Case: how we promoted a construction sealant store

Working with "" is a good example of how the right actions on our part led to high results and a long-term friendship with the project.

Customer: online store of paints, adhesives, sealants for wooden housing and interpanel joints, etc.


Services: website creation, integrated promotion, logo redesign.

Task: increase search traffic.

The target audience: owners of private houses, foremen, construction crews.

Duration of cooperation: from 2013 to the present.

Search traffic:

Start of promotion

Initially, the client did not believe in content marketing and came to us for the service of transferring the website to the Bitrix platform.

After a successful interaction, he gave us half a year to promote the site so that we would show an increase in traffic.

Our actions

At the beginning of cooperation, the site had a different design. We redesigned and first changed the company logo.

After that, the failure rate dropped significantly.

Then they began to expand the catalog by adding new sections.

I would especially like to highlight the section of the catalog "Oils". One of the oils has several color options, so the functionality of the entire section had to be done manually, separately from the others, since the Bitrix license did not provide for the possibility of categorization.

Adaptive version of the site

Added an adaptive version of the site.

After they added geolocation and a list of regional points of sale, the regions began to rank better.

We now turn directly to the content.

Began to create articles on info-requests and make proper linking inside articles.

For example, the query "sealants for wood" was previously considered a commercial one and a catalog section was shown in the issue. When we noticed some subsidence on this request, it turned out that Yandex had changed the commercial issue to informational. I had to change the information landing page and change the relevance with the help of internal links.

At the beginning of our cooperation, the client offered only sealants for purchase, with the expansion of the range we immediately worked out new semantics: we wrote sections, published articles, descriptions in the product cards.

Initially, 6 articles were published to the blog and 1 article on the external site per month. But later it was revealed that there is not so much useful information about sealants on the Internet, so we decided to take more focused topics, such as "Finishing mezhventsovyh seams in a log house", "Comparison of oils from different manufacturers", etc., to help find solutions problems to as many readers as possible, and began to publish 4 articles per month.

This led to a good indicator of the transition to the site.

An indicator of the high quality of the articles is also the fact that the publication of the magazine "Do it yourself" was published material with reference to the article of the project "".


As you already understood, the project had no serious problems during the promotion. We followed the process at all stages of work and promptly eliminated all shortcomings, which ultimately led to high rates.

All our actions have led to the fact that the dynamics of traffic growth has increased several times, the client has believed in content marketing and at the moment our cooperation has 5 years, during which there have never been any serious problems under the project.

We advise you to analyze the work on the promotion of sites at all stages in order to have time to react to changes.

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