What types of images improve the effectiveness of the content and where to get them

Illustrating the publication of images, you help readers to perceive and assimilate content. After all, a person perceives visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In addition, it receives about 90% of the information through a visual channel. Thus, the images increase the effectiveness of the content. They make it more attractive to the reader, as well as increase the response.

In this article, you will learn what types of images are most effective and where to get them.

Type No. 1: stock photos

Say, everyone is already sick of young men in ties, drawing complex graphics, and girls in business suits with unnatural smiles? There are other types of stock photos.

Pay attention to the image that is used at the beginning of the publication of the business objectives. “Do you want to develop business? Your target (goal) is too big,” the author argues. And it publishes this stock photo:

Where to find stock photos? Here are the ideas:

  • Flickr - about 6 billion images are published on this resource, the lion's share of which is distributed under a free license.
  • List of 53 resources with free photos.

Type number 2: screenshots

Screenshots are a visual confirmation of the axiom "one picture replaces thousands of words." For example, you can tell your audience about the signs of search engine sanctions. Or you can show the main feature with one screenshot:

Typical picture for a site that fell under sanctions

To take screenshots and process the resulting images, use Snagit, Lightshot or other tools.

Type number 3: graphs, charts and tables

If you are describing the results of research or statistical observations, your audience may fall asleep. To avoid this, illustrate publications with graphs and charts. First of all, illustrate the facts that your readers should remember. A person remembers images better than words and numbers.

Where to get graphs and charts? You can create them using MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Drive Spreadsheets or the online service Infogr.am.

Type number 4: personal photos

If you are communicating with members of the audience on a personal level or telling a personal story, illustrate the publication with your own photos. Do not hesitate, even if you use an old phone as a camera.

Pay attention to the recommendations related to the publication of personal photos:

  • Do not think about quality. Amateur photo adds authenticity and sincerity to your content.
  • Personal images must be in some way related to the topic of publication.
  • Feel free to emotion.

Type 5: stills from famous movies or television shows

It is impossible to hide from pop culture. Even if you don’t watch TV and don’t listen to the radio, you still occasionally hum the hits that have drunken the teeth and learn the characters of the movies and TV shows. Use this to make your content more effective. Publish still images from movies and TV shows, which depict famous characters.

How to find freeze-frames from famous films and programs? It's very simple: use the search on the pictures Google or Yandex. And do not try to waste time searching for the right moment in the film and creating a snapshot from the screen. Everything you need is already on the web.

Type number 6: infographics

Infographics - one of the most effective tools for combining visual and text content. Use it to get a lot of “rassharivany” and help the audience absorb complex information.

Here are some materials on creating infographics:

  • How to quickly create infographics.
  • How to create interactive infographics.
  • Why do we need infographics?
  • Why infographics does not always work.
  • How to consistently get "sharing".
  • What else you need to know about infographics.

Type number 7: the work of professional photographers, artists and designers

What if the image you want to illustrate the publication does not exist? Ask the artist to create it. Of course, you have to fork out. But this investment will pay off.

Where to look for modern van goghs and picasso of digital space? Try sites to search for freelancers or use search engines.

Type 8: Comics

Laughter is a good reaction of the reader to the publication. Use comics to make your audience smile. Contact experts or create comics yourself using online generators:

  • 1001 memes
  • Troll-face.
  • Risovach.

Now you know…

... which images improve content efficiency. Illustrate publications with stock photos, screenshots, graphs, comics and other types of images. Remember, illustrations attract attention, facilitate perception, and provide an audience response.

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