How to use Twitter video in marketing

You probably already know about the ability to shoot and publish video in Twitter applications for mobile gadgets. Moreover, most likely you have already tested a new feature: you shot a video about the fall of a friend from a chair and a drama with the title “The Cat is asking for an extra portion of food” And from this article you will learn how to use Twitter in video marketing.

How to use the video on Twitter

To make and publish a video on Twitter, you need to install the Twitter application for Android or iOS. Log in to your account and select the tweet edit mode. Start the camera and select the video mode.

To start shooting video, tap and hold the camera icon. You can record one video for up to 30 seconds. You have the ability to interrupt and continue shooting. To do this, simply release and press the camera icon again. After the recording is completed, click "Finish", write a comment and post a tweet. It will look something like this:

Marquis helps to test video feature

- Mitya Dementy (@De_Mityai) April 22, 2015

How to use Twitter for business purposes.

If you can use six-second videos on Vine and fifteen-second videos on Instagram for marketing purposes, then there shouldn't be any problems with using thirty-second videos on Twitter. Start using the new microblogging service functionality using the ideas below.

Idea 1: Tweet via video

Your subscribers are probably asking questions. When they ask for something about your product, provide a visual video response. For example, show how to open the cover of the smartphone, stick a protective film on the screen of the gadget or make an original hairstyle in 5 minutes.

By the way, you can reply via video in twitter chat. Members of the British Olympic team took advantage of this idea. They answer questions from sports fans on Twitter with short videos.

Idea 2: Publish important events in real time

It is unlikely that the functionality of Twitter can be compared with streaming video services. However, if you do not plan to broadcast the event as a whole, you can limit yourself to recording key moments.

Idea 3: educate the audience

The article on the Vine service has a six-second video that teaches users to quickly clean the grenades. You have five times more time to teach your potential and existing customers something useful. For example, McDonalds delighted all parents: marketers showed the children what can be done with ketchup, sauce and fried potatoes before eating them. Wash the kitchen, probably will be Ronald MacDonald.

Playing with your food can be a beautiful thing! //

- McDonald's (@McDonalds) February 24, 2015

The manufacturer of cosmetics Simple Skincare has created a serious advertising and educational video.

Triple Purified Water cannons for your skin - watch to see how. //

- Simple Skincare (@simpleskin) March 1, 2015

Idea 4: Get Custom Content

Your customers love to photograph and video themselves. Create a platform for them to express themselves. Hold a contest for the best video with your product. Offer users several nominations: practical use of the product, original use of the product, feils and jokes with the product, etc. Believe me, you will learn a lot about products you sell.

The manufacturer of action cameras GoPro accurately shared with the audience not all the videos that users sent to the contest. There is nothing to do, it remains to rejoice that there is:

Video of the Day! @NateAdams741 get back on top. //

- GoPro® (@GoPro) 13 March 2015

Educate and entertain the audience with a video on Twitter

Do not pursue the quality of commercials, anyway you do not surpass James Cameron. You need to offer your audience useful and interesting information in a concentrated form, convenient for consumption on the go. Video on Twitter is one of the appropriate formats for this task.

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