Guide to working with opinion leaders: from goal setting to performance calculation

Influence marketing appeared relatively recently: at the moment when some bloggers began to gain a lot of subscribers in social networks, and the business decided to use it to their advantage.

Earlier in the article "Marketing influence: how to get loose and make money on other people's subscribers?" we have already written about progress with the help of opinion leaders. But at the moment it is difficult to find a detailed guide on working with bloggers on the net who would answer all the questions. And this is important, because with the wrong approach, cooperation will lead to zero results at best, and at worst a drain on the promotion budget. In this guide, we collected all the information on the topic and shared our conclusions.

Where to start, so as not to lose?

You need to start with yourself. More precisely, with what you offer, and what you want to achieve.

Understanding the product and its benefits

Before offering collaboration to opinion leaders, you need to have a clear understanding of how useful your product is and why it is better than others. Not every blogger places everything in a row. Some of them still have to convince why your shampoo should be advertised.

It is necessary to determine the advantages, of course, and to demonstrate them to the buyers themselves. Competition in advertising among bloggers is high. Do you think that before this here no one has advertised a similar product? Perhaps you are an innovator, but even in this case you need to prepare a good presentation to increase interest.

The advertising text, as a rule, is written by a blogger himself. But nobody knows about your product better than you. Therefore, in any case, you should have enough information about the product, its characteristics and advantages, so that the blogger has something to rely on when composing the text.

Even better is to have an idea of ​​how to advertise a product. This will be useful if you turn to opinion leaders who are not strong in advertising and are used to reading from a piece of paper.

Some products are simply unsuitable for advertising with bloggers. It is necessary to remember the restrictions that are imposed on the advertising of certain types of products. There are things that advertising can cause a negative reaction of users - binary options, MLM and other fraudulent schemes.

Target definition

You must determine for yourself what you want to achieve with advertising. Unclear goal - blurry result. In addition, after each publication it is necessary to evaluate its effect. By what criteria to evaluate it, if they were not originally installed?

Placement of publications with opinion leaders may have the following objectives.

  • Increase brand awareness or new product. It is difficult to track the effectiveness. In essence, this is an increase in coverage: new subscribers, views, likes, comments.
  • Formation of a certain image of the product: clothing brand No. 1 in Russia, the most budgetary chain of restaurants, car brand for advanced youth, etc.
  • Requests in the comments / mail, phone (for example, about the price, etc.).
  • Orders: you can track orders from a specific blogger using the promotional code.
  • Actual sales.

Target audience determination

It’s one thing to advertise a new soda with Ivangai, and another to order a preroll with new buildings in Moscow from him. If there is enough pocket money for a drink like an idol to a 10-year-old girl, then definitely not for the purchase of real estate. And she will not be interested in her for at least the next 10-15 years.

Although it is rather an obvious point. Everyone knows that the audience of Ivangaya is mostly children. Another thing is when the errors of choosing the target audience are not obvious at first glance. For example, if a young beauty blogger is invited to advertise designer clothes or jewelery. Yes, her audience is girls. But for the most part, these girls can not yet afford the goods of this category. These are mostly young students who dress in the mass market and save on cosmetics and stylists (that's why they watch the channel).

Therefore, in order to offer your product, service or service to a truly interested audience, it must first be correctly identified. Who are you creating the product for? What gender, age, marital status are these people? How can they be identified? By answering these questions, you will already save a lot of time and money.

There should be as many people as possible from the category that you just described among people who have subscribed to a selected blogger. Only this way advertising will have a real effect.

Niche blogs are a great opportunity to shoot as accurately as possible to the right audience. Even on YouTube there is now a huge selection of niche vlogs into which you can natively embed most products.

Site preparation

As well as before any advertising campaign, before publishing with a blogger you need to prepare a site for receiving clients.

