7 best services for creating video infographics

People perceive quality infographics better than dry text. A video is another step forward. In it, you combine text, images and sound (voice) to give visitors maximum information. In this article I reviewed 7 services where you can create video infographics yourself.

All services described in the review (except After Effects) are English-speaking. They do not want to translate anything into Russian.

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This is a web service where you can make videos with animated characters, doodle video (everything that happens is drawn in real time) and infographics.

The resource is paid and quite expensive. For $ 39 per month, you can upload videos in HD quality, but with a watermark. For $ 79 - Full HD and without any service logos. For $ 159, you can import your fonts into the service and create gifs.

But within 14 days after registration you will be given a job for free. Although without the ability to download your videos. Even publish on Youtube for free do not give, greedy. The only way to show your creation at least to someone is through the player on the site itself. Not very convenient.

Quick Start Guide

To get started, go to the Goanimate home page and register.

Now select the type of video you want to create:

  • Business friendly - animated movie. You choose the scenery, pre-prepared characters, prescribe at what time someone will do what, and then impose a sound.
  • Whiteboard animation - Doodle video. All images and text are hand drawn with a pencil. Quite an interesting (though already much bored) idea.
  • Video Infographics - infographics. What you need!
  • Common craft - only available on a subscription, so I could not look at this thing.

After selecting the video type, the service will open. When you first start the tutorial turns on. Even if you do not really know English, most likely you will understand everything.

If suddenly during training you can not write in Russian - do not worry. You just need to change the font, and for this you need to finish the tutorial.

When you finish creating a video, click on the "Save" button in the upper right corner to save the result.

Pros and cons of service

What is good:

  • Convenient interface in which you can fully understand in half an hour.
  • You can create infographics, and doodle-videos, and commercials-stories.
  • Allows you to make gifs.
  • Beautiful animated objects in the base library.

What is wrong:

  • Very expensive service.
  • Only 14 days trial version.
  • There is no way to upload a video during the trial period.
  • Huge watermark at the cheapest rate.

In general, the service is convenient and good, if you are willing to pay at least $ 80 a month for it.


The program for creating doodle-video from Sparkol. It is downloaded from the site for free and installed on a computer, but does not work without authorization via the Internet.

You get a trial version and one week you can use the application for free. Subscription costs € 20 per month (€ 11 if you pay for the whole year). For € 480 you can buy a perpetual subscription.

VideoScribe Quick Start Guide

Together with the program you will download 2 detailed guides. Sorry, in English. When you start you will be shown a short training video that will bring you up to date.

Working with the application is quite simple. Using the buttons at the top you can add images, text, graphics, as well as overlay music on the video or recording from a microphone.

In this case, you can add not only standard images, but also upload your own.

Add some element to your video. I chose the Youtube logo. At the bottom of the screen, you can set the drawing speed (how much time will be given to this element). There you can also open detailed settings.

Now add something else, such as text. He will also appear on the timekeeping.

The program will create smooth transitions between elements. If anything, they can be corrected in the settings. To get the finished video, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

You can post a doodle video on Youtube and Facebook, save it to a file, place it on a server and get a link or export it to PowerPoint.

In the trial version, you cannot save videos to files. But you can publish it on Youtube.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the program:

  • Inexpensive, when compared with competing services.
  • Detailed guides included (in English).
  • Convenient and intuitive interface.


  • If you have a weak computer - it will be mercilessly "blunt".
  • Inconvenient tool for drawing graphs and charts.
  • Limited free time.
  • You can only draw doodle videos. To create a conventional video infographic is not suitable.


A simple program that comes bundled with VideoScribe on the Sparkol website. With it, you can make a video from the picture. For example, take a regular infographic, add transitions to it - and get a video version.

In fact, you simply zoom in and rotate the image, save the position, and move on to the next one. This is how to make a series of screenshots and create a presentation of them. Only here you can still add sound.

The program is so simple that you don’t even need to write a manual for it. Upload a picture, set the position of the screen, click on the save scene button. Repeat until you go through the entire infographic.

