Advertising in the teaser network: creating, setting up and maintaining a campaign

Want to attract more people to the site than with contextual and targeted advertising combined? If yes, then you should pay attention to teaser networks. Below you will find out if your product is suitable for promotion with this tool. Learn how to customize and conduct advertising campaigns, as well as make ads, bringing applications from the site.

What is teaser networks

Most sites are full of similar advertising:

If you paid attention to it, you are already familiar with the work of teaser networks. They place ads advertisers on webmasters sites selling advertising space on their resources. That is, networks are formally intermediaries between you and site owners.

They make it easier for advertisers to find sites on which they can place ads, increase advertising coverage and automate cooperation with webmasters. And this is how it works in practice: you set up and run a campaign through an advertising office, and the system automatically displays your advertisement to tens of thousands of people on the sites of the subject you need.

What to sell through teaser networks

Settings in them do not allow targeting to a narrow group of consumers. But you will attract more visitors than with the help of other types of Internet advertising: in some networks, the total audience reaches 6 million people per month. Therefore, the more interesting your product is for the mass audience, the higher the return on its advertising. Narrow products, such as office equipment or construction equipment, will be advertised at a loss.

The most common topics in teaser networks:

  • medicine (cosmetics, bad, etc.);
  • equipment;
  • clothes and accessories;
  • Online Games.

People show your ads on entertainment and information sites. They come there either out of boredom, or find out the solution to their problem. At such times, users are not ready for serious expenses and can only make an impulse purchase. Therefore, products more expensive than 10 thousand rubles are not interested in this audience.

In order to successfully sell in teaser networks, your products must be interesting to a wide audience and bought on emotions.

How to choose a teaser network

Choose by two parameters: the method of promotion and the theme of the sites on which your ad will be placed.

By way of promotion

On this basis, networks are divided into two categories: news and product.

In advertisements of news networks show not a product, but a way to solve a problem, in the text, they often leave innuendo to create intrigue.

In such CTR networks, it is also the indicator of the clickability of ads, as a rule, from 1 to 4%. But lower than the conversion in the purchase, since most of the people just goes out of interest. Accordingly, the click is cheaper than in the commodity.

In them it is better to promote products that have a wow effect and are aimed at solving a specific problem, such as nibbling activators or masks that smooth wrinkles.

Examples of news networks:

  • Oblivki,
  • Directadvert,
  • Advertlink.

The second type of networks is commodity. In them the goods are sold in the forehead. In the ad, the visitor immediately understands what is being offered to him, without intrigue and hints.

Clicking on such ads is worse, the normal CTR is considered 0.3-1%. But the visitors who came from them are more motivated to buy, because they are interested in the products, and did not come from interest.

Products that are of independent value will be successfully promoted in commodity networks: appliances, clothing, souvenirs, etc.

Examples of product networks:

  • Recreativ,
  • AdHub,
  • Tovarro.

There are also hybrid networks. They can create ads of both the first and second type, depending on the product and your task.

Examples of hybrid networks:

  • Market Guide
  • Bodyclick,
  • Gnezdo
  • Kadam.

By topic sites

Teaser networks place ads on specific websites, for example: women's theme, entertainment, sports, business, news, music, adult content, politics, men's theme, cars, movies, beauty, earnings, goods, fashion, health.

Examine your audience to understand what resources it lives and what interests you. For example, if you sell clothes, then the Tovarro teaser network will be a suitable partner for you: 75% of its sites are sites related to fashion and clothing. You can find out the subject of any network on

Creating an advertising campaign

Registration and setup

First you need to register. To do this, put a tick in front of the "advertiser", enter your contacts and confirm the mail in the letter.

Now you can create an advertising campaign and start setting up:

  1. Select the subject of the promoted product.
  2. Specify in which regions you are going to display ads.
  3. Select mobile operators, providers, operating systems and platforms that your target audience uses.
  4. Set the gender and age of your potential buyers, if the teaser network settings allow it. This will help the webmaster's office Mail.Ru, which shows the data and statistics on key requests.
  5. The cost per click when launching new ads is above the average, in the region of 4-8 rubles, so that teasers will start to get into the rotation more often and quickly get impressions.
  6. Limit your time to the hours your audience is online. But in the test campaign it is better to show ads all the time, so as not to be mistaken and find out for sure when they order most often.
  7. Set limits on clicks or budget. This will allow you to follow the plan and not to drain the extra investment.

Connect metrics

Track from which ads, sites and regions orders come through Yandex.Metrica. To do this, add a counter in your Yandex.Metrics personal account and generate an html-code to insert into the code of all pages on your site. This allows you to transfer data from the landing page to the metric.

