YouTube video advertising: where to start?

Video is a huge part of our daily life. Remember when your day passed without watching the video - on TV or on the Internet? We are so accustomed to watching moving objects on the monitor that it has become the norm for us: starting with the huge monitors on the streets of the city and ending with the small ones in the head restraints of the aircraft seats. Wherever you look - everywhere rectangular screens broadcasting video.

Well, okay, everything is clear with television advertising, but what about the Internet, which has long become more popular among young people (the most solvent stratum of the population)? Indeed, in our age of zomboyaschikov people watch not only video with cats - and many understand it. The smartest marketers have long learned to use video to increase sales and brand awareness. Learn and you!

YouTube is the most popular video service in the world. Since it is owned by Google, video advertising in YouTube, as well as on other services of this company, is placed using the AdWords tool - very easy to use.

Here's how you can get started with YouTube.

Decide on the purpose of the advertising campaign

Do not rush to place your ads anywhere, simply because your partners or competitors do the same. Think about why you want to promote your product using video? Maybe it is so complicated that it is easier and more accessible to explain in a video than on paper? Or are you launching a new line of your services and want more people to know about it? Or maybe you plan to stimulate sales through video?

In any of the options offered, video is a great way to place your ad. But, as in any other advertising campaign, it should be done carefully and carefully - then your chances of success will increase, and the effect will exceed all expectations.

Learn the basics

Advertising on YouTube is placed on a paid basis, but you pay for each viewing of your video, and not for each click that takes the viewer to your site. Despite the fact that the placement of video ads on YouTube usually leads to an influx of traffic, you will have to pay each time users watch your ad for a minimum period of time (usually 25% of the duration of the entire video).

This is why YouTube is usually used. to raise brand awareness, and not to directly attract customers. YouTube, of course, will have a positive effect on increasing sales and leads, but do not forget - you will pay for advertising, regardless of whether the user gets on your site. This does not mean that YouTube does not stimulate conversion, but the effectiveness of such advertising may differ significantly from traditional campaigns, where you pay for each click.


Video advertising on YouTube has a great advantage: you can choose your target audience. YouTube is targeted in the same way as on the Google Display Network: you can choose your audience by interests, hobbies, keywords, demographic characteristics (age, gender, marital status) or their combinations. Since autumn 2013, Google has integrated its social network Google+ into YouTube, so now the service knows almost everything about the person who is watching the video on the site.

Remember, the YouTube audience is huge - this is the whole world, without exception. You do not have enough money to cover everyone with your advertising, and there will be no sense in this - adolescents about Forex will not be interested in adolescents, and housewives will not be interested in a new Porsche. You will have to narrow the circle of your target audience - think about who can become your potential client, and choose the appropriate options. Keep in mind that filtering your audience by keywords can significantly limit the range of people your ads will be offered to.

Where videos will be shown

YouTube ads are shown, of course, on YouTube itself, as well as on partner sites that are part of the Google Display Network. YouTube clips can be created and placed in four formats: in-stream (the commercial before the main video), in-display (banners inside the video), in-search (the movie in the YouTube search results) and in-slate (the movie pops up on screen after watching the video).

1. An in-stream ad appears as a commercial before the main video.

2. An in-display ad is displayed on YouTube alongside similar clips as a text title and a link to your video.

3. An in-search ad appears in YouTube search results, among videos that are similar in content to yours.

4. An in-slate ad appears in front of a long video (more than 10 minutes) and is a list of three commercials from different advertisers. The user is given a choice: either to watch one of them, or to watch your video with several breaks for advertising.

Choose your advertising goal

In a traditional pay-per-click advertising campaign, the ad is combined into groups, each of which is assigned its own keywords. When users use certain requests, they are offered an ad group that may interest them. For example, if you are looking for a job and typing in a search engine for “logistician vacancies in Moscow”, then one of the ad groups of the recruitment agency, the one in which logistic vacancies are offered, works. If you indicated other areas of activity in your requests, you would be offered other ad groups from the same agency.

YouTube’s advertising campaign strategy is a little different from the traditional one - it has ads, videos and goals.

  • Goals are defined in much the same way as in a traditional targeted campaign - by interests, hobbies, keywords, demographic characteristics (age, gender, marital status) or their combinations.
  • Video is your commercial. One video can be used in different advertising campaigns.
  • Announcements include the video itself and its copy with additions - a title, description, and a link to the video. In an advertising campaign, you will combine all these elements to determine exactly what your potential customers will see.

You can customize your campaign so that your ad is shown to all target groups or only some of them. Experiment with different targeting options to see which one suits you best.

For details on how to create your first video campaign, see the following video:

Think of the landing page

In your ads on YouTube, you can redirect users to your YouTube channel page or the landing page of your website. Deciding what you do should be based on your goals: if you just want to increase the audience’s awareness of the new product and expand the list of subscribers, it’s best to redirect visitors to your YouTube channel. If you are chasing the lead, then send users to your site where they can perform certain actions.

The advantage of advertising on YouTube is that you don’t have to pay for viewing your videos if users turn them off after 5 seconds or even later - however, these 5 seconds still work on your brand recognition.

Link your YouTube and AdWords accounts

If you link your YouTube and Google AdWords accounts, you can see the enhanced statistics for your ad campaign. One simple action can be very helpful in understanding the effectiveness of your strategy. How to do this is described in detail here.

Create a pop-up banner for your video.

After you have added a video to your AdWords campaign, you can add a banner to it - a block of text that appears at the top of the video each time it is viewed. Paying for clicks in these banners is not necessary.

Video Banners are created on YouTube, not on AdWords. Log in to YouTube under your account and go to your channel, where the control panel will be the tab "Video Manager". On the "Uploads" tab you will find all the videos you have uploaded to the site. Select the video for which you want to create a banner and click "Edit". There click "Call-to-Action Overlay", and make the necessary changes to a copy of your ad.

Initially, posting video ads on YouTube may seem like a very difficult task, but after a little practice you will realize that this is a very good way to promote your business, increase brand awareness and create leads.

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