How to attract B2B customers with video: Orabrush case

Quality video creates an emotional connection between companies and their customers. Therefore, many business projects are actively using video content to attract consumers. Large corporations and small firms publish videos on YouTube, designed for B2C-clients or private buyers.

Can organizations operating in the B2B segment to attract customers through video? In particular, can a small firm use videos to sell their product to large companies?

Yes, this possibility exists. Moreover, the use of video to attract corporate clients is almost the same as using this tool to sell a product to private consumers.

The following tips will help you to interact with large customers with the help of video materials:

  • Create videos that make you want to watch them again and again.
  • Make a video link to which viewers will send to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Customize your YouTube channel, make it branded.
  • Learn more about advertising on YouTube, start using this tool.
  • Optimize the published video so that users can find it using search engines.
  • Use the social capabilities of YouTube, engage your audience with your business.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your video channel using YouTube Analytics.
  • Learn the stories of successful business promotion using YouTube. One of them is given below.

How the makers of the Orabrush language brushes succeeded in the B2C and B2B segments

The company Orabrush produces and sells the same name brushes for the language. This company has learned to sell its product to individuals through YouTube. In addition, the company Orabrush got the opportunity to distribute their brushes through a network of supermarkets Walmart, using video content.

In 2009, the Orabrush founders Bob Wogstaff, Jeffrey Harmon and Austin Craig sold more than 1 million language brushes using YouTube as their only promotion channel. However, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with customers who want to buy a brush in some large supermarket. But Orabrush could not convince large retail chains of the prospects of cooperation.

From B2C to B2B

The manager of a Walmart supermarket in Utah saw the Orabrush videos on YouTube and ordered a brush for the tongue. The results of using Orabrush products have pleased the manager. He personally called the company and offered to sell brushes for the tongue in his supermarket. Also, this manager told his colleagues in other cities about the Orabush company.

Within three weeks, about 20 Walmart supermarkets accepted language brushes for sale. Sales of Orabush products in Utah went off the line, so entrepreneurs decided to contact the retailer’s head office. They wanted to sell their brushes throughout the United States. The company Orabush spent on advertising brushes in supermarkets Walmart several tens of thousands of dollars, but it did not bring success.

Personalized B2B video

Then Austin Craig sent one of the Walmart executives a link to a YouTube video via email. This material was created specifically for the addressee. Mr. Craig and the mascot of Orabush Morgan Dirty Language addressed the supermarket chain manager by name.

"Hi, here are the results of the sales of language brushes in one of the Walmart supermarkets in Utah," said Austin Craig in this video. The video was a short story about Orabush and its product, as well as about the successful sales experience of brushes in the stores of the network in Utah.

Austin Craig hoped that the Walmart executive would invite him to meet to discuss possible collaboration. Instead, Craig received an email with one short sentence: "Can you put 735,000 language brushes to our supermarkets by August?"

And no phone calls, personal meetings and tedious negotiations. A single email with a link to a video posted on YouTube allowed Orabush to sell their brushes at 3,500 Walmart stores throughout the United States. The small company outstripped the large transnational corporations, which are considered to be leaders in the niche of manufacturing products for oral care, thanks to video content.

The example of Orabush confirms the possibility of using video to attract B2B customers. Even a small business can sell its product to large corporations using this type of content.

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