Online fraud guide

This is not a case, not a review, not an informational article - it is a symbiosis of everything, based on what everyone had to meet with - a hoax on the Internet.

As we just do not cheat: in full face, and in profile, that is, in real life and in virtual. The following examples (except for one) are described succinctly, and they have many variations, it is simply impossible to warn against everything and tell about each, because new schemes appear every day. One general advice can be given:

If someone offers you money or a prize, do not be lazy to look for similar cases on the Internet and talk about it with relatives and friends. Because in 99 cases out of 100 this will be a hoax.

Let's start with the simple.

1. Magic wallets

You are offered to use a hole in the system and deceive the electronic giants. The bottom line is that when you send a certain amount you will return twice as much. Most often, the boundaries are specified, for example, from 100 to 1 000 rubles, or from 10 to 100, which increases the credibility. Often, even returns with minimal contributions to lure, and then - silence. Of course, it would be possible to send a minimum amount for each wallet, receive 100% of the profits and stop there, but it is not known which ones will be returned.

2. Magic exchangers

They offer to play on the difference of courses, that is, you give at the maximum price, and redeem them for a minimum. There is no such thing, you can make a profit on the difference in exchange rates only by buying a currency in 2012 and selling it in 2015 - otherwise it cannot be done. Here you simply send your money to nowhere, or, as in the case of wallets, you will receive a return transfer only for the first, minimum fee.

3. Fundraising

There is generally difficult to prove fraud, people ask for money, and you give them to them voluntarily. No doubt, someone really needs them, but the statistics for 2016 showed that 93% of private applicants simply lie about difficult circumstances, life threatening and fatal diseases of a child. And without any constraint use the names of existing charitable foundations, but only the names, and the details prescribe their own. If you really want to help someone, make a donation to the official organization, or even better - collect money or things and personally donate them to an orphanage, animal shelter or nursing home.

For example, since January 2017, I have been living without hot water since I quit my job in December. The arrears of rent were formed, and it was precisely the failure to make this payment that proved decisive. But no one will give me money (I checked it too), because there is no story about sick children, a terrible disaster and homelessness, and only one thing. Although I, with my rich imagination and the basics of Photoshop, could have made the announcement better than Hachiko, I'm sorry for using this bright image in a very vile example.

4. Reports of winnings

Million, car, island, seriously? And you need to pay only income tax? This also does not happen, but only here there are several different schemes: from a one-time fee to regular deductions. Nothing but the dream of the declared objects, you will not be given.

I’m not saying that you can’t win - you can, only in this case tax is deducted from the gain and in some situations you may be offered to pay extra to take the car and not get the money equivalent, but all this happens only after the official presentation ceremony and transfer to you vehicle rights.

5. Job offer

The cynical of these scammers is only those who raise money to cure a child. If at any stage of employment you are offered to make some amount, then take your feet in your hands and rush out of it headlong, glad that you have escaped with only the time spent.

There was an attempt to cover all the schemes, but this turned out to be unreal. So remember one fact that is 100% fraud.

You do not have to pay money for a job. All the options that you have to pay for the paperwork, to confirm your card for the transfer of salary, for the course required to complete (so free, developed by our gurus, but have to pay for the shipment) are 100% fraudulent. It can be veiled as you like, and sound very convincing and logical, but be sure that this will be a hoax.

Here are some examples of "works" that can be found on the Internet:

  • Assembling pens. Just like mosaics, tiles and everything else - this is a scam.
  • Reprint of handwritten texts. Otherwise, the typesetter at home, there is not even much to go deep.
  • Transcription, i.e. audio reprint to text. You can earn money on this, but only after you are given an audio or video for transcription to work on a specialized website. They will block the money of the customer, and it will be a guarantee. A specialized website is an exchange or portal on which freelancers work, and not where they simply say that they have “reserved”, “blocked”.

6. Super programs for automatic earnings

Buy a program once for 2,000 rubles and it will bring you 10,000 daily. Not. There is no such a thing, no matter how tempting the text, beautiful pictures and joyful reviews all this accompanied. If someone ever creates such a program, it will be in the first place on the Forbes list, and you will not learn anything about it. Do the math yourself, even 3,000 rubles a day will bring 90,000 rubles a month, and 1 million 80 thousand a year. And this, besides work and basic income, just goes "by itself."

