those materials in which everything is in order with the structure, meaning, facts.
  • Services for auto-check evaluate content from the technical side, therefore they can give an excellent mark to mediocre materials.

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