Increase conversion: a selection of free plugins for WordPress

If your site is powered by WordPress, you're in luck. You can solve problems within five minutes for which users of other CMS spend several days. To do this, just find and install the appropriate plugin. For example, with the help of a plugin, you can “tie” a feedback form, make the URL SEO-friendly or increase the page conversion. Below you will find a selection of WordPress plugins that increase website conversion.

Customer Contact Plugins

1. Pozvonim callback plugin

The Pozvonim plugin displays a callback widget on the site. Customers can order a call back in two clicks. This can increase the conversion of your resource.

To use the plugin, proceed as follows:

  • Register on the website. After confirming the email address, you will receive a widget script.
  • Download WordPress Plugin.
  • Install the plugin on the site. To do this, in the "Plugins" section of the administrative panel, use the "Add New" button.
  • Activate the plugin. Paste the plugin script into the site sidebar widget. To do this, in the admin panel, select the menu "Appearance - Widgets - Text". Save the changes.
  • Check out how the widget works.

By clicking on the widget button, your customers will be able to order a call back.

If the Pozvonim plug-in for some reason does not suit you, use similar tools:

  • WP Call Back.
  • Callback Request.

2. JivoSite online chat plugin

Online chat is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of leads. To provide visitors with the opportunity to contact the site operator, install the JivoSite plugin. Perform the following steps:

  • Download the distribution kit on a hard disk.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Register on the website and install a chat program on your computer.
  • Install the service code on the site pages. If you use the Yandex.Metrica plugin, you will not need to edit the template to install the code. Just paste the JivoSite code immediately after the Metrics counter code.

Save the changes and refresh the site page. If you did everything correctly, a chat window will appear on the site.

If you like, try alternative online chat rooms:

  • I'm supporting.
  • Chatnox.
  • WP-Chat.

3. Plugin to create a feedback form

To publish the feedback form on any page of the site, download and install the Contact Form plugin. Proceed as follows:

  • Enter the feedback form edit menu.
  • On the settings page, specify the email address to which you will receive messages from users.
  • Russify the contact form. To do this, in the "Plugins" section of the administrative panel, select the Contact Form. In the code of the plug-in, specify the names of the form fields and the button text in Russian. Update the file.
  • To insert a form on the desired page, copy the proposed tag in the plugin’s settings section. Paste it using an editor in HTML mode.

If you don't like the Contact Form plugin, try the alternatives:

  • Contact Bank.
  • Custom Contact Forms.

Plugins for collecting contact data, pop-ups, creating landing pages and coupons

4. Hello Bar Subscription Form

To install the plugin, register on the site Hello Bar. Select the task that you plan to solve with the tool. For example, imagine that you will increase the subscriber base.

Specify the CTA that users will see. By the way, pay attention to the huge list of template calls to action.

Customize the look of the conversion form. You can choose a strip, a pop-up window, a slider, or a form that opens in a separate window. You can also change the color of the form.

Click the Save & Publish button and download the suggested plugin.

Install the plugin on the site and activate it.

Email addresses collected using the conversion form can be viewed in your account on the service page.

If you're looking for an alternative to the Hello Bar tool, pay attention to Attention Grabber.

5. Offer coupons to users with the Coupon Creator plugin.

To encourage conversion, you can use discounts. Check out the Coupon Creator plugin. After installing and activating the module, select the Coupons - Add new menu.

Fill in the Deal and Terms fields. Customize the appearance of the coupon on the Style tab and specify the expiration date of the offer on the Expiration tab. On the Image tab, upload an image. Please note that if you use a photo, the text is not displayed. Post a coupon.

To insert a coupon on the product page, copy the code in the lower right corner of the screen.

Paste the code into the item card. Now buyers can take advantage of the right to a discount.

If you use the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, check out the YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts module. It will allow site visitors to receive discounts for sharing in social networks.