A blogger will provide you with referrals from interested clients, but is your website ready to serve them? Is hosting calculated for such a load? Does the functionality work correctly? Is it understandable to users? Every minor defect deprives you of money. Here it is important not only to serve the buyers, but also to hook on the doubters and “catch up” with those who left without buying.

Where to advertise

Promoted accounts can be found in any social networks. But each social network has its own capabilities. Most often, Instagram and YouTube are enough, as there is a wide audience and convenient formats. If you want to receive traffic from search engines and so on using advertising. link mass, you can pay attention to text blogs.

You can work with bloggers not only directly, but also through intermediaries (agencies, stock exchanges), which we will talk about later.

Independent selection of bloggers

Suppose you have enough strength and ambition to independently organize work with bloggers, and you do not want to overpay intermediaries. How to act in this case?

Search handles. Lazy customers with big money go the easy way - the star trail. In celebrities like and reputation, and the terms of cooperation are transparent, you can not wrestle with and feed the budget to them. But this strategy does not always work.

Why celebrity millionaire is not always effective?

Here's why:

  • The audience of stars can be very heterogeneous.. Anna Semenovich’s Instagram, for example, is monitored not only by a large number of women who want to imitate her, but also by men of different nationalities. Accordingly, if you advertise cosmetics here, advertising will fly past half the subscribers. The same applies to the untwisted profiles with pictures of beautiful female bodies. The audience there is about the same, and even with a clear margin in the direction of men.
  • Celebrities may overcharge. Yes, these people are well known, but sometimes the cost of advertising is much higher than the benefits. (In the most numerous Instagram accounts, the price of advertising is higher than 100 thousand rubles). Sometimes it's easier to divide the budget between two or three less well-known bloggers with more modest prices and get a much greater effect.
  • Celebrities almost do not communicate with the audience. Even for top bloggers on such a scale is problematic. Less well-known individuals, especially niche experts, often communicate in comments or even make videos with answers to questions. They build a more trusting relationship with subscribers. Advertising is often perceived as a friendly recommendation (if properly presented).
  • Star subscribers are used to a large flow of advertising and pay less attention to it.. Some celebrities so often publish paid posts that in the general flow is difficult to stand out. Ordinary bloggers try to be more careful about advertising, control its quantity and agree only on what they are really interested in.
  • There is a chance to get a very mediocre post.. The advertising pipeline, continuously working in stellar Instagram accounts, can not but affect the quality of the advertisement itself. Sometimes about any creative talk is not necessary. Put in a word, and will.
  • Speaking of the previous photo. It seems to be advertised dress, but I want to buy boots. And many followers, judging by the comments, too. Whether such advertising was beneficial for the customer is the question. And a lot of money was spent (Nastasya Samburskaya asks for 200 thousand rubles for the post).
  • Star status sometimes makes it difficult to build a normal business. A star is not obliged to anyone, and this must be remembered. Today there is no mood - we will publish your post in a week. This often happens, although all the stars are different.
  • Celebrity can simultaneously advertise your direct competitors. You can, of course, by agreement redeem advertising space for a certain period, while competitors are dormant, but the agreement exists only until the other offers more.

The problem is that with famous people in Instagram it is often worked on verbal agreements. In order to somehow protect yourself, it is better to choose bloggers with contracts with agencies.

Of course, the stars have their obvious advantages:

  • They have more fans who want to emulate them. Their fans will gladly wear the same dress, order the same food, use the same perfume, etc.
  • Stars can provide a good recognition of products that are just entering the market. It's more about mass products. It's one thing to advertise a new application for creating cool selfies for 10 little-known bloggers, and another is to throw the bait into a more fishy place - to the same Buzova.
  • Top bloggers and celebrities will be able to attract the attention of a wide range of people to some kind of competition, event or action, including charity.
  • Feedback from the star can be added to the site and show it at every opportunity.

In general, any feedback can be used in the future on your page. Bloggers are public people, and the more you collect evidence of quality from proven people, the better.

What brands are useful microleader opinions

Opinions are called micro-leaders who cannot boast of a large number of subscribers - from 100 thousand or less. Accordingly, the price is discussed here.

