100+ free plugins for WordPress business sites

In this collection you will find plugins for WordPress business sites. They increase resource efficiency. Plug-ins in the list are grouped into thematic groups. All solutions in the list are free, unless otherwise indicated in the description.

SEO plugins

Here are the modules for technical search engine optimization site.

1. All in One SEO Pack

One of the most popular SEO combines for WordPress. Creates an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file, manages canonical URLs. Adds an edit form and a snippet preview. Blocks indexing of categories and archives. Implements the Open Graph protocol.

2. Yoast SEO

The most popular SEO-combine for WordPress. Creates an XML map, manages canonical URLs, adds bread crumbs to pages.

3. WPSSO Core

The plugin implements the Open Graph protocol on the site, which provides an attractive snippet when sharing content on social networks. An important point: the add-in for WPSSO Core is convenient to use for implementing Schema.org micromarking via JSON-LD.

4. WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup

Add-in for the WPSSO Core plugin. Automatically adds to the publications on the site layout Schema.org Article, Blogposting and other types. The micromarking is implemented through the JSON-LD format, which Google calls preferable.

5. WPSSO Place / Location and Local Business Meta

The add-on adds site layout to Schema Place, Local Business, Open Graph Location.

6. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

The implementation tool for Schema.org micromarking. Supports the Article, Review, Product, Recipe, and other markup types. Favors WPSSO by the number of markup types supported.

7. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Plugin to implement Schema.org markup via JSON-LD. Adds fields in the record editor that you need to fill. For detailed instructions on working with the plugin, read the article on the new reality in the search.

8. Open Graph

Plugin for implementing Open Graph protocol. Use it if you are not installing SEO combines such as the All in One SEO Pack.

9. Google XML Sitemaps

The plugin generates an XML sitemap. It is accepted by Google and Yandex. The tool provides more flexible settings compared to the XML-card module in the All in One SEO Pack plugin.

10. Virtual Robots.txt

The plugin creates the Robots.txt file and allows you to edit it in the WordPress admin panel. Use if you are not installing combines such as the All in One SEO Pack.

11. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

A tool to quickly integrate a WordPress site with Google Analytics. Adds a page with basic metrics of site effectiveness to the admin panel.

12. Yandex.Metrica

Tool for integrating a WordPress site with Yandex.Metrica. Adds to the admin page with the main metrics of site performance.

13. WP Translitera

Another plugin from the must have category. Converts the site URL from Cyrillic to Latin, makes the URL convenient for people.

14. Permalink Manager Lite

The plugin allows you to flexibly manage the structure of the URL. Also add-in allows you to massively edit the URL of existing pages.

Creating Landings

This block offers solutions that are suitable for creating and designing landing pages.

15. Elementor

Constructor drag-and-drop. This tool deserves a separate review. In short: a powerful page editing tool with which even a user without technical skills will feel like the god of web design.

16. Instabuilder

Paid plugin for creating landing pages. Works on the principle of the drag-and-drop constructor. There are ready-made templates, you can also make pages from scratch. Cost from 77 US dollars.

17. Instapage

Creates landing pages from templates. The cost of using from 69 dollars a year. Read more about Instapage in the selection of plug-ins to increase conversion.

18. WP Landing Pages

Landing tool. The free version includes 15 templates.

19. Landing Page Builder

The plugin creates template landings. It is possible to edit from scratch on a clean template. Supports SEO settings for landing pages, integrates with the Yoast SEO plugin.

20. Beaver Builder

Designer pages drag-and-drop. Pages can be edited in the front-end, not in the admin panel. Most of the modules required to create full-fledged landing pages are available by premium subscription. The cost of paid access from 99 dollars.

21. OptimizePress

Paid solution for creating landing pages. Cost of use from $ 97 one time. Buyers have access to the OptimizePress module and theme with dozens of landing templates.

Increase conversion

For a few useful solutions, see our collection of plugins to increase conversion. Also note the tools below.

22. OptinMonster

Popup Constructor. Users have several options available for conversion forms, a split-testing tool, and analytics.

23. Sumo

Plugin for WordPress site integration with Sumo.me service. After installation, free conversion enhancement tools are available to the user, including a conversion subscription form, heat maps for analyzing user behavior, and others.

