Marketing influence: how to get loose and make money on other people's subscribers?

I bought my first smartphone only thanks to a cool clip on one of the YouTube channels. I tried Grow Food after Balayev. And my friend regularly stocked "boxes of happiness" with cosmetics after a review of one of the beauty bloggers. Who has not yet understood, influence on the agenda today or influenza-style marketing in the Western manner. Read what kind of fruit it is, what it is eaten with and how it affects the digestion of your company.

What is marketing influence?

Influence Marketing is a kind of marketing that uses the power of public people or opinion leaders to expand your sales market. Roughly speaking, instead of straining your bread and trying to sell more people directly, you pay / inspire / hypnotize an authoritative person to speak out for your brand.

Influence marketing comes to hand with two other types of marketing - SMM and content marketing. SMM is the main tool for most campaigns to distribute advertisements. Content — the essential component that either you or authority creates — depends on your generosity.

Impact Marketing is not WOM (word of mouth) marketing. While the concept of influence marketing implies a desire to strengthen the brand's credibility by clinging to the authority of another person, WOM marketing (word of mouth) is just a tool to convey a message. It turns out that all Influencer campaigns in fact include word of mouth, but not all WOM campaigns use someone's authority for promotion.

Impact Marketing is not Advocate Marketing. Brand advocates do not have to be powerful people. They are fans of your work, product fans. This may be the tiler Valera, who keeps a blog and praises your ceramics or cement. Or maybe Marina, a seamstress with a small group of VKontakte, who uses only your yarn for her handmade sweaters. In marketing, the influence of more power goes to the search for credibility, which until then could not hear about the product. In addition, influenza marketing is always worth the money.

Briefly stages of the Influencer marketing campaign look like this:

  • Find for brand or product authorities. We pick blogs and social networks manually or use the services of AdAsia, PUBLICFAST or TapInfluence. At this stage, it is important to choose not the “charcoal” blogger himself, but to find out from whom the target audience is spewing a rainbow.
  • We create a marketing campaign aimed at attracting the authorities themselves.
  • We are creating a second campaign - a guide for authorities to maximize the reach of the audience. We define the goals we want to achieve - increase sales, increase the number of subscribers in social networks, make people try the product.
  • We monitor indicators of recognition and sales.

5 strong influence marketing qualities

He is effective. Few things can affect sales are better than a word of mouth recommendation of a respected person. The guys from the McKinsey Research Center found out that word of mouth generates twice as much sales as paid advertising. At the same time, according to Forbes, the results of WOM marketing campaigns show a 37 percent better customer retention rate. Marketing influence reinforces these indicators with authority.

He is social. The world is choking on social media. In full of entertainment, useful information and communication social networks. The consumer no longer wants to see direct advertising, which eats up time. Under these conditions, the influence of authorities is an opportunity to be reckoned with. Ability to seduce his follower.

Everybody talks about him. From Forbes to The Village. His mention in the media is only increasing, as evidenced by the report in Google Trends. The popularity of the query Influencer marketing since 2012 has grown by 5000 percent, in 2015 the increase was 500%.

He does not sell in the forehead. Every day an ordinary person sees 3-4 thousand advertising messages - on the web, on the way to work, in the elevator, on the bus. Over time, "banner blindness" develops, when the brain consciously blocks an ad and you cannot remember which ad was last seen. Influence Marketing is a native advertising that easily bypasses this barrier and sells by 53% better, because it does not look like a traditional AdBlock victim.

He hits right on target. Tools and methods help set up accurate targeting, and then slip the advertising message right under the nose of the potential buyer. Moreover, the results and effectiveness of the campaign is much easier to track than in traditional media.

Another reason to try marketing influence is its amazing effect on millennials (younger people who are under 30). If you believe Annalect's analytics - and you have no reason not to believe it - 40 percent of the polled millennials bought things online after recommending a reputable person on the Web. 20 percent recommended a product to friends.

6.5 dollars "return" for each dollar invested

The company Tomoson conducted a survey, interviewing marketers from 125 companies. Based on their answers, the following graphs were obtained. On average, companies make $ 6.5 for every dollar invested in the Influencer campaign. According to the responses of marketers, this is the fastest growing online promotion channel, which is ahead of organic search and email marketing.

Budgets on the rise

59% of marketers plan to increase their Influencer-marketing budgets over the next 12 months. Only 21% are planning to reduce these costs or keep it in the same amounts.

Growth rate rolls over

Influencer marketing is rated as the fastest growing channel for attracting customers on the Internet.

Even customers are better

51% of marketers believe that this is how they get better customers - they are loyal to the brand and are more willing to tell friends and acquaintances about it.