For novice bloggers (and not only for beginners, it depends on what you are selling) you can offer barter. Perhaps a blogger will like your product or it will turn out that he needs it now (sneakers have worn out, the vacuum cleaner has broken, it's time to get a haircut, etc.).

Another option for barter that can lure a blogger is sponsoring travel (to events or to beautiful places). Impressions can be more expensive than any money, so it is possible to attract such a proposal and birds of higher flight.

Micro-leaders of opinions, as already mentioned, actively interact with the audience. The involvement of such accounts above. The blogger tries to filter advertising and submit it as unobtrusively as possible so as not to lose the already small audience of fans.

Another plus of microleaders is that they can be used as a training ground for training - in order not to spend the entire budget on stars at once and not get a dubious result. Ordered from one middling - we evaluated the reaction to advertising and the real exhaust - we worked on errors - we try the following.

In addition, influence marketing is a thing that requires systematic repetition (of course, if the goal is not a one-time sale). You can not advertise once and leave - they will immediately forget about you. It is necessary to remind yourself periodically. Moreover, if you work with dozens of bloggers, the illusion will be created that your product is popular. Someone this will push to the decision to purchase.

You can increase the chances of success if you choose a microlider in the niche closest to yours.

If we talk about YouTube, then you need to remember that potentially any small channel with time can turn into a million. There were cases when advertisers managed to buy advertising space for a penny on the channels, which eventually grew to millionaires. If the video with your ad is not removed (and this rarely happens), you can count on a long-lasting effect. And you can even get yourself such a hobby - to seek out newcomers "YouTube" with great potential.

Micro opinion leaders are great for small businesses. But here you need to make a reservation that you have to do everything yourself, since working with intermediaries will eat most of the budget.

Since in this case regional linking is important, you need to select accounts by geography of the audience. Remember that despite the location of the author, his subscribers can be people from any city and country.

It is better to choose a microblogger with five hundred subscribers, which is precisely focused on a specific city, than a ten thousand meter audience with different cities. The costs in this case will be lower, and the shot - more accurate.

Depending on what products or services you offer, you can offer barter to a blogger (lunch in a cafe, a massage session, a photo session, etc.).

The organization Instameet is also popular - offline meetings of bloggers. Such events are held by hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums, etc., in order to show the instagrammers what is hidden from regular visitors and get PR from them in the form of photos with branded hashtags. Here is such a free PR. The main thing is that instagrammers have something to photograph.

It is better to combine PR with bloggers with a discount event. So you get not only recognition, but also new customers.

If the service is specific, and there are no niche bloggers in your city, you can "grow" them. Surely in the city there is a person who is interested in your subject and is ready to keep a blog about it. Perhaps he is already leading him, but not so successfully. You can help him in this in exchange for periodically mentioning a brand in publications. The option, of course, is not for everyone, but if you come into business for a long time and plan to expand in the future, you can look in this direction.

Detailing-Alarm Company for the promotion of the account in Instagram attracted its employees - brand ambassadors. When a spectacular girl came to the company, they signed up to her account more willingly than to a company account. Therefore, it was decided to advertise with her bloggers. And she, in turn, has already advertised the company.

Well, do not forget that marketing influence works best with other means of promotion.

How and where to search for bloggers

The easiest way to use the services of statistics. There you can find bloggers at any sites by different criteria (gender, location), see basic data. As a rule, there are not so many free versions of the data, but some conclusions can be drawn for each blogger.

On the Brand Analytics website you can see the top 50 opinion leaders at various sites: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vkontakte, My World.

Livedune provides detailed statistics on Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte (profiles and groups), Twitter, LJ.

The service gives only seven free search attempts. Then you have to pay a subscription (the cheapest rate - 300 rubles / month).

The main value of the paid version is detailed profile statistics. In the free version it is available in a limited form.