24. Contact and Lead Form Builder

A tool for creating conversion forms. Using the add-in, you can create forms with arbitrary fields, protect yourself from spam using CAPTCHA. The form is added to any page using shortcode.

25. WP Forms Lite

Convenient and popular plugin for creating conversion forms. It works on the principle of drag-and-drop. Users have access to several template forms and the ability to create forms from scratch.

26. InTrigger

Lead generation tool. Creates scripts for displaying conversion items. For example, using InTrigger, you can ask visitors to register to access content.

27. LeadBoxer

Paid tool lead generation and tracking user behavior. To integrate the platform with the site there is a plugin. A free trial period is available.

28. Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Tool for creating pop-up windows. The conversion form is activated according to the selected scrolling indicator.

Increase page loading speed

Download speed affects conversion. From mid-2018, Google will make this figure a ranking factor. Below are proposed solutions to speed up the site.

29. WP Fastest Cashe

Simple and effective caching plugin. Caches pages, provides gzip-compression, optimizes code, supports CDN.

30. W3 Total Cache

Popular caching plugin. Supports browser cache, reduces page load times, optimizes JavaScript and CSS code.

31. Hyper Cache

Convenient caching tool. Supports CDN, updates cache on schedule, compresses data.

32. AMP for WordPress

Plugin for creating accelerated pages from Automattic. Does not require settings, does not allow customizing AMP.

33. AMP for WP

To create AMP on WordPress, I recommend using this particular plugin from the Kaludi brothers. The tool allows you to customize accelerated pages: customize the menu, select one of the three AMP display templates, add ads to the pages.

34. Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa

Plugin for creating turbo pages "Yandex". Creates an RSS feed that the search engine uses to display accelerated pages on mobile screens.

35. "Yandex.Turbo"

Popular plugin for creating turbo pages.

36. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Image compression tool. Reduces the weight of the photo on the fly when uploading to the server. Compresses previously published photos.

37. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Image compression tool. Reduces the weight of the photo on the fly when loading.

38. Autoptimize

The plugin optimizes JavaScript and CSS, making pages load faster. This tool fixes a typical error: solves the problem of code that blocks the display of the top of the page.

Security and trust building

User safety and trust go hand in hand. This section offers solutions that make WordPress sites more secure and trustworthy. By the way, useful information about the credibility of the site, see our article.

39. Loginizer

A plugin from the must have category. Protects the site from bruteforcing or hacking by brute force. Blocks the IP address of the attacker after several failed login attempts.

40. Really Simple SSL

The plugin optimizes the site to transfer to a secure connection protocol. Simply activate the plugin and install an SSL certificate.

41. WP Antivirus Site Protection

A comprehensive site protection tool. It searches for dangerous code, protects a resource from hacking, checks suspicious files before uploading to the server.

42. McAfee SECURE

The plugin scans the site for malicious code. If the check is passed, you can add a security sign to the site.

43. WP-DB-Backup

In the section on security, not to mention a tool for backing up data. If you choose a normal host, it backs up the site. But for the safety net, you can use plug-ins with appropriate capabilities, for example, WP-DB-Backup. The tool can make a copy of the resource at a selected frequency, for example, once a week.

44. Sucuri Security

Anti-malware tool. There is a paid option to protect against DOS / DDOS attacks.

45. All in One WP Security

Comprehensive security tool. Protection against viruses, brute-forcing, database protection and configuration files from unauthorized changes.

Feedback from site visitors

In this block, solutions are proposed to provide feedback to site visitors.

46. ​​Disqus Comment System

Plugin for integrating WordPress resources with Disqus, a popular commenting system. You can customize the storage of comments in the site database. It provides indexing of user content by search engines.

47. wpDiscuz

An alternative to the regular WordPress comments system and third-party commenting services. The plugin expands the functionality of the standard comment field: it adds pros and cons, allows you to share a specific comment or refer to it. Comments are stored in the site database.

48. TinyMCE Comment Field

Replaces the standard comment field with a visual editor. Users can format messages and add images to them.

