110 ways to increase conversion and a few tools that spoil everything

The number of targeted user actions is one of the site’s performance indicators. The more visitors place an order, subscribe to the newsletter, call the sales department, the better the web resource works.

There are two approaches to work on the effectiveness of the site. Extensive implies an increase in attendance. The calculation is simple: if at the attendance of 100 unique per day you receive three calls to the sales department, then at the attendance of 1000 unique calls there will be 30.

Intensive approach involves increasing the conversion rate. You optimize the resource so that when 100 unique traffic is received, you receive not three, but six calls.

In practice, you will achieve the best results while using an extensive and intensive approach. And in this article you will find a huge list of ways to increase conversion.

Recommendations are combined into such groups:

  • The use of conversion elements.
  • Improving usability of conversion elements and site pages.
  • Removing distracting items.
  • Increase the relevance of the conversion proposal.

Ways to increase conversion are given without reference to specific target actions. Please note that all recommendations on one site are not necessary.

Use of conversion elements

1. Add a phone number to the header and footer of the site.

2. Use effective calls to action. Here is a list of nearly two hundred working CTAs.

3. Add a conversion form to the site sidebar. You can create forms using OptinMonster or other tools.

4. Add a conversion topbar. This can be done using the Hello Bar service.

5. Add to the sidebar group widget or pages on social networks. Social widgets convert site visitors into group and page subscribers.

6. Install a feedback form on the site. If you use WordPress, use the Contact Form 7 plugin.

7. Connect online chat, for example, JivoSite.

8. Install the callback widget.

9. Choose the best place for ad units. This will increase the conversion rate of AdSense and Direct.

10. Offer users a discount coupon for the desired action.

11. Offer site visitors valuable downloadable content for the desired action.

12. Add links to groups and social networks in the header of the site.

13. Add the button "Add to wish list" to the product card.

14. Add the function "Follow the price."

15. Add the function of displaying the viewed goods.

16. Add the option of buying on credit or installments and the corresponding button.

17. Add sharing buttons to the product photo. According to research data, sharing images from online shopping sites expresses an intention to buy or desire to receive a particular product as a gift.

18. Add to the website of the online store the "Wish List" function. This option is perfectly implemented on the Amazon site.

19. Offer users a bonus for the desired action. Liters buys reader reviews for bonus rubles.

20. Offer users a trial period of using the program.

21. Use provocative animation to get the desired action. See how Amazon lures users into the women's clothing section.

22. Test different conversion options. Perhaps your customers will like the yellow button more than the red button.

23. To convert visits to sharing, on the content project site, install convenient social networking buttons. Pay attention to the "Share" widget from "Yandex".

24. On the content project site, implement a subscription to publications of specific authors or headings.

25. Use the "Read Later" feature.

26. Instead of or with standard contextual advertising blocks, install partner widgets from Amazon, Ozon or Yandex.Market on the site.

27. Implement a custom search site from Google and AdSense for search.

28. Remind users of items left in baskets.

29. Include in the newsletter links to popular products with the ability to place an order.

30. Add in the articles in the blog of the online store links to product cards that you mentioned.

Improving the usability of conversion elements and the site as a whole

31. Translate the site to a secure connection protocol. This is especially important for ecommerce resources.

32. Implement on the website of the online store display of similar products. The block can be submitted under the guise of personalized recommendations compiled by the neural network.

33. Offer buyers a few convenient payment methods.

34. Reduce the number of fields in conversion forms.

35. Make conversion forms convenient for mobile users. This implies the following point.

36. Adapt your site to mobile traffic.

37. Increase the size of the conversion buttons. Use the test to select the optimal color.

38. Add to the site ratings and reviews of real buyers.

39. Add a security verification site. Write how many years you work, convince the user of the safety of online payments.

40. Pay attention to the speed of loading pages. Adjust the caching, optimize the image, enable compression.

41. Use high-quality visual content. This is a critical recommendation for online stores. Do not limit photos, use video.

42. Describe the properties of goods and translate them into benefits. Visitors do not need so-called selling texts. To buy a more or less expensive product, the visitor needs reliable information.

43. Make the navigation menu as convenient as possible. The user must intuitively find the child categories.

44. Make sure the site search is working. This will help visitors to find the desired products.

45. Use material conversion buttons.

46. ​​Reduce the number of steps when placing an order. Offer visitors an order in one click.

47. Transfer the conversion elements and the bottom right of the page. According to eytreking, here the majority of users completes scanning content or detailed study of information.

48. Visually highlight the conversion elements. This can be done with the help of arrows, photos, colors and so on.

49. Create separate landing pages for top products.

50. Use push notifications in applications. Inform customers about new products and promotions.

51. Add reviews and reviews of real users. Even critical responses will be helpful.

52. Raise the conversion items above. The user does not have to scroll to find buttons and forms or see an ad.

53. Instead of the standard ad unit, use native advertising. These can be blocks of recommended AdSense content or the Ralap.io recommendation service.

My personal experience: CTR units of recommended AdSense content are several times higher than the clickability of contextual ads of other formats.

54. Show on the website the number of followers, subscribers, customers. An example of implementation can be found in "Mad Seals".

55. Enable social authorization on the site.

56. Implement semantic markup on the site. Where is the impact on conversion? Thanks to advanced snippets, users will be able to evaluate products and plan the purchase already on the pages of search results.

57. Add to the site "Bread Crumbs". This will improve navigation and help users search for the right products.

58. Use pictures with zoom when you hover the mouse. This will help users evaluate the appearance of the product. And you do not overload product cards with visual content.