When everything is ready, call the menu using the button in the lower left corner and save (publish) your video.

Tawe's advantages:

  • It is very easy to work with the application. You can figure it out in a couple of minutes.
  • Comes with a program for creating doodle video.
  • You can quickly make videos from any infographics.


  • Few opportunities. Full video will not work.
  • You can not customize the animation of transitions between frames.
  • The limited duration of the test period.
  • Wildly inconvenient tool for rotating images.

Here is what it will look like. In principle, nothing unusual.


Convenient service with lots of possibilities for creating video infographics. Animated videos with decorations and characters too. Prices are pretty "biting": $ 89 per month for HD-quality and $ 197 for Full HD.

But there is a full free rate (and not a trial version). It can create videos up to 5 minutes and publish them on YouTube. You cannot remove a watermark or download video to a computer.

Judging by the fact that brands like Coca-Cola, Cisco and Ebay flash on the main page, the service is popular.

How to create a video in Powtoon

Sign up and log in to your account. You can use your account on Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin.

Go to the Create section using the button in the menu.

Here you can choose one of the templates prepared in advance or start everything from scratch (Start From Scratch). Templates are sorted by thematic categories: marketing, freelancers, announcements, reports and so on.

To open a template and start editing, click "Edit". It’s not necessary to follow a pledged idea - you can delete, add and change anything.

On the left is a list of scenes in which the video is divided. You click on the scene, add elements to it, prescribe in what order and with what animation they will appear and disappear. To add a new one, click on the "Add slide" button.

Objects on the slide are added from the menu on the right. You can set the background, create text blocks, moving animated things, characters, graphics and your own images.

Under the main working area is the timing tape. Select any object - and you will see when it should appear and when it will disappear. Move the sliders to change these parameters.

By the way, there is a good tutorial. To open it, click on the "Help" button in the upper left and select the "Tour" item. Training, of course, in English.

When done making a video, click on the "Export" button.

Here you can publish your work on various services, including YouTube or download it to your computer as a video or presentation.

Pros and cons of Powtoon

What is good service:

  • Many cool templates, based on which you can quickly do something.
  • Clear learning tour.
  • The output is quite beautiful videos.
  • There is a free version with unlimited use.

What is wrong:

  • Prices bite. $ 90 per month is a bit much.
  • Do not create a doodle video. Live drawing animation is available for text only.
  • Tools for drawing graphs and charts are not available at the free rate.


Moovly is quite cheap compared to other services. The base rate costs only $ 20 per month ($ 10 if you pay immediately for a year). There is a free rate where you can download videos (there is no such luxury anywhere else), but only 480p.

For video stories, the service is not suitable, but for infographics - just right. True, the result compared to competitors looks a bit sad.

How to work with Moovly

To create a new video, register, log into your account and click on the "Create new Moov" button.

Specify the name and description (optional) of your infographic, select the thematic category, and then click "Create".

If you want to do everything from scratch - click "Create from scratch". If not, a couple of dozen templates are at your disposal.

The editor will open in a separate window. A pop-up window will offer to complete a training tour. He will bring you up to date. There is nothing difficult in this service - even the objects are not animated.

Drag an object from the library to the left on the screen.

Select an object and specify when it will appear and how long it should exist. To do this, move the gray segment on the timekeeping.

Click on "Choose animation" and select animations for the appearance and disappearance of your object.

Audio tracks are placed in the video, like pictures, after which they appear in the tape. Just move them to the right place - and infographics is ready.

When done, click "S" to save and close the editor. After that, find your video in the gallery and click on the "Download" button to download or "Publish" for publication on Youtube or Facebook.

Pros and cons of Moovly

What is good:

  • The cheapest among competitors.
  • Free tariff with unlimited use.
  • Video in 480p can be downloaded without a paid subscription.
  • You can not buy a subscription, and pay a few dollars for downloading each video.

What is wrong:

  • Few opportunities compared to competitors.
  • It loads for a long time and works slowly.
  • Not the most convenient interface.
  • Ugly images in standard libraries.
  • You can not create animated videos.
  • No tools for creating graphs and charts. Only hands to draw.