6. Pop-up window when trying to exit: WordPress Exit Pop plugin

Pay attention to the aggressive conversion tool - an offer that appears when a user tries to close a site. Implement it with a WordPress Exit Pop plugin. Here is a step by step instruction:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Register on the site of the plugin and create a pop-up window.
  • After setting up the plugin, you will receive a secret activation code. Copy it and paste it on the settings page in the administrative panel of the site. Save the changes.

Now when you try to close the site, users will see your offer.

You may be interested in a paid plugin with similar OptinMonster functionality.

7. Create a conversion landing page using InstaPage plugin

Use the InstaPage plugin to create effective landing pages. To apply the tool, follow these steps:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Register on InstaPage website.
  • Select a landing page template.
  • Specify the name of the landing page.
  • Edit the CTA of the landing page.
  • Save and publish the page. Select the publication method Send to WordPress.

In the plugin settings menu you can specify an arbitrary landing page URL.

Alternatively, check out other plugins for creating landing pages:

  • WordPress Landing Pages.
  • Free Landing Page Builder by Wishpond.
  • OptimizePress.
  • BeaverBuilder.
  • Unbounce Landing Pages.

8. Increase conversion with Conversion Optimization by 40Nuggets plugin.

If you need a multifunctional conversion enhancement tool, pay attention to Conversion Optimization by 40Nuggets. With it, you can create pop-ups, coupons, distribute downloadable content, stimulate subscriptions to Facebook updates, expand your subscriber base, track conversions and perform split tests.

After installing and activating the plugin, register on the site. If you have valuable downloadable content, offer it to your audience in exchange for email addresses. To do this, on the Add New Nugget menu, select the Whitepaper option.

  • Choose a landing design.

Specify the content title, edit the text in the form fields.

Save the landing page and run the campaign. The plugin will show site visitors a pop-up window with a proposal to download the book.

Social Plugins

9. Plugin for installing social sharing buttons

If you want to more efficiently convert traffic to social network sharing, set the attractive social buttons. Pay attention to the WP Ya Share plugin, with which you will quickly add a "Share" block from "Yandex" to the site pages.

Download, install and activate the program. Select the appropriate settings on the plugin’s management page.

After saving the changes, the "Share" block will appear on the page types specified in the settings.

In the WordPress Plugin Catalog, you can find an alternative to WP Ya Share.

10. Widgets for subscribing to Facebook and Vkontakte pages

Joining users in the company groups on Facebook and Vkontakte is also a conversion. To encourage subscriptions, use the official widgets: for and If you want to try the more aggressive traffic conversion tools, take a look at Facebook Popup Like Box.

On the settings page of the plugin, specify the URL of the community and set the time for the pop-up window.

Save changes and expect growth in the number of subscribers.

With the help of WordPress Popup plugin, you can show users pop-up windows with widgets of any social networks. After installing and activating the plugin, proceed as follows:

  • In the administrative panel, select the menu PopUp - Add new.
  • Add the code for the page or group widget in the Main PopUp Content field.
  • If necessary, change the advanced settings and save the changes.

If you’ve done everything right, users will see a pop-up community widget.

11. Comfortable comments: Disqus system

Check out how user activity is affecting conversion. Provide site visitors with the opportunity to comment on your publications using Disqus:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Register your resource on the Disqus website.
  • Specify registration information on the plugin settings page.
  • If necessary, change the default settings.

Plugins for creating conversion elements and technical conversion optimization

12. Create conversion buttons with WP Button Creator plugin

To check the effect of the appearance and size of the buttons on the conversion, use the WP Button Creator plugin. With it, you will create arbitrary buttons. To use the tool, proceed step by step:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • In the administrative panel, select the menu WP Buttons - Add Buttons.
  • Specify the button parameters: target URL, font, size, color and size.
  • Save the created button. To paste it on the site page, go to the WP Buttons menu and copy the code.
  • Paste the code to the selected page using the visual editor.

13. A / B experiments with the Simple Page Tester plugin

To track and increase conversions, you must perform split-testing of page changes. This can be done using the Simple Page Tester plugin. Activate the program after installation.

To test the page, in the edit menu, click the Set Up New Split Test button. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Create an experimental page. To do this, you can copy the basic version and make changes to it, use an existing page or create a test page from scratch.

