How, where and why to sell to gamers.

Why do marketers need to pay attention to gamers

Because a lot of them. And among gamers there are people of both sexes and different ages. This alone is enough to pay close attention to them.

To find out how many gamers in Russia, I turned to the press office of MediaMarkt. According to their statistics, 74.7 million users are interested in gaming in our country, whereas in the MMOG 27 million play, of which 9 regularly participate in e-sports competitions.

Usually with the word "gamer" people represent a schoolboy or an unemployed young man. How far is this vision true?

On Facebook, you can find many discussions of games in which adults participate:

It becomes clear: they play including adult uncles and aunts who are tired after work and want to rest. So the popular accusations of gamers of unemployment and young age should remain in the past.

Mail.Ru Group research on the 2016 Russian gamer profile

If this seems convincing to you, move on to the next item.

Where to advertise for gamers

Stream advertising

After the craze for streams, advertising in the gaming industry has reached a new level - new opportunities and platforms for marketing have appeared. The most popular site with streaming video has 10 million Russian-speaking viewers: the Russian audience ranks second in traffic after the United States - 6.96% of users. Among them, according to the site 90% of men, whose age is mainly from 18 to 35 years.

Many brands have long concluded advertising contracts with well-known streamers, segmenting and selecting the audience according to the game genre (for example, older people play World of Tanks - in 2016 out of 110 million players there were almost 97% of men around 30 years old) or by the popularity of the streamers themselves .

So, judging by the commentary from the MediaMarkt press office, streamers can increase interest in games:

“Unexpectedly for us, CS: GO turned out to be popular among female fans. One of them is now working with us (with the club) on a semi-professional team. In general, we can say that, by our estimation, this game has become much more popular among our target audience. cause of sympathy for streamers. "

There are many advertising options:

  • Streamer may mention the brand during the broadcast itself or its name;
  • hold a contest or prize draw;
  • leave a banner in the channel description;
  • use in the course of the broadcast advertised goods - for example, sit in the advertised headphones.

Interestingly, streamers often refuse to post boring and standard advertisements and choose only one that will appeal to the audience, which is also in the hands of marketers.

Kirill "Anak" Nikolayenko, a streamer, a member of the former ANOX staff on Overwatch, told me about advertising in streams.

“The skepticism of some marketers can be understood: not all advertisers have a difference between schoolchildren and students in terms of solvency. But the fact is that this is not their target audience. The concept of solvency is very extensible and subjective for every viewer.

I think that the majority of my audience are schoolchildren and students, but according to some of my statisticians I can say that by age they are mostly students and workers.

Most often they offer to advertise the hosts of the channels, the VKontakte pubs, shops, roulettes. I do not mind advertising, but I have difficult conditions: the content should please me and fit the rules of the channel (mate, politics, insults, racism, etc. are prohibited). And if we are talking about hosts, for example, or advertising other streamers, then everything is extremely difficult with this because of the quality of the content - it does not always suit me. "

Popular Games

One of the most famous MOBA games is League of Legends. The game received such recognition that in the United States in 2013, professional players in LoL began to issue visas to "athletes", as well as players from NBA, NFL, NHL.

Dota 2 is another game for several players in the MOBA genre, which is now losing popularity: the number of active users has dropped to the 2014 level. Gamers largely blame the developers, who, in their opinion, do not pay attention to the team rating, selection of players and too soft moderators: it is very difficult to get a lock in the game. However, among the CIS countries, the game still leads in popularity.

Some associate the fall of interest in Dota 2 with the release of the new multiplayer PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (abbreviated PUBG) - the simulator of the survival in the royal battle genre, that is, the battle between many players on one card at a time.

Despite the fact that the game was released under the early access program (a kind of beta version: manufacturers spend money from preliminary sales to finalize the final version), at the beginning of November more than 18 million copies of the game were sold on Steam. Interest in the game is constantly growing - PUBG has overtaken Counter-Strike: Global Offensive several times in the number of simultaneous online games.

The game-designer Minecraft quickly gained popularity, but lost the main adult audience: now, judging by the average age of subscribers from popular streamers (for example, Ivan Raiskogo and Daniil Kibakov), children from 6 to 14 years old are mostly fond of the game, which seriously worries parents and child psychologists.

Among the players are also popular two multiplayer shooter Quake Champions and Overwatch. Although some gamers believe that due to excessive command and "childish" gameplay Overwatch will give way to the new Quake Champions. But all this is only an assumption: because of the periodic freezes and unfinished matchmaking (the process of creating sessions), few new players come to Quake Champions.

How to attract the attention of gamers

About this I asked marketers and business representatives.