Sold out of these programs, judging by the positive reviews, even from your city, are several hundred (dozens of people feel sorry for advertising money), so where are all these millionaires? Or are they still “paying off debts”, “buying cars”, “building houses”? Is it real? Now imagine, each of them has at least a couple of dozen people to whom they wish happiness ... and? That's it.

7. Password cracker "WebMoney"

Still believe? Then they go to you too. Hacking someone else's WebMoney wallet is the same as entering someone else’s apartment and finding the password for the safe, only traces are more difficult. And now think who will do it for 1, 2, 5, 10 thousand rubles?

The guys from "WebMoney" work well, several examples of such fraud were found, but the screenshots were not immediately taken. Now all those resources are blocked, and I couldn’t find new ones in 15 minutes, and I can search very well. So this is an example, the only one will be just with a picture.

8. Work 2 + 2 (view advertising)

Solve 10 simple examples or watch 5 videos per day and get $ 100 for it. Just to read this phrase is ridiculous, and the organizers of any scam know how to present this simple sentence in such a way that it is almost believed. The amount on the account in your account will increase to a certain point, and you can earn on you here in two ways:

  • Pay for access / pass verification / confirm the identity, then you can (aha) withdraw money.
  • Add the minimum amount required for withdrawal.

9. Information distribution

The most honest, if you look in detail, because they give you what they promised. A brilliant program of earnings is proposed, and it is specified that it will be necessary to work a lot, and due to this you will earn money to buy the whole world, all accompanied by numerous photos and video materials from luxury apartments and fabulous islands. You just need to buy instructions in which all the steps are told in steps.

And now we come back to honesty. You really will be sent instructions. Instructions on how to sell these instructions. In general, if a salesman is a man to the core, on such simple and inexperienced users he really will work, but is this really fair? Superguru and archangels of sales, but do not you go ... better in the official business? Serious masters of sales of any large company are needed and can really make money there for a car, a house, a vacation, and everything.

10. Win-win casinos

On third-party resources, there is a win-win game scheme, for example, to bet only on red or black, and in case of loss double the bet on the same color. Everything is justified from the point of view of logic and mathematical statistics, only the money supply for such a scheme should be unlimited, and if so, you are offered several casino options in which it works. And the security of the coolest online casinos for some reason allows such games.

Register, play, and everything works out, but only at a certain point the money is still running out, or, if the stock is really unlimited, simply run into the maximum bet. And that's all. And the person who shared the super secret to the casino sent you through an affiliate link and had a percentage of each ruble you lost.

11. Mafia

You are invited to participate in the present money laundering. There is a certain hole in the casino, thanks to which money can be withdrawn freely, only it is difficult to "launder" or cash them, and then a syndicate (or perhaps to be presented on behalf of one person) comes to you and offers to earn money. That is, this unrecorded money, for example, 600,000 (the maximum possible amount under Russian law, often less than 2 times) is transferred to your card, and you need half (here they are nyashenka, believe you word) transfer to the card number, which they will give.

Only it is necessary to register a card in the system, and it costs only a thousand, two or three rubles, of course, what is the comparison with a hundred-fold profit. If it is more concise, then if you really need an amount of 1-3 thousand rubles so extra, then give them to the orphanage or animal shelter better.

12. Other mafia

You receive a letter in which you are called a relative of some very rich person in Cuba, in Africa, or any other place that is considered remote enough for you. The bottom line is that by paying a minimum (from 1 to 200 thousand rubles) you get access to all the innumerable riches.

13. Divorce in VKontakte contests

I do not even know where to start, since there is no end point here, but let's try dancing from the stove.

I specifically went to the provocation, and that's what happened.

That is understandable: Artem, Gleb, Anastasia, and in the end Alyona. And only on “Alain” the cost is announced. Payment is urgent, within 2 hours. It seems that they came out of the same cradle of divorces with those who wrote: "Mom, I throw 990 rubles."

14. Enter the phone number to download the book.

There may be two options for "divorce":

  1. You download the link no matter what: the book, the scheme, the film, the song, and it has the extension .exe, that is, the installation file. Did you believe them and install? And why? Everyone has already known all extensions for a long time, so why install a known virus for yourself (.exe is an installation)? At best, this will be an advertisement that you cannot get rid of, and at worst, you will not have anything, and your data will go into distribution over the network.
  2. You are asked to have a phone number "to protect you and yourself and prevent robo-downloading." Here, too, is the best and worst case scenario. At best, you will withdraw money from your mobile account, and at worst money from all cards and accounts linked to this number (which mobile operators are now trying to avoid after the appearance of Xafekope).

