47 cool content ideas for your business for the New Year 2019

What to write in social networks in the New Year holidays? How to create and maintain New Year's mood, entertain subscribers and unobtrusively promote their products? Let's see how famous brands do it. I have collected more than 50 examples of successful posts - disassemble and use!

1. Create a Christmas mood.

2. Find beautiful pictures.

3. Congratulate customers and subscribers.

4. Record a video greeting on behalf of the company.

Last year's video from Texterra tore the audience. You can join on our YouTube channel

5. Congratulate the residents of each city - the time in Russia is not only Moscow.

6. Summarize the year 2018.

Excuse once again to promote your brand and specific products

7. Tell us about the trends in your area for 2019.

8. Tell a touching New Year story.

"Magic" video from "Sberbank"

9. Conduct a charity event and tell about it.

10. Tell us about the work schedule during the holidays.

11. Schedule an offline meeting and invite everyone.

12. Launch the New Year promotion and tell about it.

13. Tell us about the new collection of goods.

14. Come up with gift ideas. Ideal if this will be your products and services.

15. Create a native ad.

16. Team up with partners and colleagues. Holiday is a great way to try out cross-marketing opportunities.

And advertising the show channel, and PR partner. Watch the video here

17. Hold a photo contest. Yes, the trees will work too.

18. Ask customers to make something.

19. Hold a marathon - a complicated version of the competition.

20. Come up with a riddle (rebus, cipher).

21. Play with subscribers.

22. Come up with a new year's quest.

23. Write an article with practical, useful information.

24. Tell an interesting fact. In the theme of the New Year, of course.

25. Tell the thematic news.

26. Give useful advice.

27. Hold a virtual workshop, teach useful.

Instructions from the entertainment public

28. Conduct a survey among subscribers.

29. Create a wish list.

30. Offer customers to guess.

31. Invent a horoscope for each sign of the zodiac.

Beeline clearly explains how the idea of ​​creating a horoscope was born. And here is the horoscope itself

32. Laugh with subscribers. Be careful: humor should be clear and beat straight to the point.

33. Post a New Year recipe. Always up to date!

34. Offer to boast a New Year's table. Mistress will appreciate.

35. Visit the New Year's obziralovku and offer a recipe for weight loss.

36. Make a selection of Christmas songs.

37. Make a selection of TV shows.

38. Remove your own mini-series.

In "Red and White" have already begun. Vidos fire

39. When the holidays are over - motivate to start working days.


    And some more ideas

    40. Conduct New Year's experiment. For example, how to meet a pretty penny and throw a New Year's table for 3000 rubles.

    41. Tell us about the personal experience of celebrating the New Year. Ideally, it will be an unusual holiday (in a hot country, in a remote village, on Red Square). Ask subscribers to share their stories in the comments.

    42. Sink the FAQ and give answers to the most common questions (what to meet the new 2019 year, what colors are in priority, what dishes to cook, how to entertain guests, how to stay alive on January 1, etc.).

    43. Interview an interesting person.

    45. Tell us where to go in the holidays (together, with children, with friends).

    46. ​​Stir up the flash mob: let all the subscribers of the group at a certain time put on the avatar, for example, a cute pig (symbol of 2019).

    47. Draw an infographic based on the New Year holidays. Let every reader know himself.

    You already understood - this is the very evergreen content that will be relevant for years. Take ideas into service, share with friends and offer your topics in the comments!

    Watch the video: Endless YouTube Video Ideas For 2019 (October 2019).

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