Blogs and Facebook

I will say right away that Tomoson did not take into account Russian social networks, and therefore the error here is quite high. But in general, to assess the trend is not difficult.

50% of marketers use influenza marketing to increase sales, and 40% are focused on enhancing brand image.

Revenue remains the most important indicator of campaign effectiveness.

Influencer campaigns with an example

There are many things that a famous blogger can do for your company. These are posts on Twitter, a photo on Instagram, or an ad in the next video on the YouTube channel. So did the manufacturers of colored kinetic sand on the channel LizzzTV.

Caution! Stunning!

The result of the campaign is 450,000 views, 15,000 likes, 4,000 comments and 18% of clicks (from the number of viewers) to the advertiser's site. Today, the video continues to work and has already gained more than 1 million views and 23,000 likes.

But you can approach the matter more globally ...


Calvin Klein conducted one of the most ambitious campaigns. More than 600 reputable bloggers around the world, who uploaded their photos to Instagram in sports underwear CK, took an active part in it. It was very hot ... As a result, millions of new followers of the brand in social networks and more than 25 million interactions with them. A small push — the promise to post the best photos on a separate Calvin Klein website — and terabytes of custom content poured into the Web with the hashtag #mycalvins.

About whiskey and without words

Remember my normcore marketing article? So, one of the examples of Normcore is an ad for Lagavulin whiskey, in which actor Nick Offermann, in the role of Ron Swanson, sips whiskey for 45 minutes. This video in 2015 took the award for the best example of Influencer advertising. If you have not seen it, here is its short version:

45 minutes of normal

The results of this campaign - the video already has almost 3 million views on YouTube, more than 18,000 viewers subscribed to the My Tales of Whiskey Official channel, posted videos on their Sony, Tumblr and Go Daddy sites, greatly increasing the coverage of the campaign.

Loki the wolfdog

Who said that authority must necessarily be a person? The Tolik sheep lives in one Moscow restaurant with 6,500 Instagram followers, and the American Husky named Loki has more than a million such followers. It decided to use the Mercedes-Benz USA. In the series of videos, the camera at the dog's withers shows how the snowmobile can get through a top SUV, and a parallel broadcast from the cabin shows how comfortable it is to do it.

On Instagram alone, this campaign garnered 173 million impressions and 2,300,000 comments.

In order not to drain the budget ...

First, the campaign must have clear goals, and the potential preacher of your ideology must have certain features:

  1. Create relevant, high quality content. It is unlikely that the biggest priest of Brazil with millions of subscribers will help you sell high-capacity batteries for trucks.
  2. There should be contact between authority and the audience - discussions, mutual likes, reposts and battles. If there is no social activity, then this channel is not much different from TV.
  3. "Influenser" must be present in the maximum number of social networks. When you make him cool content (albeit with advertising), he will still share it everywhere, even where not paid.

Go to the word. If you want to get a measurable result and the ability to adjust the campaign, make the content yourself or write a clear TK for a blogger. Designate a framework of creativity, the main taboos and restrictions. No matter how tempting it is (and what, paid the same!), You should not make your life easier at this stage. And also pay attention to those who have unwound in a certain niche - if the audience is relevant to your product, everything will be in chocolate.

Some useful information and statistics from Elena Torshina, who shed light on working with small advertising budgets and touched YouTube, where, in her opinion, the whole audience from the top Liveinternet sites merged. A few conclusions:

  1. On YouTube, you can work in the plug up to 50 thousand rubles. If you don’t have enough advertising from top bloggers, take some not so well-promoted. In sum, they will cost the same money, and the effect will most likely be better.
  2. On YouTube, pay attention to the Kazakhs, Siberians and sometimes Ukrainians. They do not break cost, unlike residents of the nominal and northern capital.
  3. Look for those who have not yet caught the star, but obviously people like it. For example, the channel Goodmood - costs about 15 thousand, and views of each video hundreds of thousands. Elena says that these should be found in time, so that it does not work out, as she and Irina Gorbacheva have. "I personally found out about it only at the end of 2015, and at the beginning of 2016 it cost already 200,000 rubles for a post on Instagram. And this is, excuse me, not for me, although I would love to."

Great promise

Influence marketing is one of the most promising ways to promote a brand that exists on the Web. According to Forbes magazine, he clearly sees several trends that make work in this direction attractive.

According to John Hall - CEO of Influence & Co - the influence of micro-authorities will increase, and there will be no need to look for monsters in the media market (this is what Elena Torshina says in the YouTube example). John also believes that companies should pay more attention to the authorities that are real users of the brand.

As for me, this is an occasion to think about a new direction of work. For example, today everyone has customer service departments. I foresee the mass appearance of departments dealing with authorities and brand advocates. What do you think? Is this kind of marketing promising? Practice, share your opinion.

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