15. Fake forum pages

If you check the information, do it thoroughly. The existence of fake pages is no secret to anyone, but for some reason, many still believe reviews.

Often, people do not believe in really needy people, but they believe scammers on the Internet.

16. Fraud on the provision of private loans

I conducted an experiment. 32 letters were sent on announcements of loans found on special boards. 4 has returned the postal service, since such an address does not exist. Answers came from 9 addresses, and 8 of them turned out to be obvious fraud. It is quite possible that the remaining 19 sentences were real and they were simply not interested in the letter-decoy, or maybe the “workers” are cunning and can recognize potential victims.

  1. What a dear he is, this acceptance. A standard letter arrived in which it was proposed to provide your data, and then the application will be considered. The data was provided, and then it became more interesting:

So simply, without frills, almost in the forehead, a person simply offers to give him 990 rubles. Then it just disappears from your life. As you can see, it’s not just that the data is first identified (in particular, the city), and only then the conditions are announced. Here he is, a man with supernormal abilities: in this case he lives in Chelyabinsk, after half an hour for a man from Yekaterinburg he is in Smolensk, and after another 5 minutes for a suffering loan from Pskov he moves to Norilsk.

If anyone is interested, a screenshot was provided via the link. Not even comments on the site, forum or group, but just a screenshot of unknown origin, without beginning or end.

  1. Not serious please do not disturb. In this answer, without preludes, went straight to the point.

They tried to veil here, they didn’t immediately call the amount, and they pressed on the psyche beautifully, no one would like to admit that he was an insolvent fraud, while this / this benefactor of the Russian land doesn’t try and works and does not want to pay a commission for everyone.

When I tried to suggest that they immediately send out less for the amount of the commission, a letter came about of this content: "I refuse to loan you, since you are insolvent" but, of course, much more beautiful and again with psychological overtones, hoping to add "client" to he himself begged to accept the money.

  1. Pension included. In the first letter asks for data and necessarily SNILS.

The most innocuous (if you can draw this word here) is a hoax. A person works on a kind of affiliate program with NPF, is their agent, that is, leads clients who transfer the funded part of their pension to a certain non-state pension fund. For 2017, the average remuneration for 1 contract is 800-2000 rubles. For information: the pension fund does not issue credit insurance. This is the same as if the head of the city administration personally, every morning, would open a window in each apartment.

  1. I believe you, but I will check. The next “creditor” is not an adherent of long patterned letters, but, apparently, each message writes “from the heart”. He first asks for information about the borrower, even specifies the housing conditions, marital status, to put down vigilance and prove that he is serious and checks that the client is solvent. And each letter begins with the "sugar bone": "Excellent, everything fits, I am ready to help you, everything suits me", etc. And now comes the moment.

Equifax is a credit bureau where you can get a report on your CI. For reference: once a year at the request of the borrower (only personally) the bureau submits such report absolutely free of charge. And the charge also provides only personally. If somewhere, sometime a situation arises that the CII has issued information about the client, without confirming his identity for 500 rubles, this will be widely known. As an analogy: I work in a bank, I have access to clients' accounts, what do you think, how much will it cost to disclose this information, if I know that I face a few thousand fine, dismissal, prosecution and time limit? The amount here will definitely be in the hundreds of thousands, or even in several millions. I'm not saying that this does not exist, but in order to give you 10-100 thousand rubles, it is unlikely that someone will go.

  1. Pay to not be deceived. This false creditor is so concerned about his and your security that he has to use the only reliable way to prevent fraud - to take 185 rubles from you. The calculation here is exactly on the "dumping" compared with other methods to extract money from the borrower.

The variant with 1 kopek interested, but the answer to the letter about the possibility of transferring 73 kopecks (such an amount would not have been precisely found for a million of a million payments) did not follow.

The following descriptions will go without scans of letters, as they have left irrevocably from spam.

  1. This is not me, this is QIWI. They offer a loan in the amount of 30 thousand rubles, but they work only with QIWI-wallet. Text like this:

Everything is great, I give you money with unearthly joy, because you are the best borrower you can dream of. The money has already been sent, but the QIWI system has a 5% commission (i.e. 1,500 rubles), and the recipient must pay for it, but since you are light in my window, I sent you 31,500 instead of 30 thousand, and Of course, interest on 1500 I will not count. The money is already on the verge of your wallet, but in order to receive it, you must pay the system invoice for interest (a bill for 1,500 rubles actually appears).

