Where to look for experts and how to work with them: the secret developments of Nata Zayats

We will now talk about content marketing. To create useful and expert content, you need experts. Where can they be useful for business?

  1. For writing blog posts. Exhaustive guides, manuals, checklists. People who are "in the subject," immediately see what is written just by a copywriter - even if it is very good - and what the expert wrote, who understands the issue thoroughly. Immediately I recall a joke about the fact that a woman imitates orgasm, and a man imitates borscht. So, the imitation of the expert text is a pitiful, unworthy spectacle.
  2. With the warm participation of an expert, you can make a training newsletter. Such mailings are made by Kompleto - the most vivid example. Suppose you have a complex banking product or service. It is possible in letters to explain to customers exactly how to use the product / service, what to do, how to achieve the maximum effect, not to make mistakes. Material for such a distribution can only give an expert. In the banking sector, for example, it will be an experienced financier. In the case of Kompleto, experienced marketers tell about the promotion of projects on the Internet.
  3. You can entrust the writing of articles to copywriters, but it is better to ask the opinion of experts. about various hypotheses, phenomena, statements, refutations of rumors, and so on. And publish an expert comment that will increase the importance of the article, and its "virality." Comments are important to research, instructions, forecasts. Sometimes such a comment can be the lever that will help the reader make a purchase decision. For business it is also a safety net - you enlist the opinion of an expert, share with him the responsibility for your statements.
  4. An expert can be interviewed. Or a few, asking them the same questions, and making stunning conclusions. For example, an analytical forecast in any field for the next year.
  5. Sometimes experts are needed to become visible in a particular niche itself. You can leave smart comments under their posts, argue, put forward assumptions. And ... get subscribers and the right dating. You'd be surprised, but this method works.
  6. An expert can be invited to "watch out" in your community. And then fans can ask their questions and get real help. Here the bonus and your community / group - cool content. And to an expert, he can get clients, he can be recommended and included word of mouth. In the closed group “Business Lark,” they announced in advance the topic of an expert speech on the air, participants could prepare questions and ask them directly during the presentation, and the expert answered. Two more hot examples:
  1. If you are planning to hold an event, you need experts in your niche who will make reports.

I convinced you that everyone needs experts? Let us then learn how to search for them, and do it according to my proven system. All you need is patience, attentiveness, a sense of humor, time, tact and a bit of perseverance.

Inside the company

It happens that the head of business decides: it's time. It's time to do content marketing. Let there be a blog, newsletter, yes there will be social networks and press releases. The country should know its heroes, and customers a place to satisfy their sorrows. And the question always arises - who will keep a blog, look for media for publications, deal with texts for social networks and mailings? Who will be talking about the product?

The most common and mistaken decision is to hire a copywriter. The main task of the business is to show the competence and coolness of its own experts. And you need to look for them inside your own company. Agree, it's great when the author of articles, for example, a technologist, is at work. And for the medical center a practitioner writes in it.

But how to organize the process of producing expert content while attracting your employees is a topic for a separate publication.

Social networks

Get ready. Here we will spend in search of experts most of the time.

Personal page

You can just write who you need. If you are a person weighted by a couple-threesomes of thousands of subscribers, then you will definitely find someone.

One hundred thousand times you have seen post-acquaintance in a tape. This is when "I already have 2000 subscribers, let's write in the comments, who is who, we will get acquainted." And write! And they find each other. I personally wrote a post that I needed an SMM specialist, there was an orgy in the comments, and three people wrote to me later that they found work under my post. Often this can not be done, the effect will not be the same. But sometimes you need.

Own tape

The idea is this - if you have everything in your feed: classmates, relatives, children and work colleagues - then somehow separate everyone into groups. Add people who are interested in writing about what you are working on. Let your tape be useful. Personally, I did better. I have a separate marketing account for work. For emotions and all sorts of nonsense, I have another. Looking through the profiles of my own friends, I found many "writers", and I followed the development of some with interest. Saw professional growth with the naked eye. She walked, praised, suggested a topic, worked on articles together.

Opinion Leader Page

If you study your niche for a long time, then sooner or later you will orient yourself xy to xy. I have a list - not literally, but just know these people-leaders in their field. Those who have agencies, who have grown up, who have already shown more than once that he understands the question. If such a person writes about his business in Facebook, you should carefully follow his recommendations and comments.