The second way to search for sites is with the help of the tools of the social networks themselves. If we talk about "Instagram", then the appropriate accounts can be found, for example, by tags related to your activity.

You can also look in the recommendations of the selected blog and find several similar ones.

Bloggers with a large number of subscribers can be subscribed to people you like.

If we talk about "YouTube", then the simplest thing here is to search for videos on topics that are interesting to your target audience. Found an interesting video, went to the channel. And on the right you can also see similar channels.

You can also search for new platforms and ideas for advertising using competitor analysis. Large companies with a similar audience have probably already attracted opinion leaders for a long time. Use their experience. In Instagram advertising publications can be found by hashtags with the name of the brand. Analyze the posts of competitors, watch the reaction, note the interesting points. You can even advertise with the same bloggers, if you have more favorable conditions. Or find similar accounts.

Separate diamonds from sand, or how to calculate an impostor

Filter out sites with a lot of advertising or advertising of questionable products. When looking at the account should not seem that it was created solely for earnings. If this is a personal blog, there should be a lot of posts about life. If this is an expert account, there should be a lot of copyright content. The same goes for video blogs. If you choose from middling with a small number of subscribers, it is better to stay on who has more interesting and useful commercials, and also has interaction with the audience.

Make sure that there are no big breaks in the publications. If the video blog is allowed once a week, then for Instagram it is too rare.

Comments show the attitude of people to the blogger and the level of trust in him. By them it is possible to understand whether subscribers are listening to his opinion. Комментарии к предыдущим рекламным постам тоже нужно просматривать. Это позволит оценить реакцию аудитории на рекламу.

Some instabloggers resort to unobtrusive at first glance types of markups. Live and positive comments in their accounts actually belong to colleagues who for the most part do not belong to your Central Asian. Blogger bloggers have common chat rooms where they post links to new posts and react to them collectively. Check that the same persons do not appear in the comments. And in general look through profiles commenting on any fireman.

Do not choose brawlers and outrageous personalities. Although, if you think that black PR is also PR, choose. To avoid risk, the ideas and values ​​of the opinion leader must coincide with the ideas and values ​​of the brand.

You found him. What's next?

For most small bloggers, unfortunately, their activity is a hobby, not a main job. Not all quickly and willingly go to the contact. In addition, very often the mail of a blogger is simply overwhelmed with promotional offers, and there is simply no way to respond to everyone.

Therefore, you should always be prepared for what you do not answer, and have several options in reserve at once. It is advisable to have a separate table and enter suitable sites there. You will probably collaborate with opinion leaders more than once, so it’s better to immediately prepare lists and make notes on the margins. Next time, if necessary, you will already know who you can not even write with, with whom the cooperation took place (and, perhaps, sometime have to turn again) and who else could potentially be useful.

When communicating with bloggers, remember: they are people too. Many have managers, but birds of lower flight agree with advertisers themselves. Therefore:

  • better not to fall apart in flattering words. Greetings can be made neutral, get to the bottom quickly and describe the benefits of cooperation for a blogger;
  • You can try to bargain. Especially in those cases where a blogger clearly overestimates the value of their work.

Do not be afraid to ask for screenshots of statistics and audience data. You are lucky if the blogger has a media kit (file presentation of your account with statistics and sometimes cases).

Competent TK - the key to success

The technical task is necessary to fix all the necessary conditions for placement. Your vision and opinion leaders on product advertising may differ. In most cases, bloggers make advertising at their discretion (they know their subscribers better), but to avoid surprises, specify the basic requirements for photos, videos and text.

If you write the text to an inexperienced blogger yourself, you need to make it as simple as possible. No need for some super-creative things. It is better to avoid enthusiastic cheers and superlatives in the product description. Bring the text to a more or less neutral look, but do not forget to mention the benefits.

The following points can be specified in the TOR.

