How to present a project to a customer who does not understand your work?

Here you have designed the site, drew a logo or wrote text for the landing page and drop the result to the client. But your work did not seem to him a brilliant revelation, as you did. Ridiculous comments begin (what it carries), inappropriate edits are made (I won't even add it to the portfolio), and the relationship may be broken (I don't work with this inadequate anymore). To avoid misunderstandings and correctly convey ideas, follow the plan from the article.


Usually we are impatiently showing work right away and waiting for a backlash. But if the client understands in your area a little less than nothing, he will not be able to appreciate the flight of your thoughts. He will make edits to recapture the money paid for the work, and not get the desired result. And his rating will be in the categories "like-dislike". For the customer to evaluate the project in the context of the task and understand your decisions, recall the input data.

Remind product

Before you show a solution, tell us about the conditions and the problem. Remind the introductory data from the brief: the advantages and differences of the product, as well as the goals that were set before the project. This will help to remember for what he was needed. The customer most likely will not offer to introduce additional functionality or to add parts that do not fulfill their goals and were not originally planned.

To illustrate my theses, here and later in the example I will give slides from the presentation of the names for the residential complex.

Describe competitors

Do not show a spherical design in a vacuum. Describe the competitive environment in which it will exist. Immersing the customer in the context of the market, you give him an understanding of how your work helps to differ from the rest.

Tell about the audience

Work is not obliged to like the client and meet his preferences. He should like your solution to his problem. After all, a businessman who owns a women's cosmetics shop does not ride a pink Land Cruiser to match the color of his site. And, most likely, he personally does not like his online store - for him it is a tool for making money. Therefore, tell who will read your text or use the application, and why your decisions will appeal to the audience.

Demonstration of the project

Start with insight

Briefly tell what idea is behind your project. The reason why you made such a decision. This can usually be stated in several sentences.

Showcase the project

Now is the time to show your project and tell how it performs its tasks in the context of the audience and the market. Describe the advantages of your solution: how it helps a business to attract new customers or distance itself from competitors.



These colors are perfectly combined with each other.

The dark background and the white center area help the user to focus on the content of the site.

To use stock is a shashwark.

Images on the page are live. They cause more confidence and stand out against the background of competitors' websites with stock photos.

I used grotesque fonts, by the way, they appeared with the proliferation of printing houses, since, unlike antiquities, they were conveniently applied to the metal letters of a printing machine ...

I chose a sans serif font, because large blocks of text on the site will be much easier to read.

Show the project in life

Describe how the project will work in reality and how it can be developed further to convince the customer of its viability. Visualization works well here: imagine the logo on mocap products, signage, transport or documentation, animate the site layout, show how you can beat the name in advertising campaigns, write examples of its use, choose domains or come up with a possible slogan.

Demonstrate how the project will work in life.

Show the work process

When people hire workers to build a house, they know that building a house is a difficult task. It is necessary to fill the foundation, put brickwork, cover the roof, pave communications.

But unfortunately, not everyone knows how difficult it is to come up with a good name, draw a beautiful layout or write an interesting text. You work in isolation for days on end, and unlike builders, your final product is usually placed on one slide. It may seem to someone unfamiliar with the process that you have done this project in 20 minutes.

In order for the customer to understand that you have done a great job and offer the best result, show the intermediate steps. Tell us what else were the options and ideas, show the sketches and sketches that you came up with and sketched before you come to the final version.

The most effective way to demonstrate the stages of work in design. Therefore, for example, take the "Studio Lebedev." They are often blamed for overpriced, not understanding the scale of the work. A good argument in defense is the description of the process in the portfolio with all the options and sketches of logos.

Show the work process

Practicing objections

Even with a perfectly thought-out presentation you can't please everyone. Therefore, edits and comments will remain, but they will be many times smaller, and they will be more conscious. Therefore, now the main thing is to properly protect the project. If the customer proposes changes that worsen the result, provide arguments in his language. Try to stand in the place of the client and think about how these changes interfere with the tasks of his business.

To prove your point, refer to statistics, surveys, surveys. Arguments can be posts on the forum with the target audience, metrics and web-visor records. For example, I managed to convince the customer not to place information about communications in a residential complex on the landing page (who is interested in it at all). The decisive argument was the scrolling map on a similar site, on which visitors scrolled through a similar block.

Good sources of arguments:

  • Work brief.
  • Yandex.Metrica.
  • Forums with target audience.
  • Sites with statistics and studies (,,
  • Audience and market analysis services (,,

In your language

In the language of the client

The edits that you propose contradict the Ilyakhov info-page.

The metric shows that visitors, not finding this information on the first screen, leave the site.

3D illustrations are not used in logos.

A logo with a large number of parts will not work on the products. In addition, it is worse to remember, because of what the brand will lose in awareness.

This color looks bad in the layout.

You buy 80% of men - the pink color on the site will cause them to reject, and you will lose most of the audience.

First business, then creativity

In order for the presentation to be successful, you must convince the client that the project is not just your creative research, but the result of in-depth analytical work and understanding of the business objectives.

And how do you present projects? Share in the comments and ways that help you convince customers.

Watch the video: How To Begin Your Presentation with Simon Sinek (October 2019).

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