Here is an example video that can be made in Moovly. Without diagrams, everything is somehow doubtful

After effects

Do you have a lot of free time and desire to learn? Want to create the coolest video infographics, and not some boring sample videos? Adobe After Effects is your choice.

This is a professional video creation software. Any. The program has a lot of opportunities. And infographics, and doodle-video, and special effects, and animated videos - what you want, then do it.

The reverse side of the coin - you can not start the application, sort it out in 10 minutes by typing and jot down a reasonable video. You will have to study, read articles, take courses and watch lessons.

If you want to learn After Effects, read the Videosmile blog. There you will find many useful things.

Advantages of the program:

  • Significantly more features than the rest of the considered services combined.
  • Many training materials on the service.
  • If you are a pirate, you can get the program for free (fu-fu, do this).
  • Friends with Photoshop and Illustrator. If you draw your objects there, it will be convenient for you to export everything.
  • It costs 600 rubles per month (~ $ 10) - cheaper than the services of competitors.


  • Difficult unfriendly interface.
  • Long to understand.
  • Eats a lot of computer resources. On weak machines, you can not do anything.


Actually, this is a service for creating presentations. There is no video here. But nothing prevents you from creating an original slide show, and then recording what is happening on the screen. Perversion? Maybe. But quickly and cheaply.

The beauty of Prezi is in the original content feed. You have not just boring slides, but the whole composition. For example, I liked the idea of ​​climbing a mountain. There is a picture in the form of a mountain with paths. You can create areas on the paths that will become separate slides. And during the presentation, the screen will move to the right place.

The tariffs of the service are adequate - the cheapest one costs $ 10 per month ($ 5 if you pay immediately for a year). Well, there is also a 14-day trial period.

Prezi.com Quick Start Guide

Register, log in to your account and create a new presentation using the "Create a new Prezi" button.

Select a presentation template. The list is quite original.

Everything is done very simply. First add a new slide using the "+" button.

Then set the size of the slide in relation to the entire composition and place it in the right place. At the same time, you can choose a form: circle, square, invisible field, [square brackets].

Now click on the slide and click on the "Insert" button at the top. You can put here text, a picture, a video from YouTube, arrows and even a soundtrack. Charts, unfortunately, are only available on a paid subscription.

What can be done with the finished presentation? You can leave it on the site and throw links to people. You can download it with a portable player. Then it can be run on a computer without the Internet.

Well, you can get back a little and record everything that happens on the screen using Bandicam or similar software. As a result, you get a finished video infographic. Even with sound, because it can be added to these presentations.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is good:

  • Convenient interface.
  • Cool original patterns.
  • Low cost.
  • Detailed vector images.

What is wrong:

  • The output is a presentation, not a video.

I have prepared a small example of a video that can be made using Prezi.com. True, it is now a gif, but not important. The video is done exactly the same.


I tried to create a video in every service (except After Effects). Most of all I liked Powtoon. Pictures are bright, funny characters, user-friendly interface. A fairy tale, not a service.

If you need cheap, but angry - try Moovly. True video there turns out quite boring. Nothing really moves, the images are faded. But for its price - will go.

For doodle-video - uniquely VideoScribe. And work is convenient, and it costs a little. I poured svg-icons made in "Illustrator" there - the program perfectly painted them with "hand".

Well, if you want to become a video infographic guru, you need a direct route to After Effects courses. Yes, you will create the first suitable video a couple of weeks or months later than in other services. But no restrictions: what you want - then draw. What quality you need - and do this.

By the way, you can create videos in PowerPoint versions of 2010 and higher. Make a presentation, save it as a video and apply sound directly in the program. Many tasks can be solved in this way.

Well, if you do not want to suffer and waste your time, order video infographics in our company. We have professional screenwriters, designers and directors of editing. Let's make a video that hooks your users from the first seconds, improves your image, recognition and sales. Contact us! 7-luchshikh-servisov-dlya-sozdaniya-video-infografiki

Watch the video: How to Create Infographics: Using Only Free Tools (October 2019).

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