49. JivoChat Live Chat

Plugin for WordPress site integration with JivoSite service. Can be used free of charge if up to five operators communicate with the audience.

50. WhatsHelp Chat Button

The plugin adds operator communication buttons to the site through popular services: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat and others.

51. Plug-ins to order a callback

Well-known callback service providers usually offer widgets for WordPress integration. Here are a few plugins from famous developers:

  • Widget from Bitrix24.
  • A tool from Callbackhunter.
  • Bazz Callback Widget.
  • Pozvonim.
  • Callbackkiller.

Conclusion of recommendations

In this section, proposed solutions for the conclusion of recommendations. They increase user involvement, increase the depth of the session and the time spent on the site. As an exception in this section there are not only plugins, but also tools that integrate with WordPress in a different way.

52. myWidget

The plugin integrates a WordPress site with a recommendation service from Mail.ru Group. Recommendations are formed by the neural network based on user preferences. You can enable monetization and show native advertisements in the recommendation block.

53. Relap

Service recommendations and native advertising. Integrates with WordPress without a plugin. It is enough to add an anchor script to all pages where recommendations will be displayed. The system uses artificial intelligence. You can connect monetization.

54. A block of recommended content from Google AdSense

The system of recommendations from Google. Created to improve behavioral metrics: viewing depth and session duration. If desired, the site owner can enable monetization and show native advertising in the recommendation block. Integrates with the site without a plugin.

Observation: on the test site of the ad in the block of recommendations under the articles on the indicator of clickability, all other ad units are superior.

55. Related Posts for WordPress

The plugin recommends content without neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Integration of the site with social networks and instant messengers

In this block, proposed solutions for social integration.

56. Block sharing from "Yandex"

Sharing buttons from "Yandex". And if you do not know where to insert the code, use the plugin.

57. Easy VKontakte Connect

Tool for integrating a WordPress site with VKontakte. Adds sharing buttons to the site, provides autoposting of publications in the public, connects the "Write to us" and "Community Messages" widgets.

58. Instagram Feed

The plugin integrates the site with your Instagram account. You can show photos to visitors and attract subscribers.

59. Facebook Widget

The plugin links the site to a group or a Facebook page.

60. WP Native Articles

The plugin adds to the site markup required to implement Instant Articles. Data is needed to instantly display posts to Facebook users.

61. Telegram for WP

The plugin relays blog posts to the channel in Telegram.

62. WP Viber Contact Button Lite

The plugin adds to the site a feedback button via Viber. The user can contact the owner with one touch of a button.

63. Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget

The tool adds buttons to the site with links to the profiles of the site owner in social networks. Supports the popular sites in VKontakte VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as international social networks.

64. Shareaholic

The plugin integrates the site with the Shareaholic service. You can add sharing buttons above, below and to the side of the content, display recommended publications, monetize the site using native advertising. The latter function is more suitable for English-language resources.

65. OnePress Social Locker

Social lock for content. To access the publication, the user must share the material in one of the popular social networks.

66. uLogin

The plugin adds to the site the authorization function through social profiles. Supports popular social networks in runet.

67. YourChannel

A site integration tool with a YouTube channel. You can show on the site playlists and individual videos, use the automatic video launch feature.

68. Pin It

The plugin adds the Pinterest sharing button on the photos in publications. Useful for online stores.

WordPress for E-commerce

Here are plugins for online stores.

69. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the world's most popular online trading solution. Detailed information about the plugin, see our guide.

70. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Plug-in ecommerce platform Ecwid. The solution is paid, but up to 10 products can be sold for free.

71. MarketPress

The plugin turns a WordPress site into a full-fledged online store. With this tool you can create product catalogs with the ability to make a purchase on the site.

72. WP-CRM

Conditionally free tool. Adds a simple CRM system to the WordPress site. The functionality can be expanded with the help of paid modules.

Here are some more CRM for WordPress:

  • Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce. Website integration with Salesforce CRM.
  • CRM WordPress Leads. The plugin integrates WordPress with several popular CRM systems.
  • Zero BS WordPress CRM. Shareware CRM for WP.
  • Agile CRM. Functional CRM-system for WP.
  • CRM: Contact Management Simplified. The basic features are available for free, you can extend the functionality for the money.