Ilya Tumenko, Founder of ARPU.GURU and War & World arranged for a wide audience of the action, for example, together with BurgerKing, they did the "Tank-Burger" event.

But there is a "but": there are few games that are aimed at a non-gaming audience. World of Tanks is not a game for gamers, but for people who play nothing more than WoT.

And if you have a small burger, you are unlikely to be interested in such a large company like

The second point - companies like relate to the budget like this: we have a big budget, let's throw it in different directions and see what happens. And no single action indicates that it was beneficial to at least one of the participants in such a partnership - seeing no internal reports, we will not confirm this.

Boris Gurtovoy, creator of the portal about RPG and Geek culture "Good Dice"

Advertise on stream and gaming bloggers makes sense for the business associated with the games. It can be a variety of directions - lutboks for Counter-Strike, brands of accessories and equipment for gamers, online stores with game attributes and souvenirs on the subject. Less thematic projects, such as online stores, banks or major brands such as telecom operators, this will not be very useful, the audience is likely to ignore their advertising.

Anyone can be a potential buyer. Computer games are occupied by people of any age. Interesting information: 64% of World of Tanks players are over 26 years old. There may be potential car buyers in the Heartstone group, but they are potential buyers not because they play a particular game, but because they have the desire and need to buy a car. And it is for people with such a desire and need to customize advertising. And the definition of such people - the task of the marketer.

Stream advertising should be lively. The key advantage of bloggers and streamers is their authority over the audience. This means that simply turning on a TV spot on the stream will not do anything (just an outflow of viewers), and if the tape drive personally recommends a site or brand, you can expect transitions to the site, registrations and purchases.

Nobody likes advertising itself. Very few people think soberly and realize that advertising revenues help the streamer to do what they love, not to get a regular job and continue to delight their viewers. But advertising works, so the situation is usually this: a lot of negative from explicit advertising, but also a lot of lively attention to the advertised product.

Kirill Rodin, Roketbank marketing specialist

Peripheral businesses need to advertise to the gaming audience: for example, computer makers Origin PC have entered into an agreement to host sponsored content with the popular YouTube-blogger PewDiePie. And for the year of such advertising, their number of subscribers has increased significantly, as well as sales, I think. Although PewDiePie just plays on their computers.

But when banks or airlines fit into such a story, which, for example, offer to fly teams to cyber competitions, it seems far-fetched.

In general, I distinguish between audiences just gamers and cybersportsmen. They need completely different approaches. Ordinary gamers are both my six-year-old nephew, and I am 25 years old, and my older brother is 35 years old. Such an audience is very wide compared to those who play games professionally.

We have "Game Mode" - a free option that connects to the main card and gives from 7 to 10% cashback from all gaming services. Game mode is enabled by us during sales or releases of AAA-games. At this moment we receive bursts of card orders, and turnovers on game merchants grow tenfold.

The average age of our client is 27 years. The average age of the Rocket employee is about the same. This allows us to feel so strongly those areas where we are trying to go with the product. We do essentially for yourself. And personally, I wanted to buy cashback games, so we launched the game mode. But there is no sense in holding it apart from the map: this is one of the ways to reach the audience.

Tinkoff Bank also made an All Games card for itself, it earns in-game bonuses on Xbox Games and PlayStation Store and, And we have to compete at different sites, and sometimes even at one.

The rest of the banks often do it inconspicuously and open co-branded cards for a very narrow audience, and in fact almost no one uses them. Going to a gaming audience with such cards is an archaic way; advanced gamers will definitely not accept it.

When I launched “Game Mode” in “Rocketbank”, I did not go to the media, and for the first six months I bought ads in thematic public forums and fan forums devoted to games, and only then I started advertising in game editions. We went through almost everything: starting from the classic Game-game and ending with Kanoba.

But in general, in my experience, it is better for a gaming audience to run ads in public on social networks - it turns out much cheaper, and the response is the same, if not more.

It is better to go with advertising to those businesses whose proposals will be close to gamers. It can even be mortgage developers, if with the slogan "Shoot for a mortgage" go to the audience of "Tanks" - these are mostly people for 30 years. The main thing is to know and understand your potential buyers.

In search of your audience do not forget about trends

For now, marketers are looking for a business publication, where you can tell about your company's product, it is likely that a third or half of your customers are not reading this business edition, but playing Tanks or discussing them in public.

Streamers, communities in social networks, specialized gaming media are not the final platforms, but tools in the hands of a marketer. Do not come anywhere, advertise and wait for customers with folded arms. Each site is a unique tool with different capabilities that are important to explore.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous to learn to distinguish existing popular offline and online games, adapt content for them, target advertising to gaming communities, advertise on streaming. If your product fits their audience, it’s worth a try. Because often gamers are not schoolchildren, but their parents.

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