We'll watch Game of Thrones and learn marketing: John Snow, Arya and Tirion will not advise the bad

Marketing is everywhere. You submit a resume - you sell yourself and your abilities. You stick to an interesting public - you throw the link to friends, let them fall. You watch your favorite series - and there the characters behave not like any other thing, but according to digital laws. Let's see what marketing tools used by the heroes of the "Game of Thrones"!

Monetize what works best

In life, as in marketing, it is necessary to use the greatest strengths. We take a random businessman. If he is best able to build long-term strategies, let him deal with this, and turn over the turnover. Or maybe he is the genius of the negotiations? Let him communicate with large clients and partners, everything else can be delegated.

In the "Game of Thrones" many heroes know their value, nurture and monetize their best qualities. Remember Margheri Tyrell. Although she is not stupid, the main advantage of red hotties is an interesting appearance. Margueri knew the power of her beauty and became the king's wife. Poor Tommen she twisted as she wanted and became more expensive to him than kittens. Unthinkable

Try demarketing

And vice versa: if the demand for goods increases very much - hold your horses, cool down, take a time-out. Otherwise, the consequences may be unpredictable. Arya Stark specifically restrained her growing femininity — first out of fear of being discovered, then out of habit. As a result, everyone forgot what Ned Stark's smaller daughter looks like - it was here that she struck back. For mom, for dad, for brothers - this mess will be bitter!

Try cross marketing

Unite with partners! Cross marketing is when the cuckoo praises the rooster for praising the cuckoo. And if they create a tandem - they become twice as strong.

In the Game of Thrones, the Lannisters unite with the Tyrells to hold the Iron Throne together. Profit Lannister is clear - in case of victory the friend and ally will become the king, which means the future is secured. Well, Tirella from time immemorial were wriggled to the strong, and not to the losers. It turns out that both parties are interested in cooperation.

And comprehensive promotion

Moreover, the promotion in the literal sense: for seven seasons, "from all over the world, from the nests of their homes," representatives of different clans flew to the capital of the kingdom to come together in a great battle. In marketing as well: you need to promote your products and services on all fronts, across all channels - only this way the most efficient exhaust will be.

Intrigue and Conquer

I created a new product - create and intrigue, give consumers a chance to wait, as it was done ... no, not Reebok, but guys from the house of Starkov. The seasons went on, Starks were systematically exterminated, but each time one of them pointedly repeated: "Winter is close." And the audience languished in anticipation of what would happen that winter.

Or John Snow at the end of the fifth season - was he alive or dead, would George Martin take him away ?! This intrigue and tail and mane used in advertising campaigns. Domestic bank "Opening", for example, has released a special card with prints from the series. One of the main slogans of this campaign is whether John is alive?

Promotional video with a burning question

Learn the habits of partners

Even not so - study psychology. What could be more interesting than analyzing the motives of other people and understand why they acted this way and not otherwise! Here is Cersei Lannister, for example, did not study. Experienced intriguer, she approached useful people to herself and lured her into her networks, but forgot that "in the game of thrones even the most insignificant figures are endowed with their own will and can refuse to make the moves thought up for them" ). At His Sparrow, she pierced. And all because he did not see through the motives of the gray cardinal of the Royal Harbor - he himself wanted no less power than she did. Well, got a prison and an exciting walk through the streets of the city.

And Viserys Targaryen? Cute blonde contemptuously treading on savages? The Dragon Mother's brother clearly underestimated his potential partners. The Dothrakians were ready to take the Iron Throne by storm, but they obviously did not intend to tolerate the narcissistic turkey quirks. The result - a beautiful crown on the head of Viserys. Golden, hot, yours.

Create creative content

Unusual formats go great in marketing. Take our blog: creative content (blog theme generator, rhymes-powders, CTA Rush, tests — for example, this, this, and this) is popular. It is understandable: readers must be periodically surprised. Here's how John Snow: for many years, the Night Watch warriors feared the wild ones, and he, handsome, managed to befriend two clans. The result - and he brought his love closer to him, and the Watch provided additional fighters. After all, in the fight against white walkers, any means are good.

Do not go to a foreign monastery

The protagonist of the first season, the brutal Ned Stark made a common mistake novice marketers. Drawn by a sense of justice, he broke into the Royal Harbor with the northern bear and began to impose its own rules there. Beginners do the same, opening the door to an unfamiliar market from their feet, and then they are surprised that a limb hurts. And you learn Central Asia, understand its pain, analyze how competitors play. Look around, become your market, and then act. Otherwise, there will definitely be some lousy Joffrey who has the power and makes tough decisions. And the head will fly off the shoulders, and they all begin to cry.

Develop a strategy

For many years, the chief schemer of the Seven Kingdoms, Petr Beilish, has been waiting for the execution of his plan. This dodger did not do anything spontaneously, without intent - like a spider, he wove his clever network in order to achieve the goal - the conquest of the Iron Throne. Marrying a half-crazy Lisa, custody of Sansa, help in uniting Tyrells and Lannisters - all these are links of one chain. More precisely, the steps of one staircase, about which Petyr speaks in a conversation with Varys:

Chaos is a ladder. Many tried to climb it, stumbled and did not try again - the fall broke them. Others were given a chance to climb up, but they refused, continuing to cling to the service of the state, their gods or love. All this is an illusion. Only a ladder is real. And you can only try to climb it.

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Apply STA - for the Motherland, for Stannis!

Here is this good in all seven seasons of the "Games" in bulk. In almost every episode, somebody shakes his sword and makes a call to action — he calls to attack, for his homeland, for Stannis. It will be useful to remind the rules of an effective STA: informational content, persuasiveness, clarity of appeal, time limit (do it immediately!), Nishtyaki for the user, repetition - for the best effect.

Use referral marketing

It’s a great idea to make your own clients ambassadors of the brand, so that according to their recommendations more and more new members will join your sect. The army of Daenerys was famous throughout the Kingdom, the warriors listened to legends and dreamed of serving under the leadership of the blonde Amazon. A significant role in this was played by poor Jorah Mormont, whom Daenerys kicked out in disgrace. Perhaps this is the most loyal ambassador, who tirelessly told the story of the dragon troops he met on the way.


There is nothing more disheartening than a brand or an individual businessman who is stuck in the past and is not going to change. And why - and that-a-ak come! The world shudders at new trends, eggs are won over on Instagram, Dud asks Kiselev to take off his pants, and our comrade still rolls through life in the strong bubble of his lampworld.

How is it for Jaime Lannister! At the beginning of the first season, the queen's brother is shown to us by a notorious bastard. Not looking up from love joys with his own sister, he coolly throws a curious boy out of the window. The wrath of the gods on his head - well, you can not be such a scum in the world!

But in the third season, Jaime changes - a severed hand works wonders, and the troll turns into a beautiful elf. Viewers forget all bad things and see only a bright image: a courageous fair warrior. Full reload personal brand!

Size is not important

I'm talking about Tirion, what did you think? Charming dwarf shows that the technical characteristics of the product are not so important. In other words, you can sell anything (of any size, color and purpose), the main thing is perfect service. Remember how many women loved Tirion, and weep. Is strong!

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