The Yandex.Oblako service will soon become available to everyone.

In April 2018, Yandex.Oblako was launched in test mode, which ended on September 5. During this time, they managed to take advantage of more than 50 companies, including:

  • "Tinkoff Bank";
  • X5 Retail Group;
  • S7 TechLab;
  • "Bitrix24";
  • SkyEng and others.

The service allows you to use the computing power of "Yandex" for:

  • streaming games or media content;
  • store archive or backup documents and files;
  • running back-office applications (Active Directory, Mail, etc.);
  • data analytics;
  • ERP / CRM system launch;
  • ensure disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery).

Yandex.Oblako can also replace hosting for a website or a mobile application and a development and testing environment. Separately, it should be said that users of the service can access Yandex machine learning systems for analyzing data and performing other tasks and research.

You can manage your cloud using the graphical interface, command line, and the Python and Go development tools. PostgreSQL, ClickHouse and MongoDB are represented as databases. In addition, you can connect services based on machine intelligence technologies - a machine translation service and SpeechKit speech recognition and speech synthesis complex.

This service will allow companies to perform the tasks they need, even if they cannot finance the maintenance of their own IT infrastructure. Small and medium businesses can choose to pay for the consumed power (number of cores, memory size, etc.) in order not to overpay, and large companies can conclude a contract for 1 or 3 years to get a 30% discount.


    What does it give to business?

    In simple words, you can rent computing power to perform some operations:

    • keep records;
    • store customer data;
    • launch corporate mail or website;
    • run the server part of an office application or client service and much more.

    That is, companies can access ready-made infrastructure, set up the necessary services and start using. This is cheaper than buying server hardware and hiring a system administrator to service it.

    Connect "Cloud" can both legal and physical persons. The application is considered within 2 weeks, but by the end of 2018, the service plan to make available to all. For now it is necessary to fill in the form in three steps.

    According to which parameters applications will be checked, not reported.

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