147 options for reaching the audience

The material was prepared by Ivan Shkirya, the founder Callibri.

"Good evening, good evening, my dear. My tender, my evil and sullen, upset and delighted. Hello, my different, hello, my identical," - so beautiful babe Nonna welcomed "Like a radio". To list in an ensemble of everyone to whom you are applying, the reception is interesting, but it is unlikely to suit most of those who regularly contact with the audience.

For those who every time falls into a stupor at the thought of how to contact blog / public subscribers, like - to partners, how - to conference participants, Callibri created this instruction.

Official addresses

This category includes the familiar boring and commonplace references. They will be useful for official letters, statements, appeals, reports, in general, any communications that imply a given format.

Generalized impersonal

You can not wrestle, but just write "good afternoon (morning, evening)", "hello", "have a pleasant evening (day, morning, night)". It will be appropriate everywhere and always.

Generalized personal

Ladies and gentlemen, Madame and Monsieur, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, citizens, comrades, dear. By the way, the “respected” can serve both as an independent reference and as a universal adjective to almost any appeal of any category, for example, a respected audience. In some cases, you can add to the appeal the word "dear", remember Boris Nikolayevich with his unchanged: "Dear Russians."

By professional or social basis

Colleagues, employees, colleagues, students (you can specify a course), teachers, schoolchildren, parents, military, fellow soldiers, classmates, customers, subscribers, clients, guests, athletes, journalists, PR people, business people, plumbers, doctors, riot police, environmentalists. You can continue indefinitely. If your target audience has a common feature, invent a message based on it.

Geographical, national and religious

Russians, residents (here you can specify a country, region, region, district, city, village or street), compatriots, emigrants, Muscovites (Ekaterinburg residents, St. Petersburg people, Krivoryozhans are residents of a particular city), Uralmash residents (car plants, Kanavinians - residents of a particular district). Here we will also refer to representatives of specific nations (Siberian Tatars, Crimean Germans, small peoples of the North, Russians, Ukrainians, Buryats) and adherents of various religions (Orthodox, Muslims, Orthodox, Buddhists, Jews).


Another specific category, but since we took to classify, we will not bypass. Communists, United Russia, Putinists, Ldprovtsy, fair Russia, anarchists, monarchists, nationalists, young Leninists, democrats, liberals, party members.

Informal appeals

Even official representatives of serious companies prefer to communicate with their subscribers less formally than the official business style prescribes.


Pretty neutral category. On the one hand, they left the official organ, on the other hand, nothing shocking or shocking.

Friends, my dear people, people, friends, friends, everything, guys.

Generalized treatment

Hello everyone, fireworks, a good time of day (by the way, to write like that - moveton), hello, dear millions (thousands, hundreds - the indicator depends on the size of the audience), good Saturday morning (yes any day of the week) to those who ...


In recent years, many borrowed words have appeared in Russian. Do not stand aside and appeal to a large number of people. And you can use both the original spelling and transliteration.

Hi, People, Hi People, Bro, Sister, Darling, Guise, Kinder, Hayushka, Halloween.


My fish, cats, kittens, cats, chicks, chicks, bunnies, bunnies, bees (regular readers).

At Callibri, we often use this technique when we appeal to employees, in Telegram-chat, employees often hear from me: "My birds, ...", and the marketing director tells the managers: "Humming, attention! ..."


It was their beauty used Nonna and quite successfully. The cleverest, beloved, good, precious, cute, radiant, my most magical, wonderful, beautiful, amazing people, beautiful, precious, my inquisitive, instastive. Use your fantasy and vocabulary to continue.


Great for going to the communities of the tenth and glamor. One of the distinguishing features - the love of diminutive suffixes. Crumbs, paints, friends, goddesses, suns, asterisks, moms-beauties, beads, mams, friends.


Guys, brothers and sisters, boys and girls, girls, girls, girls, boys, sudari and madam, boys. Gender appeal does not mean at all that the message is addressed exclusively to representatives of the same sex. For example, "Merciless PR" refers to his readers exclusively "girls".

Only for their

It resembles the official category "According to professional or social grounds", only here they collected complaints to the representatives of the communities that were formed on the basis of some common interests. Mommies, Frenchmen, owners of the iPhone, web site users (these are subscribers of the WEBSARAFAN public), citizens of E1 (active users of the e1 site), forum users, car clubs, instrudrugi, instassemya, sweets, fishermen, needlewomen.

All sorts of different

Categories can be thought up indefinitely, but the principle, we hope, is clear. Here are just a few more examples of references. In one of the telegram channels dedicated to marketing, the author calls his audience “youths”, “my young friends”, “young money-makers”. Someone slightly distorts the usual words, and get tovarischi and subscribers (from the word subscription). For someone, my dear champions or future winners will be perfect. You can do without treatment at all: "Hello. I am Ivan Ivanov, the ruler of the universe. And today I will teach you something useful."

Three rules of addressing the audience

There is no ready-made recipe for finding the perfect appeal for your audience. But there are several general rules:

  1. Decide how you will communicate with the audience - officially or informally. Repeat on your own status: in the mailing list from a large concern, signed by the CEO, the appeal "hi, people" will hardly be appropriate. But in the invitation to a corporate party the same director may well write "friends."
  2. In your own blog, you are a king and god, so the choice of appeal depends on what kind of audience you want to attract and what atmosphere to create. If the posts will be mate and jokes on the verge, then the appeal "dear and dear subscribers" will not do.
  3. The simplest thing is to apply to Central Asia. Let it be trite, but it surely will not offend anyone.

This article mentions 147 case references. If you forgot about something, write in the comments.

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