Дальше - понятно, после оплаты счета псевдокредитор растворится в неизвестности. Кстати, предлагалось 30 000 рублей под 18 % годовых на 3 месяца. Если посчитать ежемесячный процент составляет 450 рублей, т. е. за 3 месяца будет выплачено по процентам 1350 руб. Truly, there are still good Samaritans who are ready to pay 150 rubles out of their own pockets so that only you can borrow money from them. And remember, no payment system ever charges a commission from a recipient, and you never have to pay to receive a transfer. Commissions in general can be taken only in two ways:

  • From the amount sent, that is, transferred 100 rubles, and it's 90.
  • Over the sent amount, that is, the sender will write off 110 rubles from the account, and the recipient will receive 100.
  1. Insurance is our everything. No one should probably be reminded that insurance when applying for a loan is included in its amount and is issued only at specialized credit institutions. You need to pay money for insurance only when you yourself have applied (or you have been persuaded to apply) for this service. Here we are offered an option from the "incredible near" series.

After clarifying all the information and sounding very attractive conditions, you are offered to sign a preliminary contract. This contract, along with all the attractions, is sent to you, but there is one point that draws your attention. It is approximately like this: I undertake to fulfill all the obligations assumed, and as a guarantee I conclude a loan insurance contract. I pay the insurance premium from my own funds, than confirm my solvency. "Beautiful? And then.

Then, the person who is eager to give you a loan, once again worrying about your convenience, and in order to meet the conditions (it was said that the entire procedure for you is online), says that he directly cooperates with the insurance company and will arrange everything himself you just need ... Right! Send the amount of insurance, and he does not go a penny, all just a fee. Explanations are needed further?

  1. Exit to life. This method already combines online zavlekalovo with scam in the "real".

Everything is agreed, the loan is “given to you” and it all happens in your own city. To sign a contract you need to be certified by a notary. You, together with the creditor, will arrive at the office, where there are the same designers, and also those who wish to thank come by chance, the notary certifies all the documents and the cleanliness of the transaction, you pay for his services on the spot, after which you don’t have a creditor or a notary no office.

How does this happen? Your "benefactor" is gaining a base in your area. Therefore, the examination of documents can take a very long time, and throughout the time they continue to keep in touch with you, and this (they consider, clarify, they don’t ask for money) already inspires confidence. After the required number of clients has been found, everyone is invited to the notary on the same day, but at different times. The difference is half an hour, so be sure to 2-4 customers will overlap. Coming with gratitude is the people every 2-3 hours, as long as no one sees it twice. The office was filmed for one day, the notary is not real, after a long wait you are not surprised, please wait a couple of days before the transfer. Is done.

IMPORTANT! Each time you submit such applications you are asked to provide passport details, confirmed by photographs of documents, and you with photographs. Here they are, the remaining 19 saviors. Those who took the data, but did not ask for anything after that, are those to whom you did not seem to fit. Or maybe you already have a loan on the island, you just still do not know. Do not give unauthorized people your confidential data, much less the photos confirming it. Use the opportunity to check your credit history once a year. In the case of fraud, be sure to report this to law enforcement agencies.

Safety regulations

They are in a special section on each resource that works with confidential data or money:

  1. Make sure that the antivirus is enabled, and the databases are updated.
  2. Do not disable the firewall.
  3. Come up with complex and different passwords for services that have important information.
  4. Regularly change passwords and answers to security questions.
  5. Do not tell anyone the data from paragraph 4.
  6. Do not open suspicious mail, it is better to delete spam immediately.
  7. Check information about services and products offered, services, search engines, look for reviews.

Use your head and the Internet. Previously, it was possible to study mainly on their mistakes, since such incidents occurred many kilometers from you. Now it is enough to enter the essence of the problem in the search box and, in most cases, to get a detailed answer.

Where to go if everything has already happened

If you or your loved ones have been deceived over the Internet, you need to contact the nearest police station with a statement. They will understand where to send your application, the main thing from you is to report the fact of fraud as soon as possible and in more detail. The application is made according to the standard scheme:

  • From whom. Name, passport data, address and phone number.
  • The bottom line. In a free form, it is as detailed as possible to describe everything that happened, refraining from using obscene expressions. You need to write legibly and large.
  • Date and signature.

Do not give up and complain to friends, we must act. It will not get worse, but better ... maybe you will become a person who will reveal a serious criminal network, and you will charge the same million, car, island with a counterclaim ...

Watch the video: Credit Card Fraud The How To Guide (October 2019).

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