Configure the traffic distribution between the base and experimental pages.

Click on the Edit Page button and change the test page. For example, change the text, the appearance of the buttons and forms, the title or call to action. Save the changes and run the experiment.

If necessary, try the alternative plug-in Title Experiments Free.

14. Increase viewing depth with WP Related Posts

The WP Related Posts plugin displays related publications to site readers. After installing and activating the program, proceed to the settings:

  • Specify the name of the block of similar publications and select the number of displayed posts.
  • Select a design block of similar publications.
  • If necessary, specify additional settings and select the default image.

After setting the plugin will show users similar publications.

You might be interested in a similar YARPP plugin.

15. Announce important content using default WordPress widgets.

Some WordPress conversion enhancement tools are available without installing plugins. Use the following guidelines:

  • Publish in the sidebar a list of site headings. This will simplify the navigation and search for the desired content. In the administrative panel, select the menu "Appearance - widgets". Select the "Rubrics" option.
  • Using the Text widget, add conversion elements to the sidebar: registration forms, discount coupons, banners, content announcements. To do this, in the "Appearance - Widgets" menu, select the "Text" option. Add text or item code and publish the widget to the sidebar.
  • If you need to encourage users to register on the site, add the Meta widget to the sidebar.

16. Surprise visitors with music with WordPress Conversion by righTune plugin

Check out how the conversion rate will affect how visitors play music. To do this, install and activate the WordPress Conversion by righTune plugin and configure the player.

Specify the category of the site, the mood that the music should form, the core values ​​of the brand, the age of the target audience. Determine the location and color of the player. Copy the proposed code and paste it into the plugin settings page in the administrative panel of the site. Now your users can listen to music.

17. Conversion price tag with Easy Pricing Tables plugin

To increase your conversion rate, offer customers multiple pricing options using the Easy Pricing Tables plugin. After installation and activation, go to the settings page. Add information about your offer: specify the price, product properties, the text of the button and a link.

On the Design tab, customize the appearance of the price. Save the changes. Click on the Deploy button, copy the code and paste it onto the selected page of the site.

18. Accelerate the loading of site pages using WP Super Cache

Site loading speed directly affects user experience. First of all it concerns mobile users. You can speed up the site by customizing caching using the WP Super Cache plugin.

On the settings page, select the recommended settings and save the changes.

Measure the download speed of the site and verify the effectiveness of the plug-in using PageSpeed ​​Insights or Speed ​​test.

Alternatively, you can use the plugins Lite Cache or WP Fastest Cache.

19. McAfee Secure: Reassure Users

The McAfee Secure plugin allows you to check the site for malicious code. If there are no viruses, the program publishes a McAfee security label on each page. Pay attention to this plugin, if users pay something on your site.

To use the plugin, download, install and activate it. After that go to the settings page.

On the page that opens, specify the URL of the site and the administrator’s email address Click the Get Started button. The system will redirect you to the McAfee Secure website, where you need to activate your account.

By the time of activation robots will check your site. Therefore, immediately proceed to the installation of a safety sign.

Click the Install now link. On the page that opens, copy the proposed code. Install it on the site. You can edit the template or use the Yandex.Metrica plugin. After the upgrade, a McAfee security sign appears on the site.

Do not view plugins as a panacea.

Many factors affect conversion rate: product relevance and price, terms of service, adaptation of the design template to the needs of the audience, ease of navigation, quality of content and so on. Therefore, do not try to immediately increase the number of deals 10 times with the help of 10 plug-ins.

Make sure that the resource meets the basic needs of users. If so, proceed to optimize conversion using plugins. Test hypotheses, use one tool to solve one problem. For example, if you collect email addresses using Hello Bar, you should not attack visitors with pop-up windows with a subscription form. If the split tests do not confirm the effectiveness of the tool, discard it.

Share your comments on how to use CRO plugins on WordPress sites. What programs do you use for creating landing pages, A / B testing, collecting email addresses? How do you keep users and encourage transitions? Also in the comments you can ask questions and leave comments.

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