For example, Dmitry Shakhov once praised Gaziz Ismail. This is a young man who became interested in SEO, started a blog and newsletter. I subscribed to the newsletter, read the articles and decided that "I must take."

I like to look for experts on the page of Evgeny Shevchenko (he writes about himself as the most useful internet marketer of Ukraine).

I will cite as an example the post of Tatyana Mokrenko (CEO & Founder at MokCo), the well-known speaker of Ukrainian SMM events:

Board: make a good habit of reading the pages of opinion leaders. Especially posts where there are recommendations. Or those that caused heated debate and a lot of comments. The most adequate commentator and maybe the one you need.

Communities, special groups, business pages

This is an inexhaustible source of experts. Since I am the editor of the blog of the Internet Marketing Academy, I made myself a list of active groups and communities. What do you advise you to use when building such a list in your niche:

  • On the activity of the group first. How often posts appear, Who posts - all members of a group or just an admin (I do not like such groups). Is there any involvement in this community: share, huskies.
  • The number of participants also matters.

"Live" group can be seen immediately. There, participants are actively arguing with each other, start dialogue in the comments, someone tag, a lot of Sherah.

Sometimes it happens like this:

Who needs copywriters? Go and read the comments

If you haven't heard about networking in a group - it doesn't matter. Include Sherlock Holmes.

For example, I need an email marketing article to appear on my blog. I’m typing email into the Facebook search, I see a list of groups and the number of participants in them. I go and see this picture:

Here I am interested in:

  • Nadezhda Marincheva herself.
  • Speaker Philip Volnov - since he prepared a report, it means he understands the segmentation of the email database.
  • Mindbox - what kind of service?

I am sending requests for friendship to Nadezhda and Philip. I advise you to write down in the diary the names of the experts to whom you send such requests. With conditional notes. Because the answer may come in a few days and by that time you will forget why you needed this person. While Hope and Philip think, you can see what a Mindbox is.

1) go to the site and 2) see what the article on "Habrahabr", and who wrote it.

Now you can write directly to him in the comments under the articles, look for him in social networks.

On the Mindbox website, you can see what kind of service it is, what services / product they offer, and whether:

  • An interesting overview of this service is your blog's CA;
  • Are there any contacts on the site where you can write a letter with a proposal?

Then I have to pause and say that this is just one example of how to act.

The search for experts resembles a multi-channel conversion. The name may flicker here and there. And your task is to always be attentive and analyze..

If you found an email, write something like the following:

"Hello, I am the chief editor of the blog ______________. I’ll start with the main thing: we are very interested in posting an article about your service on our site. Here are the statistics of our site:

_______ attendance per month

________ visitors geography

_________ the target audience

________ mailing base

________ number of followers

If you are interested, email me at _________ and discuss the topic and timeline.



If you do not have an email address for the letter, you can find the group of this company on Facebook (or VK - who is closer) and write this message right there.

If you think that this may leave the group, then you are mistaken. We need to look at other posts, send requests to several more people. At the same time, to start a conversation, you need to see what they live, breathe, what they write about. For example, I saw that Vanya Ilyin from EmailSoldiers recently posted a mailing guide. I opened it, I realized that he was standing, and began a dialogue with Vanya with the praise of monumental work.

All people love attention. Forehead calls often do not work. Find what interests a person, pick up a key to him. Tell us about your offer hotly and interestedly. So it will be harder for you to refuse.

We are not leaving the communities yet! After all, there are posts under which the hot battles unfold:

Watch the participants. Follow their answers, tips. The one who is responsible for the case, reveals the topic in the answer, the expert is the one you need. How do i do? I observe, I tell the person how I found him. And I make an offer:

"Hello, XXXX!

I follow your expert statements in group XX. I saw an expert in the field of XXX in you and I want to ask

And would you like to write a guest publication on the site XXX?

Your profit:




So that you understand that I’m not just shaking the air, I’ll tell you one face:

And here is the result:

More about the group. This group is an inexhaustible storehouse for observation:

What is there? A community of entrepreneurs who ask for advice, share problems. And commentators who offer something sensible may well be exactly those who you need.