  • Text requirements. You cannot force a blogger to completely remove criticism from a review, for example. But you can ask not to speak out too sharply and note not only the minuses, but also the advantages of the product.
  • Photo and video requirements. There can always be a hitch - not the right angle, insufficient lighting, etc. Perhaps you will need a photo session, and you will have to arrange a meeting with the blogger. Or you want to control the video recording from and to and attract professionals.
  • Terms of placement. In most cases, they still break down, so make a stock in 2-3 days, so that no force majeure occurs.
  • Does a blogger have the right to remove ads and in which case (after a certain period, for example). This does not guarantee anything, but bloggers who do not want to lose advertisers, try not to violate the agreements.

You also need to prepare yourself for the fact that if you work with a little-known blogger without intermediaries, the cooperation may stop at any time. Sometimes - immediately after receiving the prepayment.

Something about Instagram

A lot has been said about this site, but here are some more important points.

To advertise on Instagram (if you want sales) you must have an account in all canons. In general, it’s best to advertise here if Instagram is for you one of the main sales channels. Not one company lost a lot of money on the fact that the blogger’s subscribers, going to the advertiser's account, left almost immediately. All this is a consequence of insufficient attention to the selling account.

Not only the design, but also the convenience of navigation plays a big role. In the posts you can not put an active link. If you hold a contest and pour traffic from bloggers to it, be sure to put a clickable link to the contest page in your profile.

Some brands do not have an account with Instagram, but this does not prevent them from advertising. Such advertising helps to spread information about the product and increase its recognition. In this case, the entry is accompanied by a hashtag with the name of the brand.

The easiest way to advertise on Instagram is for those who sell food, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, photo services, etc. Such products / services can be most natively advertised on social networks where they like beautiful pictures. Bloggers are willing to try on new clothes, do professional makeup, attend photo shoots and demonstrate all this in their account. Although beautifully advertise if you wish, you can do anything, if you creatively approach this.

Try to ask the blogger to be photographed along with the product, and not to shoot it separately. As a rule, such photos cause more confidence.

Little about youtube

We already wrote about prices for top vloggers and examples of advertising on YouTube in the article "Advertising with bloggers on YouTube: how much and from whom to order?"

Video advertising gives advertisers more opportunities to showcase the product and attract attention to it. Also, do not forget that the audience at “YouTube” is colossal. For large brands, ignoring this platform means missing out on huge reach.

Plus, a huge number of surveyors live here. Many buyers look for videos when looking for reviews or reviews, because they are more informative (visually) and more believable (famous bloggers are public people).

Another significant plus: advertising embedded in a video or filmed separately will always be stored on a blogger account, and if the subject of the video is “long-playing” (not informational, for example, but some useful tips for all time), then you will receive customers not one time, but constantly.

The main formats of advertising on YouTube:

  • preroll (inset at the beginning);
  • postroll (inset at the end);
  • integration (native format);
  • separate video (product review, clip, etc.).

For video advertising, each is in its own way. Top bloggers or projects can become confused and shoot a full-fledged commercial with a script inside the next video, as they do, for example, "+100500" or "Dood". And there are the usual advertising inserts that last a few seconds, so as not to distract attention. During this time, you need to tell a maximum of important information about the product / service / service.

A postroll is the cheapest and least efficient format, as often the videos are closed without finishing the inspection. There is a risk that the video will be long and boring, then you can not expect much effect from it.

Sometimes bloggers agree to insert in the middle. So it's harder to miss.

Integration allows you to natively advertise the product and gives you room for YouTube's fantasy. An example of a good native for an entertainment channel. In the above case, product placement unobtrusively flashed into the frame, without distracting attention from the video. Again, it is better to give a specific product to a blogger as close as possible to your subject matter. It will be difficult for a lifestyler blogger living in a megacity to figure out how to demonstrate the use of lawn mowers in everyday life.

It has already been said about the benefits of video advertising, which can bring customers for a long time. But it happens the other way around. The video may simply be uninteresting to the viewers or, even worse, cause a series of unsubscribes. And even not at all because of the curve of advertising, but because of the sloppy words spoken on the topic of the video. In addition, the video can remove YouTube itself for breaking the rules. Therefore, if you do not want problems, choose neutral bloggers who do not balance on the verge of good and evil.

