Auction of unprecedented generosity: looking for a complex project!

Conversations that content marketing is not suitable for everyone were heard throughout the past year. In fact, it is. But the border, to whom it suits, to whom it does not, does not lie at all where it seems to a respected community.

I, Denis Saveliev, general director of the agency "VelikaPlaza", propose to conduct an open experiment. We are ready on January 1, 2016 to take a project of a complex subject and conduct it for a year free of charge. At the same time, we will publicly publish all the nuances of promoting the project, the difficulties that we have encountered, as well as statistics - traffic, applications, etc. distribution.

Requirements for a candidate":

  • Really difficult subject for content marketing, but possible for work. Example: excavators are suitable, but taxis are not; there is no market - it is owned by Yandex, Gettaxi and Uber, and not by the internet marketers of the taxis;
  • It must be a real business - you sell goods or services. And not just monetize traffic on advertising.
  • We communicate directly with the owner of the business, or a decision maker;
  • Unlimited access to company experts (he may or may not be the owner), readiness for long interviews;
  • The business age is at least three years (otherwise, you simply may not have expertise in this business);
  • We do not agree with you and we do not affirm with you - we do what we consider necessary. Edits are accepted only by factual errors.
  • The site should not be under the sanctions of the PS (so as not to waste time on the withdrawal from under them).
  • Ideally (the results will be faster) - an old abandoned site with no traffic at all, or with many years of stagnation.
  • All project reports will be public - once a month, on the Texterra blog.
  • Application for participation is a comment to this entry with the address of the site. By commenting, you accept our terms. Spam your domain, while not coinciding with all the conditions, is meaningless. On January 1, 2016, all comments will be deleted.

Update on 02/18/2016

All the comments on this post, we, as promised, deleted. Now each new case in the framework of this project will be published on this page. So, let's go:

Watch the video: ch 9 Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation Without Freedom (October 2019).

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