After sales service: 5 types of content that your customers need

You must have come across a situation where the desired purchase does not bring satisfaction. For example, you have long planned to buy an expensive gadget or home appliances. And when they finally took it in hand or turned it on, they were not too happy. No, you certainly got what you wanted. But there is a lack of a fountain of emotions, a feeling of the seventh sky. Well, as in childhood, when they gave you a bicycle.

Consumers often experience this. And in such circumstances business suffers, because customer dissatisfaction reduces repeat sales, breaks ties between the person and the brand, and spoils the reputation of the seller. The problem is solved with the help of post-sales service, one of the components of which is the interaction with existing customers with the help of certain types of content.

Why do customers need content that has already bought your product?

As you know, it is easier to re-sell something to an existing customer than to attract a new one. Moreover, recommendations from satisfied buyers are considered one of the best cold sales tools. There are generations of consumers who trust subscribers on social networks more than advertising.

In order for the customer to be satisfied with the purchase and to recommend the product to acquaintances, you must interact with him during the entire shopping trip. And it has no points of departure and arrival. The consumer travels in a circle, as he constantly needs new products and services. One of the ways to interact with the client is to provide him with relevant information. Useful data solves the following practical tasks:

  • Reduce the number of returns of the goods.
  • Reduces the number of questions about the use of the product.
  • Reduces the cost of customer service. For example, an informed customer correctly exploits the product and less often uses warranty repair.
  • Reduces the number of negative reviews. As you know, one negative review affects a business more than a few positive ones.
  • Increases likelihood of repeat sales and recommendations.

At the post-sale stage of consumer travel, the client accumulates experience that he will use in preparing for a new transaction. Actual content improves the experience of using the product.

Pay attention to the attitude to the content at the post-sales stage of managers of companies operating in the B2B segment. According to the consulting company Eccolo, 80% of top managers believe that useful information improves after-sales service.

A description of the five types of content with which you can improve after-sales service, read below.

1. Answers to customer questions

It is not only about the section "FAQ" on the site and responses to users' emails. Your customers need a different type of content that answers their questions. These can be articles and guides to help the customer use the product. For example, car buyers will definitely like the review "How to properly care for a car." These can be videos, infographics, instructions, tests.

Content that answers customer questions helps solve such problems:

  • Reducing the number of calls to customer support and warranty service.
  • Increased likelihood of repeat sales and recommendations.

Marketing advice: Create a "FAQ" section on the site. Also offer your audience useful information related to the use of your product.

2. Teaching content

If your audience does not ask questions, engage them with educational information. Tell users how to choose the right product, what tasks can be solved with it, how to avoid potential difficulties and get rid of existing problems. For example, tell motorists how to operate the car properly in extreme conditions: on slippery roads, in traffic jams, in mountains, etc. Shoot video, conduct webinars and trainings. Create step by step instructions and checklists.

Training content solves the following after sales service tasks:

  • Increases likelihood of repeat sales and recommendations.
  • Reduces the need for warranty service.

Marketing advice: write a useful book. Offer it to potential and existing customers. With the help of educational content, you not only improve the customer experience, but also increase the reach of your audience.

3. News, current information on industry events, trends, new products

Thanks to unlimited access to the Internet and the development of mobile technologies, consumers have a need to constantly receive information. People collect information using social networks, RSS aggregators, news applications for smartphones. In such conditions, a business that is able to generate and / or broadcast information flows wins. Want an example?

Clients of brokerage houses are monitoring the situation on financial markets in order to predict the dynamics of exchange rates, the cost of commodities and stocks. To satisfy the audience, brokers become a source of useful industry information. They publish news, analytical materials, organize communication between clients and experts. To keep the attention of consumers, they turn into a media and training center at the same time.

Informing customers involves the audience and builds loyalty. It increases the likelihood of repeat sales and recommendations.

Marketing advice: publish important news of your industry on the company's website. Interview industry leaders, leading experts of your company, top managers. Your business should become a source of information for customers. In this case, consumers will be guided by your opinion, making decisions about new purchases.

4. Information about new products

Messages about new products help your customers plan purchases. Remember, you should not bombard the audience with updated price lists every day. You must earn the right to send a letter with a list of new products to the client. For this, nine out of ten of your posts should contain useful information: articles, tests, guides. Only in the tenth message you can tell about the novelty. Explain to the client why you are offering him a product and what makes him remarkable.

Information about new products provides repeat sales and recommendations. Also informing involves cross- and upselling.

Marketing advice: Include news updates. For example, you can announce several new products at the end of each letter. In this case, the message should focus on useful information for the client, and the announcement should not look like the main purpose of the letter. You can also send a message completely dedicated to new products once a month.

5. Reviews, complaints, thanks

The above said that many consumers trust friends more on social networks than brands and marketers. Therefore, you must create conditions for publishing custom content. This can reviews about products, comments in social networks, discussions on the forum. Try to publish all reviews, including negative ones. However, think about how you will struggle with attempts to start negative information campaigns against you.

User Content solves the following tasks:

  • Provides new sales. Potential customers look at the opinions of your existing customers before making a purchasing decision.
  • Reducing the number of negative reviews. This item requires clarification. The most negative impact on your business is provided by reviews left on third-party sites. Often you can not even answer them. And if you make a trap for negativity on your site, you can respond to claims, explain your position, solve customer problems.

Marketing advice: add a product feedback form to the site. Stimulate customers to express their experience. Also discuss with subscribers in social networks. Here you can quickly find out the real opinion of the audience about your business.

Attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones.

So take care of your customers. Inform them, solve problems that arise, consider complaints and feedback. Train your audience and answer their questions. This guarantees you repeat sales and recommendations.

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