Extra bonus: theme. If you run a blog focused on ecommerce, then you need a plate of problems that can be covered.

We are not leaving groups and communities yet! After all, you can always make an announcement here - I'm looking for an expert for such and such a project. People respond or tag the experts you need.

Well, everything. Leaving social networks, we have nothing more to do here.


Follow the key market events and see who is invited as:

  • The main speaker, the stars of the evening. Even if the speaker No. 1 in your niche is not the author of the article for your blog, you can always take a comment for publication.
  • Just speakers. Although, and this happens quite often, some novice evangelist will suddenly give out something, as it flashes, that one should immediately get acquainted.

It is necessary to get acquainted with the expert speakers, having listened to their report - if there is such an opportunity - and noting the salt there. It is also good to ask a few questions on the topic, if you did not understand everything.

Useful phrases "you had an interesting topic of the report," "how long have you been doing this experiment?", "How did the client agree to make the case public?"

If you do not get to the event, then type the name of your subject in a search engine and add the word "conference". You will drop a list of events. And there you look at the speakers and then look for them on social networks.

If you are a supporter of a systematic approach - then get a sign. Interesting section, the speaker, the names of his reports, than noted.

Custom method

This method does not scale to all niches. But I will write about him. Last year a big competition of articles took place.

I immediately went to look at the tablet with the topics and saw two possibilities: great topics that could be covered in the blog where I was editing, and the list of people writing. Many of them had their own blogs.

I contacted the editor-in-chief of the Serpstat blog, thanked her for the great idea, asked how they worked on the topics. Because it was really great - such a large-scale competition. And such clear clues to find the right people.


Many people blog: travelers - about countries, cooks - about interesting tastes. SEOs are about SEO, and web analysts are about analytics. I have a list of blogs that I made after a year of work.

Not all blogs have an address for feedback. But! A person can leave comments under his article with a request to contact. You can find it on social networks. When I found the blog of Ilya Rusakov (SEOinSoul), there was no limit to delight. He writes about complex topics so easy, so great, that I read Elijah's articles just for fun. I contacted Ilya and asked him for an article. Ilya is a mandatory person, he said - he did it.

Now, if I need a guest article, I’m showing the right person a link to Ilya’s article as an additional argument. Works!

Board: read interesting blogs, search for new ones by requests, study authors. This tip is relevant to any niche.

mass media

I found my beloved girlfriend and strong such author of good articles ... in "Kitties". I read the article and thought - non-standard thoughts, it is written just wonderfully, and in each letter you can see experience. Here is the article by Cyrus Kamensky:

This is the same love from the first letter. When you like everything - the train of thought, manner of presentation, humor. In general, I wrote Kira. And I received the following answer:

I must tell you that the more I communicate with people, the more I understand that professionals do not usually “break.” They do not have to persuade for months. They are business people, they value their and other people's time.

A little earlier in Cossa there was a sandbox section where you could find cool authors. Now there are agency blogs. Many authors found on Spark. And on the Texterra blog, for example, Alexandra Gridasova.

Make a list of relevant niche media. View them and mark brilliant posts that have something in common with the theme of your blog. Write to the authors and do not be afraid.

How to persuade an expert?

The proposal is simple to make. Greet, introduce yourself, immediately write on the case. Here you are looking for a person found. For some reason they chose him. So write to him about it:

  • you have a terrific blog;
  • your comment in a dispute with NN made me think about ...;
  • I really like what you write on your page. Do you want to collect several posts in the publication?
  • I consider you the only expert in this field and I invite you to do a joint project.

Further, as in copywriting - a block of conviction.

Tell the expert about the project. If you plan to earn, offer a fee or participation with some significant bonus. If you want an expert publication for the media, share the numbers from the marketing whale.

Important points of reference:

  • number of unique visitors;
  • the number of followers in your groups and ... indecent size of your newsletter:
  • geography;
  • interests and interests.

Another essential ingredient is a sense of humor. Use it, do not be afraid.

If the expert says, "In principle, I agree, but it is at this moment that is busy," ask him: "And when can you be disturbed again? Let's agree on a date and I will come to you again."

