Top 20 most important events in the field of video marketing in 2012

YouTube remains the most popular video hosting in the world. Not surprisingly, the most important video marketing events in 2012 were associated with this service. Consider the top 20 major events in the field of video marketing in 2012 in reverse chronological order.


12/07/2012: YouTube introduced a new design

The redesign of the YouTube site will help users quickly find the right channels and subscribe to them. According to the management of the service, the new design will allow users to increase advertising revenue by 10 times or more.

11/22/2012: Advertising costs for online video services increased by 27% in 2012

The company found in the course of the study that advertisers in 2012 increased by 27% the budgets for commercial ads broadcast via online video services. According to, the growth of this market segment will be at least 20% in the current year.

11/05/2012: YouTube helped to know in advance the winner of the presidential campaign in the US

Unruly 2012 Election Tracker helped determine the winner of the presidential race in the United States before election day. This service rated the popularity of video ads for presidential candidates on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

10/22/2012: YouTube has changed the algorithm for ranking video

Guide YouTube has reported a change in the algorithm for ranking videos in search. Total viewing time has become one of the key indicators of high quality material. This will allow the most popular video hosting in the world to show visitors first of all videos that are of interest to people and make them watch the material to the end. Internet marketers, did you make a conclusion?

11.10.2012: Google introduced new software for the Google TV platform

Google TV users have access to the app store. They also got the opportunity to download content and watch various online channels on the screen of their home TV.

10/3/2012: AOL announced the broadcast of its video content on YouTube

According to online analysts from comScore, Google and AOL are the largest owners of video content in the world. In early October last year, AOL announced plans to broadcast its video content through 22 channels on YouTube. This will allow her to monetize her videos.

09/18/2012: The 20th Century Film Studio began broadcasting films and TV shows through YouTube and Google Play channels

The owner of the 20th Century Fox, Rupert Murdoch, once accused Google of distributing pirated content. In September 2012, the film studio began broadcasting films and television shows on Google Play and YouTube.

09/06/2012: Google has closed the direction of television advertising

Google has been developing television advertising for four years. In early September last year, the organization announced the termination of work in this area. In the future, Google will focus on creating video ads for YouTube, as well as on contextual advertising for video.

07/20/2012: Unruly Media launched an interactive monitoring of brands sponsoring the 2012 Summer Olympics

Unruly Media presented on the eve of the start of the Summer Olympic Games a service for monitoring the social popularity of Olympiad sponsor brands. The service assessed the level of positive background noise generated by social media advertising videos of 25 companies.

07.06.2012: comScore presented the results of a video marketing research

ComScore’s study focused on the effectiveness of online video advertising. His results confirmed the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by broadcasting commercial ads on YouTube and other video hosting sites. As can be seen in the diagram below, more than 80% of the US population between the ages of 25 and 44 watch online video.

05/30/2012: A French court has confirmed that Google is not responsible for the content of YouTube videos.

A French court ruled that Google is not responsible for the content of the video that users upload to YouTube. Also, Google should not check the materials of users before their open publication. The judges considered it sufficient to simply warn users about the inadmissibility of downloading and publishing videos without the consent of the copyright holders.

05/07/2012: Google introduced the service "Hangouts"

At the beginning of May last year, Google launched the Hangouts service, which allows Google+ users to chat with several people at the same time in a video chat. At the same time, the service automatically records the video of communication and uploads it to the YouTube channel of the event organizer.

04/23/2012: Google launched contextual advertising for videos with advanced targeting capabilities on YouTube

Google has announced in late April of the completion of the beta testing contextual advertising service for video. According to the company's experts, contextual advertising on YouTube will become a powerful and customizable marketing tool.

04/23/2012: Google presented a guide for creating contextual advertising for video and gave users $ 75 per advertisement

Simultaneously with the launch of the contextual advertising service for video, Google released a guide for advertisers to work with this tool. In addition, the company spent $ 50 million on promotional coupons, allowing users to test the new service.

04/19/2012: YouTube began broadcasting 1,000 films by MGM and Paramount Pictures

In mid-April, YouTube uploaded 500 MGM films and 600 Paramount Pictures films. Since then, six large film studios and more than ten independent film companies have been broadcasting their films through YouTube channels.

04/16/2012: The YouTube Affiliate Program Has Become More Profitable

Google has announced an update to the terms of the YouTube partner program. The creators of the video have the opportunity to participate in the "affiliate", if they monetize at least one video.

04/07/2012: The American court deprived YouTube of protection against the DMCA

The US Court of Appeals overturned a previously adopted decision to protect YouTube from the Digital Copyright Act Act (DMCA). This decision means the resumption of litigation Viacom against Google.

02/28/2012: YouTube has updated the guide for content creators

YouTube has released a second version of the guide for content creators. The authors of the guide focused on creating popular content and attracting subscribers to the channels. However, management doesn’t pay much attention to monetizing videos using contextual advertising.

02/06/2012: Google presented the best video ads broadcast during the breaks in NFL matches

Google has identified the most popular advertising among users of YouTube car ads, which was broadcast during the breaks of NFL football matches. Seven most popular videos were included in the content creators guide.

01/24/2012: YouTube users watched 4 billion videos in one day

Google has begun last year with the publication of interesting statistics about the service YouTube. So, within one minute, users around the world uploaded 60 hours of video to the hosting in January 2012. They watched 4 billion videos during the day 12 months ago.


The role of video content in promoting business on the Internet will grow significantly in the coming years, as we recently wrote. Pay attention to the promotion using video. Perhaps your company's success will be in the top 20 most important events of video marketing in 2013.

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