Do I need a section "Mission" of the company: examples of successful and unsuccessful "missions"

In this article we tell what the mission and values ​​of the company are, when such a subsection on the site is needed, and when there is no point in it.

What is the mission of the company

Take the definition from the article of the expert in strategic analysis R. N. Shamgunova:

The mission of the company is the meaning of its existence besides making money. Mission is the work you serve. It forms the values, beliefs and principles of business, reflects the company's purpose, its positioning (unlike other market participants), determines the role that the company wants to play in society.

The subsection with the mission can be called differently: "Philosophy", "Anatomy", "Biology", "Brand DNA", "Company Values" and so on - as far as the imagination of the marketing department is enough.

Variations on the topic:

In the book of the social entrepreneur from Bangladesh, Yunus Muhammad "Creating a world without poverty. Social business and the future of capitalism" is the concept of "corporate social responsibility." It unites all philosophies, missions and the like under one roof - this is an obligation to do good to people and the world around them, or at least not to harm them.

Why the company does not need a mission

Yunus Muhammad, to whom I have already referred and will continue to do so, says that modern consumers refuse the services of companies with a stained image. True, during the preparation of the article I did not find any convincing evidence that the “negative social positioning of the brand” badly affects the commercial performance. If such studies are known to you, send links in the comments.

But there is evidence to the contrary. In an article devoted to the results of Dieselgate, Bloomberg View analyst Leonid Bershidsky argues that the Volkswagen concern not only did not suffer from the 2015 environmental scandal, but also increased its effectiveness. Moreover, it was in the 2015 diesel engine that the Volkswagen Group displaced the long-standing Toyota leader from the first place in terms of sales in the world. And, according to the latest data, VAG only increases the advantage, PR played only for the benefit.

Another example: let's compare the rating of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics from the Brand Rankings with the lists of the international organization PETA, which is fighting for the ethical treatment of animals. For all the TOP-10 we see the following picture:

Refusal to test on animals has a commercial effect for manufacturers of cosmetics who are interested in a narrow audience of animal rights activists. For example, for the manufacturer of environmentally friendly cosmetics Bare Escentual.

But for a wider audience, this factor does not matter much. Cruel, but true.

Before you talk about your mission to your customers, you need to understand one thing: a mission is not for customers, not for partners and not for profit, it is for the business owner personally. If he himself wants to live in a “green” world or that sick children have the opportunity to recover, if he is willing to give part of the profits for these purposes, the company will have a mission.

But the cost of a mission is not an advertising budget. You can not expect to invest some amount, and then calculate the effectiveness of investments. This is equivalent to the fact that I would have given a beggar 100 rubles at the entrance to Magnit, and then asked for a discount at the store. I'm so kind, you feel sorry for what?

Yunus Muhammad speaks about the same thing: some corporations view social obligations as a kind of advertising. 1% of the profits are sent to help the poor, and the remaining 99% - to the production, where the labor of the same poor is exploited in violation of the elementary labor laws. Do not be so, be honest at least in front of himself.

But this does not mean that social projects need to be hidden away and shyly shrug, if someone finds out and asks. Social projects are pure white PR and the right way to regional and federal media. You can and should talk about them, but honestly, without pathos and attempts to manipulate people. This is my personal conviction.

Why then need a mission?

To answer this question, you first need to ask yourself another:

To whom to keep commitments?

Social obligations can be kept to society as a whole.

Social obligations can be held in front of a certain group of people.

Social obligations can be kept in front of your employees.

The press service of Sela confirmed that the personnel department used methods for identifying the personality traits of applicants. If the candidate does not show the required qualities, they will not hire him.

Social obligations can be kept to customers.

So, the mission:

  1. Increases public interest in business. The logic of "Sportmaster" is clear: more people go in for sports - more buyers of sporting goods.
  2. Attracts employees, customers and partners with similar views, tastes, interests. A few years ago, the Xiaomi brand advanced on this topic. The manufacturer has consistently created a fan environment: starting with the product line (the principle of "powerful and fast iron for little money") and ending with the official international fan site MIUI.
  1. Stimulates to perform actions that in the future may lead to the purchase of a product or service.
  1. Activates the emotional factors of the choice of product and service.

Do I need a subsection with the company's mission on the site

Understand correctly: charity is great, but if you write on your site a few pretentious, but without a phrase, you won’t convince others to take care of world peace.

Reading this, you just want to shout: "Guys, you just sell balls and bicycles!" Seriously, what if your client bought a treadmill from you, drove a few days and realized that it was too hard and not sport for him at all? If he didn’t become vigorous, cheerful or happy from the purchase, what would you do? Take the simulator back and record the buyer for body-positive courses?

Less pathos and abstractions, more references to real matters.

Publish letters and acknowledgments from public organizations and foundations

Taxi service from St. Petersburg "Taksovichkof" transports employees of charity foundations and public organizations for free. A representative of any social project that needs help with transportation can leave a request on the official website. In the subsection "Charity" a few dozen of such letters.

Tell us what charity your products go to.

Show how your business processes improve the environment

It would seem that there is nothing special here. Many freight companies buy cars with gas engines and optimize routes - it's just cheaper than gasoline and traveling in circles. But "Gruzichkof" translates its principles in the ecological plane and gets a bonus to karma.

Publish charity events reports in the news block on the site

At the same time you can get into the federal press.

Set goals and track their completion percentage.

If you look closely, the goals of the manufacturer of pet food Purina differ little from competitors. As well as from other large companies.

But in Purina figured out how to get away from abstraction. Each goal is shown as a percentage of completion. For example, the transition to waste-free production is completed by 75%.

Show me how to solve other people's problems.

The Apple mission submission is markedly different from the competition. While others are talking about technology, innovation, and a look into the future, Apple shows how its technology helps people with disabilities today.

Explain what your principles mean

To write in the subsection with the mission that your business is crystal clear - not a bag of cement on the ninth floor to drag, it is more difficult to explain what this is manifested in. Dodo Pizza has:

By the way, Texterra also has a mission, enjoy:

The company's mission is needed on the site, if you really participate in social projects or want to appeal to customers, partners and future employees, as people. If not, it's better to do without it. Looks like trying to splurge.

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