When creating an advertising campaign, select Yandex.Metrica with a conversion sensor and add the created counter.

And so that the necessary parameters of visitors are tracked when you go to your landing page, add utm-tags to the link:

utm_source = marketgid - teaser network through which you run the campaign;

utm_medium = {SITE} - the site from which the visitor came;

utm_campaign = detskaya_odezhda - name of the advertising campaign;

utm_content = {AD} - the ad that the visitor passed.

Quickly collect links with utm-tags can be using a special linker. After filling in the fields, it generates a similar link:


For more information on how to connect the metrics, see the article "How to use the new Yandex.Metrica: a detailed guide for beginners."

Create ads

After setting up an advertising campaign, create ads:

  • Select and upload an image, in most cases, of 300 x 300 px format.
  • Write the text of the title and announcement teaser, suitable for the image. The number of characters in different networks is different: 60-75 characters for the title and 75-150 for the announcement.
  • In the field "link" insert the generated link with utm-tags.

According to statistics, only 5-10% of all created teasers will make a profit. Therefore, for testing, create from 50 to 100 creative options with different images and text.

How to increase ad conversion

Audience analysis

Identify the needs and desires of your customers in order to understand how to hook them with your creatives. To do this, study the forums and groups where they live. Listen to telephone conversations of managers or call center with customers.

Competitor Analysis

Visitors to sites see your ads not in isolation, but in a competitive environment. Therefore, before creating creatives, examine the advertising of such goods or services. This will help you services, such as AdvanceTS or Publer. To find competitors teasers through them, select the network through which you plan to move, and use the word search in the ad text.

To copy someone else's teasers, first sort them by popularity, sort the search results by popularity, and make your teasers by type of ads with the highest CTR.

After analyzing competitive ads, you can build two strategies: copy the most clickable ones or stand out from the crowd. To copy someone else's teasers, sort them by popularity, and then create similar ads. It does not require much time and special skills in marketing. But keep in mind that the main cream has already been collected from them, and they will bring you less profit than their creators. Moreover, a high CTR does not guarantee a high conversion.

Following the second strategy, you need to come up with ads that stand out from the general mass of competitors. You will need more time and a desire to show your creativity for this - therefore this method is more complicated. But it is much more effective if you manage to get to the target audience.


Visitors to the site will not look at the banner for a long time: if they do not immediately see the benefits in it, then they will simply ignore it. Therefore, select the image that will immediately convey the desired message. To do this, lay out the photos only in good quality. Do not focus on fine details. And do not try to show all the products at once on one banner.

The image should be focused on a specific consumer group. Suppose you are selling anti-aging cream, designed for women from 45 years. In this case, do not use photos with young girls. It is much more effective to choose images with women in age. The person should immediately recognize in your ad self or problem.

If your product has a wow effect, use images that cause emotions: shock, fear, laughter, emotion or excitement. To raise the CTR of the teaser, the image should not leave visitors indifferent.

Good work before and after photos. Show how your customers life has changed after using the product. If the audience sees that the product has already helped others, this increases social proof and clearly demonstrates effectiveness.

Demonstrate a problem situation that your product can fix. Those who came across it will recognize the familiar problem and click on the ad.

Show product face. If you sell items that are of separate value, such as clothing, accessories or appliances, then it is effective to demonstrate these items themselves. The main thing to choose a favorable angle.

Another good way to increase conversion is to use anchor elements on images, such as bullets with discounts, circled areas, or arrows. They attract attention and interest.

But what scares users away is the stock images. They look unnatural and do not help your ad stand out. Look more cling "live" photos that are as close to reality as possible.


Put in the header of the brightest product benefits, your unique selling proposition. It should interest and make read the announcement. In the announcement write information that does not fit in the title, but is no less important. The task of the announcement is to motivate a visitor to go on an ad.

And so that the text copes well with its tasks, adopt the following techniques.

Refer to "you." Use the appeal in the singular, if it is not prohibited by the rules of the teaser network. Informal manner will make visitors feel as if you are addressing them personally. It will scare some away, but such a text will bring more transitions.

Encourage action. After you have stated your offer, tell them what to do next. Otherwise, he may read your sentence and leave, even if it is of interest to him. But it is better not to be limited to the banal "click" or "click."

Use numbers. First, they attract attention. Secondly, they promise a concrete result or give exact dates, and specifics are always more interesting than abstractness.

Ask a question. The question at the end of the title makes the audience think for a moment and be distracted from the content on the site. And if you have correctly made a sentence, then visitors will read the announcement, and this is the main task of the teaser. Therefore, the title with the question may work better than without it.