This is my proprietary chip. If the dialogue occurs in the messenger, and you arise at the appointed time, the expert is not annoyed. You agreed.

If a person is too lazy to write, arrange a conversation in Skype, record and decipher it. To me, many experts dictate their comments in the Telegram. If you make life easier for a person, show extreme interest and his profit, he will always find time.

How to give sane TK

Most often (or so lucky) the experts already have an idea about the article and understand about what they are going to write about. But! This does not mean that you should not have a long list of topics.

Good for writing any text Ilyahovskaya table structuring thoughts:

Subject or draft title

Problem we solve

For whom the article is as specific as possible

The pains of these people

Solution to the problem

What experience gives you the right to write this article? Why can you believe?

Where do you get the material

What is your personal experience on this topic? What are the achievements? Why do you know how to?

What illustrate

Milestones of the article
(approximate plan)

You can negotiate the publication differently. If you order an article to a blog, then you describe in detail for which target audience this article is. Then it is desirable to write in the annotations to the article (introduction): this article is for _________.

TK should be clear and understandable. That the expert had no questions. Below, I will describe the points that make up the TK and describe what they should include.

The target audience. We describe for whom the publication will be. We also provide links that may be useful to the author - site, social networks, materials. But do not overload the expert links. В этом пункте - только нужная информация.

Задача: коротко, что нужно написать, зачем.

Дедлайн: Deadline is the period when the material must be approved and fully closed. That is, by this time the text should go through all the stages of coordination, editing and revision.

Details: here it is necessary to describe the introductory instructions. What should be included, from whom it is necessary to take a comment, what is worth mentioning in the material, etc. Ask for specific examples, refer to specific studies. Let the publication be expert in the nth degree :)

How will you work: If the text needs to be written in a specific file, specify the link. If you need to show a plan before the start, you should write about it here. This clause describes the processes. For example, we write the research plan until 03/05/2018, all the details are discussed in the mail.

What to do after the publication?

After the publication it is necessary to do two things:

  • Thank the author. You can be on your page in a post, you can in a group where you sow his work, you can in personal correspondence.
  • Express the hope that cooperation does not end there.

I am the administrator of three communities on Facebook. Therefore, I try to post publications of experts who have been noted in my blog. If the views and statistics are good, I make a screen and send it to the author. As a sign that I remember him, I follow what he does.

I can do different things. For example, to recommend a specialist, if you are confident in his competencies, and such a person is asked of me. I can take the worthy publications of his pen to his digest. Comment on his posts, take as an expert for other articles. And just chat.

There were cases when they wrote to me on Saturday at 6 in the morning. Or from the hospital. Or when you need to make a decision. If a person writes to me in a certain state, I drop everything, join the conversation and try to help and support.

In general, the involvement of experts on my terms is courtship. I must charm, laugh, flatter. Perhaps an attraction in a few touches. And in order to give weight to my offers, which can not be refused, I seriously took up my account. But I have already told about this story to the readers of Texterra.


  1. Be careful. Make lists of all sources of experts in your niche. Forget something - write down, make tables, systematize in any way convenient for you.
  2. Be optimistic. Social intelligence, search, negotiations take a very long time.
  3. If it is difficult for you to improvise, make correspondence notes. Check them for spelling, punctuation. Direct the flow of the conversation, influence, do not be afraid to insist, but never cross the line.
  4. Take care
  5. Even if you are refused - say goodbye, say that you are truly sorry.
  6. If you have agreed, write yourself in the calendar when to come to remind.
  7. Be correct in statements, do not lie
  8. If your interest is not sincere, then it is still visible. So do everything with the soul

Bonus for the most patient readers

I took comments from people who ate the dog on search of experts.

Roman Scrupnik, Cossa

One of my tasks in Cossa is the search for authors whose articles will attract readers: will cause a resonance or bring practical benefits.

On the day I get two or three dozen texts from different authors. There is no shortage of people willing to publish, so, fortunately, the question of the quality of their articles comes to the fore.

Conditionally I divide search on "external" and "internal".

1. Internal: finding good authors among incoming submissions. This is when I choose from the incoming applications for publication.

- If I see that the author’s text stands out from the others for the better, I suggest writing on a regular basis.

