Content vs design: what is more important?

The words that you use to implement content marketing strategy, as well as the messages sent through them, have the same value and importance as a good web page design. It is the texts that form the opinion of the audience about your company. Content shows potential customers that you understand their needs and can satisfy them. And it is the words that determine whether a site visitor will become your client. Business promotion on the Internet will not be successful if marketers rely solely on visual means of communication.

Of course, high-quality web page design attracts the visitor and holds it for a few seconds. But even the most beautiful page in the world does not help you to establish contact with a potential client. The seller must establish a dialogue with the buyer to ensure the conclusion of the transaction. As you understand, the dialogue is conducted with the help of words and sentences in most cases.

Imagine that you are planning a trip to the Crimea, where you want to taste various wines. You have colorful photos of the Crimean vineyards and wine cellars. However, you cannot determine the grape type and age of the wine from the picture. Also, you do not know the history of this or that winery, you can not get recommendations on the use of different varieties of grape drink.

With wine, you will somehow figure it out by trying each variety individually. But how to choose a good camera, if you have only photos of various models of digital cameras? Now you see that words are important. And brands that tell their story, and not only show it, become leaders in their industry.

The word is a powerful weapon

Words evoke emotions and change the mental attitudes of the audience. The famous video "The Power of Words" from the British content marketing agency Purple Feather, which once became an Internet hit, confirms this. The video tells about a blind homeless person who asks for alms while sitting on the street. A beggar on a piece of cardboard wrote: "I am blind, please help me."

Most people indifferently pass by this person, barely paying attention to him. By the will of fate, next to the beggar, a cool copywriter stops. Yes, yes, this girl in black glasses definitely specializes in creating selling texts, which is confirmed by further developments. It changes the inscription on the tablet of the blind, after which no one passes by him indifferently. "Today is a beautiful day, but I can not see him," - wrote the lady on behalf of the beggar.

Why is this inscription on the plate impossible to ignore? It provides an emotional connection between a blind person and passersby. People change their attitude to the beggar by reading new words. This video shows how the power of words affects the audience.

Texts on the Internet

In the book "The Zero Moment of Truth," published in 2011, Google experts provide data on consumer behavior in the online environment. In particular, they claim that the average buyer is studying more than 10 articles, product selection guides and other types of content in order to make a decision on the purchase of a product or service. Would the consumer have started digging on the Internet, if all the sites contained only beautiful pictures?

Now you see that text content is the voice of your business. Your website conducts a dialogue with potential and existing customers through texts. He tells the audience your story, describes the products and makes recommendations while you are negotiating, thinking, relaxing and even sleeping.

The Internet works thanks to the texts. The Internet is hypertext. Text without beginning or end. We live in an era when people have the opportunity to independently study information about purchased goods and services. What do you do when you need any information? Obviously, open a Yandex or Google page, enter a search query and read the materials on the proposed sites. You do it again and again, changing the search query and flipping through the pages of the issue, if you need comprehensive information about something.

Not everyone understands the role of texts on the Internet.

Many companies still focus on visual media, ignoring words. They invest huge funds in the development of the site design, constantly adding new "chips" to the pages. All these bells and whistles look ridiculous if the site is filled with poor-quality content.

The other extreme is the so-called seo-texts. Where did this phenomenon come from? The reason for the emergence of the so-called seo-texts is the imperfection of search algorithms. Yes, search technologies are not perfect. This is true. But believe me, they are developing much faster than you think. The search tries to understand the query as much as possible. The semantics of the site and a separate page for a search engine is of great importance. But to understand what the page is about, at the level of the intellect, is extremely difficult, at the moment impossible at all. In fact, the search conducts a semantic analysis of each indexed page, identifying beacon words (keys) in order to rank the page by a particular query. Thus, seo-texts appeared - texts where keys (beacon words) assumed an unnatural form for lively human speech (and even more so a written language), but became very close to search queries. All texts, where you can see such phrases as: "buy an apartment in Moscow prices", "cleaning office Moscow", "buy a dress rhinestones", "dental prosthetics prices", etc. - that's what we call seo texts.

And we have news for you. Seo texts no longer work. Not only did the search learn to identify the semantics of the page without the exact entry of keys, but the conversion also hurt such texts.

Creating content for the site, you need to understand that the information expressed in the text - is, in fact, the only thing that is between you and the search. This is what unites you. But beyond that, the text you create for real people, your audience.

We often deal with companies that want to create a new site or redo an existing one. Few of them know that they will speak to their consumers with the help of an updated resource. But even the most modern design loses meaning if the business does not conduct a dialogue with the audience in the online space.

Visuals increase text efficiency

Some companies do not know what and how to tell customers using the website. This is not surprising, since the construction company should be able to build, and the furniture manufacturer should be able to produce good furniture. In turn, content marketers help businesses to establish communication with consumers, since they know exactly the same what and how.

Imagine that you are selling ordinary services, such as cleaning or accounting. Do you think your customers can not tell anything except "cheap carpet cleaning in Moscow" or "Moscow LLC accounting support"? Well, in the recycling business, at first glance, there is also no “romance” and innovation. But content marketing professionals have their own opinion on this.

Practical example

Our client, the company F5Service, provides cleaning and outstaffing services. The task was to create a landing page, which, on the one hand, should organize a large amount of content, on the other hand - not be tedious for the user, on the third side - this page should be optimized for the request "restaurant staff", on the fourth side - page design should be lightweight, fatiguing, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

That's what we did.

First, here you can see a combination of visual elements and text that helps to establish communication with the client. Secondly, this page shows that any "boring" business can communicate with consumers both on a logical and on an emotional level.

Together with the specialists of, a text was prepared telling about three specialties - waiters, cooks, stewards. Each site visitor can go to the "Details" link for a more detailed description of the conditions for providing specialists in a given profession to hire to serve various events.

To the left of the text was placed the slider, which visually "liberated" the page. The page with the "boring" offer was filling the usual, simple, intelligible and intelligible description of the service. The page was placed in the top search engines for the request "staff for the restaurant." As a result, page conversion is very high.

Content and design - juxtaposition is not appropriate.

Texts, photos, design elements of your site are one, which simultaneously tells and draws the audience the story of your brand. Bright packaging or stylish design of a web resource can attract attention and cause admiration. But this effect will be short-term without good texts filled with meaning. Good design of the site increases the effectiveness of your words. On the other hand, even the best texts will remain unread if they have an unreadable appearance. How to improve the readability of your content, read this article.

Watch the video: Web Design Or Content? Do You Know Which Is most Important? (October 2019).

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