From the company on the nut - copywriter compressor, or How to prepare materials on industrial subjects

Is it difficult to write a good text on an industrial or "near-building" theme? Yes, difficult. Sometimes it is very difficult. But the most difficult thing is not to understand the technical features of the compressors or heating boilers offered by the company.

It is much more important to submit the material so that the potential buyer does not have the opinion that the texts were written by an illiterate amateur, “on top” who had read the descriptions of the technology on the Internet. The user, after familiarizing himself with the content of the site, should form a 100% conviction that he is addressing competent people who know their product, its advantages and key features. And the company in which they work is reliable and trustworthy.

How to achieve this?

First of all, it is necessary and really to thoroughly examine all the technical features of the product, which will be discussed in the text. The design, the main characteristics, the specifics of operation in different conditions - everything matters.

At the same time, the materials necessary for writing text — catalogs, technical descriptions — are best taken not from open sources, where errors can easily occur, but from the staff of the company itself. Take time to familiarize yourself with the sent catalogs or even initiate an interview (by phone or Skype) with a leading specialist - in the future this will definitely come in handy.

In addition, before writing the text you should definitely:

  • learn as much as possible about the client’s business and his company;
  • explore the sites of competitors offering a similar product;
  • find out for which target audience it is intended.

When all the necessary material is collected, you can safely take it ... no, not for writing the text, but for drawing up a questionnaire for the client.

We clarify the nuances, ask questions

The devil is known to be in the details. In the case of technical texts, this rule always works at 100%. They should be filled with the most specific and absolutely reliable information that is useful to potential buyers. That is why the client, in addition to purely technical features, needs to clarify:

  • the mechanism for the acquisition of a product (the preparation of the CP on request, the delivery of equipment for the order of electronic catalogs, the invitation of the buyer to the showroom, etc.);
  • terms of delivery and installation (paid-free, terms, etc.);
  • the duration and conditions of commissioning, as well as subsequent service (how and where it is performed, by whom, etc.);
  • the duration and specifics of the guarantee (which cases are not covered, how is the replacement of components with factory defects, etc.).

And we are sure to find out REAL, not imaginary advantages!

Finally, when the technical and "client" part of the future text is worked out, you can proceed to the final stage - highlighting the competitive advantages of a particular company. At the same time, they must be real, not fictional. The first can be attributed, for example, the provision of a discount when placing an order for a certain amount, to the second - the “individual approach” and “experienced managers” who have already been bothered. And in order to highlight the real advantages of the company, it is necessary, again, to carefully examine the client's business and find out from him everything that may influence the decision making process during the purchase.

Write a summary

The next step is to agree on a text plan. We learned a lot, we can tell a potential buyer about everything that he would be interested. We make the abstract of the text. This is the last stage at which the client can say: "Yes, you all misunderstood! First, prepay, then just install!" or "But let's not write about it. Just scare him."

Practice shows:

Preparatory work on the project takes up to 50% of the copywriter time. But the writing of texts on the finished plan becomes much easier! In addition, such a thorough study "immerses" the copywriter in the subject, and it is easier for him to operate with concepts and terms that he has heard from the client more than once. And if the first 1-2 notes get quite a lot of customer comments, then it is easier and easier to work with each following text.

The complexity (and cost) of such works is, of course, higher than the market average. But we are ready to answer for the quality of so carefully prepared texts.

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