- If the expert does not write very well, but his text has a strong content, I, as an editor, devote more time to it: I help to form a structure, I clean the text from debris, I remove unnecessary details. Helping expose content.

- I appreciate the authors who share a unique and truly rewarding experience. This is much more important and less common than those authors who simply write well.

- Sometimes we come up with themes for the following articles.

2. External: search for experts in the outside world.

When I initiate communication.

- I look at people in social networks. If I see that a person publishes sensible materials on his page or on his personal blog, I suggest publishing on Cossa.

This is not necessarily copywriters or editors, it can be lawyers, businessmen or people of other professions. If I notice a person’s unique experience and knowledge that will be useful to Cossa readers, I suggest writing for us.

- I watch blogs of different companies. If I see that they publish sensible articles that will fit Cossa according to the format, I write them with a proposal to publish on Cossa.

- I also look at the participants of various article contests.

It is important to understand that I, as an editor of Cossa, can afford to search for authors like that. Cossa has authority and loyal readers from the world of Internet marketing, so publishing with us is in the interests of the authors. Authors bring this recognition and customers. We are benefiting the authors.

If you are not ready to adequately pay for the work, you will not find good authors with expertise in a particular field. Intelligent authors do not sit without work, so you have to pay them either with money or recognition.

And Yevgenia Kryukova was asked how in “Texterra” talks with specialists are held, if you need expert opinion for publication?

Evgenia Kryukova, Head of Marketing at TexTerra

No matter how experienced a copywriter is, he will not be able to write a well-researched article on absolutely any topic on IM. Even if he has a lot of theoretical experience in translations and information gathering, even if he has his own website and he moves it on his own, from time to time there will still be situations when the advice of a practitioner is needed. Just because Internet marketing covers a huge variety of areas and techniques, and it’s just physically impossible for one person to understand all of them. Yes, searching the Internet helps, but sometimes this is not enough.

Most often, the right questions are asked at the time of writing the article by email or in any messenger. But it happens that they send the finished material, and we immediately give it to the expert to read (if we see that our knowledge is not enough to evaluate it). He looks at whether there are any factual errors and inconsistencies in the article, he tells us, and we already send the author for revision. Rarely, we agree to call by phone or Skype. We try not to abuse this method, because often a lot of extra time is spent.

Lia Smekun lives in Hamburg. But at the same time, he organizes conferences in Kiev on the medical business, including marketing for medical professionals. I asked Leah how to look for expert speakers in order to surprise the event visitors every time.

Lia Smekun (marketing specialist, organizer of the Medical Business Forum)

I am looking for experts for my private medicine conferences for specific topics. In general, the whole process looks like this: I conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of my target audience, find gaps that they want to fill in with information in the near future, draw up a list of topics, and are already looking for speakers for them.

It is important for me that a person specializes in the subject of which he speaks. If we are talking about geomarketing, then it is on it, and not at all, if on legal issues of reproductive medicine - then on them, and not in general from drawing up testaments to registering companies. I am also looking for speakers with experience in my niche - with medical flights. We have a lot of subtleties, so it is important for the audience that, if we are talking about leasing equipment, then medical, not agricultural equipment.

At the same time, I cannot remember the case when I took the speaker who wrote to me himself. If a person knows about me and I don’t know about him, then this is usually a bad sign. And if he still “has a medical case, but I cannot call anyone in question,” then definitely not.

It is extremely rare that I invite wow-speakers to speak, that is, people who will speak on topics that were not asked by my audience. But I understand that there will be a bright surprise effect and a good motivation. For example, I had a very young speaker who talked about his project - the printing of skeleton bones on a 3D printer. Or I invited to speak a person who, at his own expense, develops a project of electronic documents of patients for emergency care. Such speakers are needed so that the listeners of my conferences understand that almost everything can be done.

There is also an excellent method - to decorate the speaker staff - to ask the speakers of previous conferences - who they would come to. These may not necessarily be people from their sphere, but always interesting ones. Most often, the names of such speakers are not familiar to the audience and for this account, for example, you cannot sell tickets even more than usual. But to surprise and acquaint with new and cool people is what I love.

Good luck in your search for experts!

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