Copywriter, get away from the entrepreneur

Classic: the author decided to leave the stock exchange for free swimming and starts looking for entrepreneurs. Such a strategy seems logical - just look at the sites of colleagues guaranteeing the conversion, and read a couple of tips from the gurus.

There are two shaky ways for yesterday's stockbroker:

  • Search for orders in social networks. Due to inexperience, they are faced with scammers and dealers, losing time and money. Result: all new and new messages in the black list "Overheard Copywriting". Keep in mind: there are only secure transactions on the stock exchange, they are not in social networks.
  • Send cold commercial offers to everyone. Under the distribution fall online stores, information portals, landing pages. Nobody answers and sends to spam? In fact, we must rejoice. It may be much worse if the entrepreneur agrees to work.

Previously, I myself thought that it was necessary to raise a check due to the absence of intermediaries - a direct connection with business owners. Then he burned himself more than once and regretted contacting him at all.

I beg you: copywriter, leave me alone from the entrepreneur.

Why should you fall behind

The entrepreneur needs a profit, but the copywriter cannot guarantee it in any way. All these guarantees of conversion from N% are complete nonsense.

It used to be able to insert a lot of keywords into the text, go to the top without any problems and get maximum traffic. Ah, there were times. Now it does not work out. The factors in SEO alone are hundreds. Even supertext from the god of copywriting will affect search results only a little bit.


What business needs

What a copywriter can guarantee

Increase orders and closed deals

100% unique text

Increase average check (AOV)

Lack of grammatical and spelling errors

Lower customer acquisition and retention costs (CARC)

The organic occurrence of search queries

Increase Re-Purchase Rate (RPR)

Lists, subheadings, images, tables, links

Reducing the time required to return an investment to a customer (Time to Payback CARC)

Simple and clear language

Increase customer lifetime value (LTV)

Full compliance with T. Z. / editorial policy

Increased return on marketing investment (ROMI)

Volume N thousand characters

Feel the difference? The entrepreneur does not care about the percentage of uniqueness, the number of characters and keys. He needs a result.

To guarantee the conversion can only marketer, which builds a comprehensive Internet marketing. Only he can explain everything to the entrepreneur in the language of the final business results, and not intermediate indicators. Without a doubt, microindicators are important, but only if there is a system, and it works.

Omnichanality is not a fashion trend, but a vital necessity.

What will happen if you do not fall behind

Based on personal experience, I identified three types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Do not understand marketing. They themselves do not know what they need. Satisfied with any texts, pay regularly, do not resent. Of course, this is more than satisfactory for the author, but what about the business benefits?

In fact, the danger lies even here: sooner or later, someone will tell such entrepreneurs the whole truth about integrated marketing.

  1. It is believed that understand. For performers, this is the most dangerous type. Such people want to promote the site with car stereo at the request of "radio", evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising by viewing depth.

If you are trying to work with such characters right now - better run!

  1. Truly versed in internet marketing. Ideal, but in a non-digital business, this is rare.

A copywriter is unlikely to find such entrepreneurs: they will better choose an agency / hire competent internet marketers who can be trusted with a turnkey project.

That's what comes out in the end. Having worked with a copywriter directly, an entrepreneur can learn nothing, fail to understand and remain silent. Or it may one day be disappointed and stop cooperation, but at the same time not say a word. Or it may, when he does not see sales and profits, get angry, make claims and ruin his reputation.

If an entrepreneur with the words "copywriting" and "content" will spit, it is bad for the entire digital industry.

In short, entrepreneurs are not your target audience.

To whom then to stick

Your target audience: Internet marketers, editors, SEOs.

Once again: the business does not care about the beauty of the text and its other characteristics. These people are not: they understand content metrics and know how to connect them with business goals. That is, you will be responsible only for the fact that you can really control + get invaluable experience and high-quality feedback.

An important advantage is that it is much easier to find this Central Asian: you don’t need any cold KP on top-100. And to understand it is much easier, as many representatives regularly write to blogs and social networks. In my selection, for example, 23 editors, and all of them, one way or another, give advice to the authors. Entrepreneurs rarely talk about their desires, needs and "pains".

Here is an approximate character map - look, it will come in handy.

Internet marketers, editors, SEO specialists *

What do they want when passing the text

100% uniqueness, text without "water".

A well-opened topic, an article in the language of the target audience.

The correct structure and design.

Lack of grammatical and spelling errors.

Adherence to redpolitiki, compliance with the technical task.

Suitable illustrations with captions.


Organic entry of keywords.

Proven facts.

Absence of references to competitors.

Competent relink with other pages of the site.

The presence of a call to action.

What they look after the publication

Number of views.


Time on site.

Bounce rate.

Social signals (likes, reposts, comments).

Traffic to the article: search, social.

Targeted actions (transitions to other pages, interaction with forms, etc.).

Number of backlinks to material.

What most infuriates when working with the authors

Violation of terms.

Misunderstanding of the needs of Central Asia.

Reluctance to dive into the topic.

Same mistakes.

Indifference to the quality of the final product.

Insert referral links.

Disappearance (when comments are unanswered, but edits are not made).

Trade on the fee.

* Here I mean a healthy person's SEOs, who do not need to enter 100,500 direct keys like "buy a cheap car price Moscow" + drive the text through 10 services. From these, too, must run!

The exchange author, who has passed to the next evolutionary stage, has a distinguishing feature: he requires prepayment. I immediately advise you to forget about this: serious publications and agencies do not pay for it this way, but pay for a published article or on certain dates of the month.

Yes, and do not need this prepayment, if a company with a good reputation. Also imagine: you mess up with the article, which means that you will have to return the prepayment. It is much better to receive money and not think about their possible return, right?

Summary: work with these comrades and do not be afraid that an entrepreneur will come one day and post the text along with the author. In anger, he is unlikely to remember how you advised him to change the design, kick out the worthless sales managers and work on the quality of the product. In short, if an entrepreneur comes to kill, then not you :-)

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