Write about the appointment. In the ad text, answer the question why your product is needed. Write not “order a 1500 W blender”, but “make healthy cocktails and smoothies”; Do not "buy a contact grill", but "roast meat on both sides evenly." Visitors are not always clear how good their product can be.

Focus on the benefits. There is not much space in the ad text to pour water, so go directly to the benefits. They will help to highlight your product from a competitive environment. But only your benefits should be in the customer world, not yours. That is, write about the fact that the visitor is regarded as a benefit. “Damascus steel knives” is in your language, and “non-knitting knives” are in the language of the client.

Mark the target number. Start by naming your target audience. When you try to sell at once to everyone, you risk not interested anyone. And if you designate who will benefit your product, then attract their customers.

Make a gift. Think of what you can give to your main product and mention it in the text. The gift may not be great, but the visitor will choose the one in which the most valuable for him is presented from two competitive announcements.

Impose restrictions. Write about a temporary promotion or mention a limited batch of goods. This will reduce the time to make a decision and attract profit. But do not extend the terms of the action after it ends - buyers may lose confidence in you.

Start with interesting. If you are advertising a blog or magazine, in the ad, mention one of your articles or notes as a seed. You will definitely be interested in the potential audience of your site. But whether they will become your regular readers depends on the quality of your materials. For example, if your resource is dedicated to cooking, write about one of the recipes.

But remember, if a visitor does not see the promised information after going to the site, he will leave. So make your ad text completely relevant to the content. Before you run your ad, make sure that your promise is on the landing page as well, so as not to deceive your expectations and increase the percentage of refusals.

How to adjust the rate

After launching an advertising campaign, the system begins to track which teasers click less frequently and which ones more often. And the more CTR ads have, the more impressions it will have. This happens due to the fact that the teaser network is not profitable to show a banner that has few clicks, since it is from them that it makes a profit. Therefore, you can recruit a large number of impressions either due to a high CTR, or due to a higher bid. Conclusion: the higher the CTR, the lower you can put the price per click.


CTR teaser 0.5% and less

We set the price per click 5-10 rubles


CTR teaser 1% and more

We set the price per click 1-5 rubles rubles

How to conduct tests

To advertise in teaser networks brought to come, you must first conduct a test advertising campaign. When you spend it, you spend the budget on understanding which ads, sites and settings are ineffective and what to change to increase conversion. It does not matter whether you earned on tests or went into the negative. At this stage, the main thing is to get information.


Before drawing conclusions based on the analysis of the test campaign, it is necessary that teasers get enough clicks. It is possible to say exactly whether the teaser brings profit only after you spend on it the size of your net revenue from one application multiplied by two.

It sounds difficult, so an example:

The average check in your online store is 3,000 rubles, with this money you put 1,000 in your pocket. But out of ten people who left a request on your site, on average, only seven are bought. Consequently, with one application you earn 700 rubles. So you need to spend 700 x 2 on testing a teaser. And only after you spent 1,400 rubles on it, can you tell if it’s profitable to continue the shows.

After testing, leave only profitable ads. But be prepared for the fact that after a week they will become familiar to visitors. On your teasers they will click on anyone they were interested in. Their CTR will drop a lot, and it will be unprofitable for you to raise the cost per click in order to maintain the same number of impressions. Therefore, in order to always have a profit, create others in their likeness and test new theories in ads.


To increase margins, in addition to teasers, adjust the campaign settings. To do this, turn off the regions from which poorly ordered. Limit the time of impressions, in which there is no conversion. Это же относится и к остальным настройкам.

Блэк и вайтлисты

Некоторые сайты, на которых показываются ваши тизеры, не будут приносить заявки, но будут скликивать бюджет. Происходит это по разным причинам: неподходящая тематика сайта или накрутка посещений с помощью ботов. Поэтому заносите такие площадки в блэклист. Показов на площадках в блэклисте не будет. And in order to find out from which site the visitor came, we added a special tag to the link (utm_medium = {SITE}), which transmitted the necessary data. Now we go to the metric, collect the list of inefficient sites and add them to the "black list". It is located in the office of the teaser network in the settings of the advertising campaign.

In addition to unprofitable sites, you also need to collect a list of those from which you are guaranteed to make a profit - a whitelist. For this list, create a separate RK and as it is replenished in the campaign add new sites. It is possible to increase the price per click in order to redeem more quality traffic and better locations. But as in the campaign with whitelist audience coverage is already necessary, we will have to update the creatives more often, as they will annoy people more quickly.

Instead of output

You really will attract traffic with proper configuration and advertising campaign. But she can not guarantee sales from the site. If the landing page has a bad design, text, or an incomprehensible interface, then even interested visitors of your product will leave it. Therefore, before launching an advertisement, make sure that the site to which you are going to merge traffic will convert visitors to customers well.

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