Content Marketing Show 2013: important findings from the London Conference

Content Marketing Show is a content marketing conference that is regularly held at the University of London, UK. Perhaps, all marketers and owners of big business of Foggy Albion have heard about this event, but it's not so easy to get there - the number of seats in the hall is limited, and there are a lot of people who want to learn the basics of the most effective way to date. This year's conference was held on May 31, and among its guests were such prominent British brands as: BBC, Unilever, British Red Cross, the Guardian, TUI, British Ecological Society and others.

Hall of the London Institute, which hosts the conference (a source)

Why did we decide to share with you the outcome of this conference? It's very simple: British marketers know a lot about content marketing, and they really have a lot to learn. Next, we present a list of the main ideas voiced at the latest Content Marketing Show, which the overwhelming majority of Russian marketers should consider.

Forming a team to create content

  1. A whole team of employees should work on the content: from attentive to the little things skeptics to the inspired creatives.
  2. From time to time attract new people to your team, a fresh look is always very important.

Creating content that people want to share with others.

  1. Effective content marketing requires investment and effort. You should consider it as a preparation for a marathon - a long-term goal, for which you must work hard.
  2. Use brainstorming to generate as many ideas as possible. As practice shows, 80% of your ideas will be rejected immediately, 19% will be acceptable and only 1% will be brilliant. It is on the last and need to work.
  3. Try to make it so that people can easily distribute your content. Constantly encourage them to do this.
  4. Be realistic in your expectations.
  5. Use the editorial calendar.
  6. If you can not create content yourself, supervise the work of employees who can cope with this task.
  7. Your site should have a lot of content.
  8. Think outside the box.
  9. Do not try to be who you are not. Be honest with your audience.
  10. Amuse your audience, but do not overdo it. Humor must be natural.
  11. The audience is interested in the backstage side of the projects the companies are working on. So why not take advantage of this?

Effective content marketing comes down to the ability to tell stories.

  1. With the correct presentation of stories, people should not feel that they are forced to buy something.
  2. Useful stories encourage people to take action.
  3. Try to make your stories fascinating.

Content translated into different languages ​​is the key to expanding your business.

  1. It is not enough just to translate your content into other languages. You will need the help of native speakers who understand the customs of a particular country. They are the ones who will be able to create content that will enthuse your target audience.
  2. In whatever language the content is created, you will need enthusiastic authors who have a huge interest in their work. Thanks to them, users will more often share your posts on social networks, and your site’s conversion rate will increase.

Use videos to promote your brand.

  1. Marketing through video content is no longer the prerogative of major brands, since the costs of its implementation have recently been significantly reduced.
  2. High-quality video should enthrall people and encourage them to take action. Therefore, you must clearly define your message, its presentation method, target audience and desired results.

Improving the quality of content with the concept of "rationality"

  1. It is not enough to create just good content. He should be inherent Reasonableness:






















Content Marketing Recommendations for Online Store Owners

  1. Content is your main tool to attract customers.
  2. Create quality content. If necessary, involve third parties for this.

Content Promotion Strategies

  1. It takes a lot of time and energy to promote content. As a rule, this process takes as much effort as the process of creating content.
  2. Large-scale promotion of content is extremely difficult, especially if you want to preserve the personal nature of interaction with customers.
  3. When it comes to content distribution, you must first give something to people before you get something from them in return.
  4. Automate tasks that do not represent special value. Of course, they do not include real contact with the audience.
  5. Electronic messages that promote content promotion should have four characteristics: personalization, focus, persuasiveness, and a clear call to action.

Everything about content planning

  1. When composing your editorial calendar, always think about the mood of your target audience. Remember that content marketing does not imply any imposition.
  2. Plan ahead and at the same time be spontaneous. Be flexible to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and follow a clear plan that will help you achieve your goals.
  3. Be selective about the distribution channels you use. Some platforms will give you better results than others.

How to increase the number of subscribers in social networks?

  1. Nostalgia is a powerful incentive for people to share your content. For example, the article "19 things that people in North England miss when moving to the south," recently published on, significantly increased the involvement of the audience. And the article "Dashing 90s", published on, in one month gained about 4 thousand likes on social networks.
  1. Demonstrate constant Twitter activity. Use photos, respond to messages in real time, use analytics. If any post has been effective, do not be afraid to publish it again, but on other platforms.

Final thoughts

  1. Content marketing professionals are generally skeptical of the Google+ project. During the conference, this service was mentioned several times, but mainly in the context of "the very non-social network that everyone uses only at the behest of SEO specialists".
  2. ASOS is considered the company that provides the highest quality content marketing and customer service. During the conference, she was put in the example of three different speakers.

Adapting content 52 Content Marketing Show takeaways by Karen Webber.

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