Users go to the advertised site by reference in the description or in the annotation, hint in the video. Transitions on the link from the video can and should be monitored. To do this, use either redirectors (googl, tinyurl, etc.) or utm tags. Statistics on the transitions for annotations and prompts can be requested from the vlogere himself. To track sales, give each blogger a separate code word - a promotional code for a discount.

Exclusive video - perhaps the most complex format. If you simply make and upload a video about the company / service / product, the number of views will be significantly lower than other videos on the channel. To draw attention to the roller, you need to add benefits to the audience, to entice them with an interesting script. Someone creative and even writes songs and makes videos. Someone is trying to introduce a product into their lives and show results.

Users of YouTube, as practice shows, are already pretty good at advertising. They see how the tops are doing the integration, so they require proper attitude.

By the way, the video to which this comment was left was published on the programming channel and received relatively few views. This is primarily due to the title - it is already clear from it that this is an advertisement. The author was too focused on the advertising component and forgot about the benefits to the audience. Although the subject of the channel allowed to integrate the service more natively.

If you want to order a review of the service / product, then it is much easier and you can do without problems and just let the blogger say what he thinks.

YouTube also has a lot of cheating. Therefore, track the ratio of likes and comments to the video, not just views.

Search for bloggers through exchanges

The task of the exchanges is to make life easier for advertisers. Therefore, it is easier to look at statistics on bloggers, select the right candidates and keep correspondence.

The most important thing is that the exchange, acting as an intermediary in the transaction, protects advertisers from deception. Money comes to a blogger after his work is approved by the customer (usually without stock exchanges, bloggers work on full prepayment).

Exchange Getblogger works with Instagram and Youtube. Access is provided only to verified advertisers. Bloggers also have pre-moderation - the service eliminates stranded accounts. To assess the capabilities of the exchange, you must pay a subscription.

The Epicstars exchange has less stringent requirements. The list of bloggers can be viewed immediately after a quick registration. She has several sites at her disposal: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram. Exchange retains 10% commission from performers.

Bloggers and other advertising sites can also be found on the exchanges of LabelUp, Plibber, Webartex, etc.

Work with agencies

Many advertising agencies work with opinion leaders and provide such services to clients. Some agencies specialize exclusively in working with bloggers. Most top bloggers collaborate with agencies on an exclusive basis, but if some agency needs a blogger from another agency, then the agreement will make it possible to pull up virtually any blogger if necessary. But working with such bloggers without an agency will not work.

If you don’t spare money for promotion and want to advertise with several stars at once, agencies will help you to organize everything in the best way and free you from possible risks. They have established work with bloggers, besides there are guarantees in the form of a contract.

As agencies do a lot of work for the client and attract top bloggers, they will have to pay the appropriate commission. This is certainly not an option for small businesses, but for large brands, cooperation with agencies can be fruitful. On their sites such companies usually provide case studies.

For example, to promote Aviasales two years ago, a separate travel show was launched on the Lizzz TV channel with the help of the agency, where at the beginning of each release they were told how to search and buy tickets using the application. In total, the company received about seven million views - an impressive coverage to popularize the service.

Another agency has launched a flash mob for the Fresh Bar, using several major bloggers and musicians.

As a result, the organizers received 1,800 entries and nearly 20 million coverage.

Conclusion: we consider the effectiveness of advertising

To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising is best in money (when the goal is sales). If you can determine the exact amount of profit received from a blogger (for example, you tracked sales by its identifier (promo code)), you can calculate the effectiveness of advertising using ROMI (return of marketing investments):

Investments should be returned in more than full amount, therefore, if the resulting number is more than 100%, then you are more than paid back the investment.

Watch the video: SMART Goals - Quick Overview (October 2019).

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