Honestly - about the profession of content marketer

Inbound marketing is your personalized source of information, it is advertising only what you really would like to buy and only the materials you want to read, inbound marketing is about us, our interests, the interests of the neighbors on the landing, this is a mirror our life. Today it is a serious industry abroad and a rapidly growing market in runet. The business is already going for promotion not to SEO companies, but to agencies that help the companies to engage in inbound marketing. The main tool of incoming marketing is content. That is why inbound marketing is primarily content marketing. And the last one, judging by the amount of talk about it, is the main character of the search marketing marketing market in 2013, and, it seems, will remain so in the next few years. For those who would like to find a job in a promising industry, content marketing is one of the best areas to consider.

Michael Stelzner in his book Content Marketing. New methods of attracting customers in the Internet era ”came up with a little exaggerated, but beautiful and sure way: if your business is a spacecraft, then content marketing is its lift.

The praises of incoming marketing are over. Further - the truth of life.

About the "old" and "new" in search marketing

Almost everyone who in one way or another followed the history of SEO in Runet has heard recently about content marketing in the context of contrasting it with the methods of classical search engine optimization. In general, if we reduce this opposition to a banally simple one, then it looks like this: SEO is a method of manipulation based on the imperfection of search engines (search for “holes” in the system). Content marketing is the promotion of the creation and promotion of high-quality content to increase brand loyalty.

But after all, it is important to understand that we are missing a lot in the chain "creation - quality control - promotion." Only the creation, promotion and quality of content in modern search marketing can not be limited. This, in this chain, should include a layer of work on creating a content plan, interviewing specialists for writing expert-level materials, editorial proofreading of texts, web analytics, work to improve the design and usability of the site, etc.

And yes - all this as a whole is comprehensive internet marketing. Content management, web analytics, improved usability and site design, etc. - these are all parts of one whole.

That is why for us content marketing and, accordingly, the profession of content marketer go beyond the boundaries of working with content only. We always talk about these concepts in the context of search marketing, which means we mean more than just creating and promoting content on the web. We say “content marketing”, but we mean not only content filling, but complex Internet marketing measures that are important for successful website promotion in modern conditions.

And when an Internet agency, in practice implementing content marketing strategies for client projects, says “content marketer,” it often means that ideally this specialist should understand all parts of the whole. That is, in the understanding of Internet agencies (at least, ours), the content marketer is a multidisciplinary specialist with strategic thinking, if necessary, multifunctional (that is, analyzing, and not just performing actions). The problem is that in the emerging market only (get it right: the search marketing market itself has been developing since the zero years, but with the departure of the classical SEO methods, this market has other guidelines, other specialists have become necessary) there are practically no ready professionals who I enjoyed seeing any internet marketing agency. Those that are - piece copies.

What is characteristic of today's market?

This problem arises due to the specific features and history of the market:

  • He's new. Seriously about the need to promote websites in an integrated way, they started talking in RuNet not so long ago, and the term “content marketing” was included in the vocabulary of professionals only in 2013 (before that, only a few spoke about it). And probably, the real start of the new promotion methods was given by the cancellation by Yandex of links - it became obvious that there was simply no other way in search marketing.
  • There are some professional "workshops" on the market: there are copywriters, many of whom are accustomed to working according to the canons of classic SEO (the quality of the text does not matter much, the main thing is to enter the keys; the most dense still consider the number of keys on the page: all the better); There are designers who are ready to draw a landing page, a button on a website or a dashboard, make an infographic for your scenario, etc., but nothing more; there are website developers and programmers, etc. And the concept of the Internet marketer of the modern sample is in combining and in-depth understanding of all the functions important for search marketing today.
  • Content marketing is not taught in universities (the phrase is painfully familiar to everyone who works in specific areas where there are simply no ready-made specialists and you have to make training newcomers a constant expense item).
  • All ready-made professionals in this market are self-taught, who have come to everything through experience. And this fact suggests that mastering a profession is a matter of feasibility for anyone who seriously wants this.
  • But the same fact (everything in this case is self-taught) forms a rather vague idea of ​​the content marketer's functions: if there is neither a training program, nor legalized ideas about what this specialist should be able to do, then every employer is free to decipher this profession in his own way. thinking in a wide range of variations.
  • Against the background of the fact that there are no full-fledged specialists, the barrier to entering the profession is relatively low - there is usually no oversight from the professional qualities of the person employed (everyone understands: you have to train). But at the same time, oddly enough, there is also an encouraging factor, which means that now is the period when you can make a content marketer from anyone who seriously wants it (in other words, it is a democratic and very promising profession, the entrance to which while free for all comers). If there is a growing market experiencing a shortage of personnel, then these frames will appear. Demand creates supply.

Looking for non content marketers

Internet marketing agencies that are experiencing a serious shortage of high-quality human resources make it easier for them to find satisfactory specialists in this emerging market. A profession that is integral in theory is divided into its functional components in practice. Do not look for a "content marketer" who knows everything:

  • take over the functions of a PR manager
  • write a cool article
  • edit text
  • insert correct titles on the page
  • engage in SMM etc.

They are looking for people who, if they are united in a team, will be given the concept of “content marketer”: a content manager (layout designer), an editor, a copywriter, a web analyst, a designer, etc.

If we talk about our experience, then no member of our team came to us as a ready-made specialist. Each had its own "base" - professional skills in a particular area, which can be applied in the implementation of content marketing strategy, but each has grown to the desired level gradually.

In such cases - when it is difficult to find ready-made professionals - often the substitute for competences are things of an emotional level: a strong desire of a person to work in this area, in some cases, ambitiousness, a flexible mind, the ability to learn independently, hard work, lack of fear of routine work it is known that in any sphere it consumes up to 80 percent of the working time).

Probably, having met with an interviewer with a person who sincerely demonstrates these qualities (of course, provided that he has the competence necessary for the agency here and now), the employer will decide in his favor with less hesitation, assuming that such a person has a chance grow to a content marketer.

Well, the main argument in favor of mastering this profession, you know what? Very banal: content marketing is damn interesting. True, with one, but significant proviso: only for those who are really interested.

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