59. Next to the subscription form, hang up a promise not to send spam and assurances that you can unsubscribe at any time.

60. Publish your portfolio, list of clients or partners.

61. Specify the price of services.

62. Use pop-ups. Remember, this is an aggressive conversion tool. Make sure that the user can easily close the pop-up. Also, the popup should not appear too early.

63. Add a "New Arrivals" section.

64. Decorate the conversion element in the form of a button, and the element discarding the target action as a link.

65. Install the site convenient commenting system. It is a tool for converting visits to comments and getting UGC for content projects.

66. Offer alternative products to users who have removed goods from the cart.

67. Offer users pre-order products. This works with new models of products from well-known manufacturers, for example, Apple.

68. Recommendation for content projects: publish the post with an error. This will help convert traffic to comments and even holivar. Do not worry about reputation. You can always say that you made a mistake by accident.

69. Add to the site the button "Top". It improves usability.

70. Add a countdown clock to the end of the promotion on the landing page and in the mailing list.

71. Add to the product card information on the number of sold copies of the product.

72. Publish the QR code with a link to the application.

73. Add a map to the "Contacts" section. It will help convert online traffic to visits to an offline office or establishment.

74. Use current trends, news feeds, memes. Screw on the website of Zhduna, promise to compensate for the blocking of the Brazzers website, use the attention to the topic of homeopathy.

75. Ask site visitors to complain, contact the director, add a rational offer.

76. Show visitors the achievements: places in the rankings, the amount of assets, the volume of insurance payments, the number of warehouses, the list of top search queries, and so on.

77. Add to the site a section "Message from the head." Trust has a positive effect on conversion.

78. Configure the search on the website of the online store so that in the absence of an exact match, the user sees on the page issuing products with a partial match.

79. Show alternative offers on the sold items page.

80. Near the registration form, indicate that you can use the service or website for free.

81. Create a section on the store website "How to return or exchange goods."

Fighting distracting components of the site

82. Remove from the site slider. Sliders reduce page loading speed. Users are reluctant to follow the links in the sliders and carousels, as their design resembles advertising. At a minimum, test the effectiveness of this site element.

83. Remove the social networking sharing buttons from the pages. This paradoxical advice is primarily suitable for content projects. The lack of buttons can convert visits to comments on the pages of publications, and not in social networks.

84. Delete unnecessary pseudo-selling texts. It is better to publish on the product page technical information about the product.

85. Do not use the active invitation in the online chat. Yes, there is evidence of the effectiveness of proactive chat. But many users perceive active invitations extremely negatively. Test the reaction of your visitors.

The next item would be a recommendation to use active offers in the chat. But you have already read the case on the link and have planned an experiment, right?

86. Remove fake reviews.

87. Remove excess items from the sidebar.

88. Remove extra footer widgets. Do you really think that site users need analytics counters?

Dealing with offer value

89. Use the effect of urgency. Offer only today to buy the product at a discount.

90. Show savings when you buy a product in bulk.

91. Offer a refund if the product does not fit the buyer.

92. Give gifts. For example, give each case to a smartphone buyer.

93. Offer a discount on the cheapest product on the check when you purchase a certain amount.

94. Use price tricks. It is easier for a person to buy goods for only 189 rubles than for as much as 190 rubles.

95. Offer favorable terms of delivery.

96. Insure the product at your own expense. For example, a travel agency can pay for a travel insurance policy, and a car dealership can take on OSAGO and even hull insurance.

97. Use cross selling. This tool is especially effective if you offer related products at a discount.

98. Create the effect of limited supply. Add the number of items remaining in stock, offer to notify users of the appearance of the product.

99. Create a section "Top" or "Bestsellers." This increases the value of popular products in the eyes of the consumer.

100. Implement a bonus program. Buyers do not like to lose bonus rubles, so they add real money to them and acquire new products.

101. Sell gift cards.

102. Create a "Gift Ideas" section.

103. Use the freemium business model. Distribute the basic product for free, sell additional features. A successful example is Avast Software, the developer of Avast antivirus.

104. Create a section "Flea market" or "Secondary market." For example, many banks sell collateral through such sections.

105. Offer users a price plug.

106. Remember the upcoming holidays.

107. Create sections "Elite offers" and "Sales". The first will help to convert pontese hunters, and the second - bargain hunters.

108. Participate in charity events. Select in a separate category all products, part of the funds from the sale of which is transferred to charity.

109. Offer customers a membership card that gives the right to free delivery of goods. This tool successfully uses the online store modnaKasta.

110. Offer customers a lifetime service for a small monthly fee. A few years ago, this business model became a hit thanks to the Dollar Shave Club.

Bonus: which conversion tools can not be used

111. Pop anders.

112. Pop-ups, from which it is impossible to get rid of.

113. Inadequate text highlighting. For example, color or capital letters look terrible.

114. Imaginary CTA boost with exclamation marks !!!

115. Poor-quality bot chats.

116. Cheating in product descriptions.

117. Flashing buttons or chat windows.

118. Template phrases in descriptions and informational sections.

A request for help instead of a conclusion

This list of ways to increase conversion should be 120 points. Unfortunately, I remembered, invented, saw on the websites of online stores, and even pulled off from English-speaking resources only 110 offers. Bonus tools do not count, so there are not enough ten more conversion accelerators.

Dear readers, help add to the list. Please indicate in the comments at least one tool to increase conversion rate. Thanks a lot in advance!

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