73. MailChimp for WooCommerce

The plugin integrates an online store on WooCommerce with the MailChimp service.

74. WordPress Download Manager

An indispensable solution for sellers of electronic products, such as books, programs, courses, and so on. Controls the downloading of files from the site.

75. Wallet One

Payment module "Single checkout" for stores on WooCommerce. It supports payments to bank cards and current accounts, Yandex.Money electronic payment systems, WebMoney and other popular payment methods for goods.

76. WP Shop

Adapted for the Runet payment module. It supports popular Russian payment systems, including Yandex.Money and WebMoney, as well as international systems Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

77. WP-Recall

The plugin creates customer profiles in WordPress stores.

78. WP Coupons and Deals

With the help of the plugin you can create discount coupons. Similar solution: Coupon Creator.

79. Finale

The plugin adds a countdown timer to the end of the action.

Other useful solutions

In this block, proposed tools that are not included in other thematic blocks.

80. Polylang

The plugin will help make multi-language and multi-regional site. Read more about solving this problem in our article.

81. Easy Google Fonts

Plugin to manage the typography of the site. We have a useful video about the effect of typography on resource efficiency.

82. Jetpack

Multifunctional plugin that expands the site. One of the most popular WordPress add-ins. Here are some Jetpack features:

  • Protection against bruteforcing.
  • Backup.
  • Relaying publications in the social network.
  • Customization of the commenting form.
  • Displays recommended entries.

Some features are paid.

83. Head, Footer and Post Injections

Very useful code management tool. Simplifies the integration of the site on WordPress with external services, for example, analytics services, contextual advertising systems, call tracking services and so on.

84. Per page add to head

An indispensable solution for managing code. Allows you to add code to specific pages of the site. For example, using Per page add to header, you can add a Schema.org Review micromarking code to a review page.

85. Portfolio Gallery

Plugin for publishing portfolio.

86. Testimonials Widget

A tool for publishing customer reviews.

87. Pixabay Images

The module allows you to insert in the photo from the photo bank Pixabay from WordPress.

88. Our Team Showcase

Plugin to display information about team members. It turns out employee profiles with photos and links to social networks, almost like ours.

89. Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Инструмент публикации условий обслуживания и политики конфиденциальности.

90. Ultimate Nofollow

Важный плагин для бизнес-сайтов. Добавляет в стандартный редактор возможность в один клик закрыть любую ссылку атрибутом rel=nofollow. Это необходимо, когда бизнес-сайт публикует гостевые посты или ссылается на коммерческих партнеров.

91. WP-Polls

Инструмент создания опросов в публикациях. Опрос можно создать на странице или в публикации. Ход голосования можно показывать в виджете в сайдбаре.

92. Special Text Boxes

Плагин создает привлекательные врезки в публикациях. Они нужны для смысловых акцентов и повышения читабельности контента.

93. File Manager

Обеспечивает доступ к файлам на сервере через админку WordPress. Например, это полезно, когда нужно быстро русифицировать шаблон.

94. Business Directory Plugin

Инструмент для создания каталогов. Поддерживает импорт данных из файлов csv.

95. Locations

Плагин добавляет на сайт карту с указанием физического местоположения офиса, магазина, склада.

96. Business Hours Indicator

Добавляет на сайт информацию о времени работы учреждения, а также индикатор "Открыто/Закрыто". Полезно для сайтов офлайн-магазинов, кафе, салонов красоты.

97. Aesop Story Engine

Плагин для оформления лонгридов на WordPress. У нас есть видео об использовании этого и нескольких аналогичных инструментов.

98. WP Customer Reviews

The plugin creates a field for customer feedback. Every visitor to the site can share impressions. Supports Schema Review microdata.

99. Bookly

Conditionally free plugin. Allows consumers to reserve online a visit to a specialist online. It will be useful to hairdressers, makeup artists, massage therapists and other representatives of the service sector.

100. PDF Embedder

Module for publishing PDF files. In this format it is convenient to publish white paper, presentations, reviews.

The list of WordPress for business plugins is traditionally open for our blog. Share in the comments tools that you use on your sites.

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