What to give to your audience? Guide to gifts and merchandise + 10 examples

Recently, we published an article with examples of gifts that can attract new customers. But after all, you can give them to old customers in order to increase loyalty.

If you give a person something with your logo, it will increase the number of contacts with the brand. And if it is something useful, than it will use every day, then the efficiency grows even more.

What can you give

Give something that will be useful or pleasant for your customers. If the customer is satisfied, then the marketing message of the gift will work.

For example, you can give a person a pen. Many still write by hand, so the number of contacts with the brand will be large. However, the pen is trite. Unless, of course, it is not like this:

Such gifts are made to customers of construction companies or shops. The principle is that the person is engaged in home repair, using this pen, and when he needs building materials, he will first think about your company.

The effect is enhanced if your logo is on the gift, although this is not a mandatory item. It is also not necessary to give something of your production. So, in the hardware store, you can give the customer a mouse if he buys a laptop.

The grocery store can give a calendar so that you do not forget about the holidays and come to them. Or you can give something from related products:

  • capsules for washing when buying powder;
  • sweets when buying wine;
  • candles when buying a cake;
  • hair balsam when buying shampoo;
  • shoe care when buying shoes and so on.

Educational institutions can give books, but this does not mean that they cannot be given by a marketing agency - you can donate white paper.

What should be the gifts

The first thing to think about is customer benefit. If it's some kind of trinket, make sure it looks beautiful. Then they will want to put it in a prominent place. So you will not only achieve repeated contact with old customers, but also attract new ones in the person of their relatives or friends.

Then you need to think about quality, price and payback. The quality of the gifts should always be good. Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite of what you intended.

"Since their gift so quickly fell apart, then everything else is of poor quality."

As for the price of a gift, the more expensive your goods or services are, the more expensive a gift should be. For example, if your customers spend 50,000 rubles from you, then donating a notebook or pen will not work - here you need something appropriate for the price. For example, a sports store may donate a gym membership for several months.

If you sell something cheap, then an expensive gift will only cause suspicion. This is the main reason why you can not give a tie from Versace when buying a suit in the shop "Funny prices". There is a second - you will quickly go broke.

In terms of payback, it is better to keep a balance - do not strive to give something very expensive or something very cheap. The first does not always help to achieve a good result. And with the second, you will only drain the budget, because poor quality does not attract anyone.

It is worth thinking about the "high-end" gift. It could be anything your customers want to share on social networks. Here you are free to choose: create a HYIP yourself or try to make money on an existing one.

When to give gifts

For any holidays: New Year, February 23, May 9, and so on.

It can be a holiday for your company: the owner’s birthday, day of foundation and so on. The main thing is that the holiday should be justified, and the gift should correspond to it.

You can use absolutely any reason:

  • new customer has come;
  • new customer came from the old;
  • old customer with you N years;
  • launched a new line of cosmetics, which can be obtained free of charge for testing, if you leave a review;
  • stopped producing something from the old line, so recent buyers will receive additional gifts.
  • you have a good mood and so on.

You can also arrange contests - everything is limited only by fantasy.

Receiving a gift can be turned into a game: to get something, you need to collect a certain number of points that are given for the purchase of goods.

Sometimes it is worth giving something to make amends. You can simply send a new product, if you wrote about the marriage. But you can do as a company Durex:

Who should give gifts

A good example would be fast food chains - they give crowns or balls to children. And as merchandise (products with your logo) they can sell toys or action figures from movie and cartoon characters. And the toys are given and with the purchase of certain dishes.

You can give the most loyal customers something exclusive. For example, an exact copy of the built cottage on a scale of 10: 1.

In general, gifts are pleasant to people of any age, gender, social status, attitudes, and so on.

What you should not give

You can be offended at anything, but it hurts people the most:

  • politics;
  • religion;
  • vegetarian / meat-eating
  • and a couple of dozen topics that provoke people to holivar.

An exception can be made if your activity is directly related to something like that. It will be strange to refrain from donating a badge for the elections, because it is too tied to politics.

Or you can check with the customer what gift will be acceptable to him. The disadvantage of this method is that a vegan customer, after receiving the “Down with killing animals” badge, can see how you gave someone the “For meat and yard shoot at point-blank” badge.

People will pay to advertise you

When the audience becomes loyal enough, you can run your own merch. Most often, this means clothing or accessories: T-shirts, caps, bracelets, hats, and so on.

People buy clothes with your logo, and then go in it, take pictures and post in social networks. Thus, they turn into a walking advertisement, which also brings profit.

The audience must really be very loyal, otherwise no one will buy merchandise.

Most often artists sell merch, but it can also be found in large companies and even in educational institutions.


New customers or old - it does not matter. Gifts will be welcome to all. Loyal customers will be willing to pay for anything related to your company. And most devotees will even try to create your merch. But it does not matter who sells the advertising product - it is important that they advertise you.

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