"Signed" update search results "Yandex"

Yesterday an article on the system of signs, which are given to websites and displayed in search results, appeared in the Yandex blog. Signs will help users decide which link to go to.

At the moment there are the following signs:

Popular site. A site with a lot of traffic and a regular audience.

User selection. Resource with active and loyal users.

Navigation answer. The site that best matches your search query. For example, at the request of "twitter" ticker will be at the site twitter.com.

Verified Profile. The official page of a person or company in social networks.

Ticks also receive:

  • Yandex services;
  • official sites according to "Yandex.References";
  • official dealers according to "Avto.ru";
  • organizations from the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

This will help to get and issue on the original site, which will reduce the likelihood of fraud.


    How to get a sign in "Yandex"

    Little is known about the procedure for issuing and displaying signs. These processes are governed by automatic algorithms that are not disclosed and not commented. Also in “Yandex” stated that the algorithms can change at any time.

    While you can reduce everything to "improve the site, get the sign." However, this does not guarantee that the mark will be displayed in the issue, because it is also governed by algorithms, although it is argued that all sites are equal in front of them.

    While the system is not working accurately enough, because the site "VelikaPlaza" does not have a tick:

    At the same time, the Plus.Google page and YouTube channel have a "popular site" sign:

    Groups on Facebook and VKontakte also have no signs. A check mark on Yandex.Maps does not depend on Texterra, because Maps is a Yandex service. It is difficult to conclude whether the “light” was obtained due to the popularity of YouTube or Google itself, because none of the other social networks have it, although they are also very popular.

    Of course, all sites will focus on these icons, and try to get the maximum possible number of them. However, for a user who is not keen on this field and sets himself the task of simply finding what interests, the icons are an empty sound at the moment.

    First, to see the general statistics on the site, click on the arrow, and then select the item "information about the site":

    I do not think that a large percentage of users will do this. Now, Yandex has added explanations to all the icons, but again these are controversial actions.

    Secondly, it takes time for people, in principle, to notice and focus on them. The icons are small and obviously not immediately apparent:

    I would display all possible icons at once, naturally, so that it was not visually alyapisto.

    Thirdly, as in any other innovations, it is necessary to give more explanations from "Yandex" on these icons. The rather old icon of the official source is clear to everyone and affects the choice:

    And new ones take time to adapt and adopt.

    Therefore, if this innovation and entails some race, the exhaust from it will not get soon.

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