Advertising in groups "VK": step by step instructions

The article will be useful to those who want to promote products, services or communities with the help of "VKontakte" public, but do not know where to start. After reading, you will learn how to select groups with a target audience and create posts that help to achieve maximum conversion.

Revealing the audience

Before looking for communities, find out who your potential buyer is and make a portrait of him.

Identify needs. Find out what need meets your product or service. This should be one thing that unites the target audience. Understand what customers want, help polls and forums.

Learn about the interests. Learn about the interests of your audience, to determine the theme of the group.

For this task, a suitable tool for finding an audience is Cerebro Target. It allows you to analyze the interests of potential customers of the selected community.

In the "User analysis" section, insert a link to the group in which, according to your assumption, there is a central audience.

Cerebro is a good complement to another tool found in Facebook advertising office - Audience_insights. It shows the marital status, position, as well as the top favorite sites of representatives of your audience. And if you study the market in the USA, then in addition to the above, the level of salaries will also be available to you.

Determine gender and age. First, these parameters will help you select groups with the right audience. Secondly, to make the appeal in his post more personal. The Mail.Ru service will help you figure them out.

Selection of communities

After compiling an avatar of audience members, compile as many pages as possible to which potential customers can subscribe. For this:

  1. Use the "Community Search" "VKontakte".
  1. Find groups through the "Market Platform" in your account.
  1. Use third-party tools to work with groups "VK", such as "Pabler". In order to start the selection, go to the section "Public / Profiles", subsection - "Publicity VKontakte".

Community analysis

When you have a decent list of groups of the same subject, check each of them for five criteria.

The presence of Central Asia

To find out if your potential customers are in the community, check the gender, age and geography of its members. This data can be viewed in the "Statistics" tab.

By gender, age and geo, check the audience in the group

Active members

If people of the right age and gender are sitting in a group, we check it for involvement. This indicator is denoted by the ER (engagement rate) and is calculated using the ratio of actions to coverage.

ER can either be calculated independently, or found out with the help of "Pabler" or similar services. To do this, simply find the desired group in the search.

"Pabler" shows ER per day and ER post.

To understand whether the group is normal in the ER, compare it with the indicators of the community leaders in this topic.


You can find out the percentage of bots through the VKontakte application: "Search for" dead "members and subscribers." To do this, go to the application, paste the link to the community and click "Scan."

The presence of bots shows and "Pabler".

Usually in groups of 10-20% of bots. All that is more - cheat

Another way to test the community for "dead souls" is to look at the outflow of subscribers. To do this in the statistics of the page, look at the number of replies. A high jump on the unsubscribe schedule is a clear sign of a large number of bots.


Coverage refers to the number of views of a post in a news feed or on a community wall. When calculating this indicator, only unique users are taken into account. Moreover, "VKontakte" does not count the fast skipping record in the tape. The person must hold attention on the text or image. This indicator is also viewed in group statistics.

Since advertising is practically not shared, only those who are in public will see your post. Therefore, focus only on the reach of subscribers.

The normal coverage rate is 10-20% of the total number of subscribers. If a million people are signed up for a group, the coverage should be 100,000 - 200,000.


Analyze advertising publications in the community. This can be done in the "Pabler" in the "Posts".

If the public do not advertise products similar to your subject - it can be tested.

If competitors were placed only 1-3 times, most likely their advertising did not bring results. It is worth checking it for professional suitability (read about it in the block "Drawing up a post").

If competitors' advertising posts are published regularly - most likely the group has the audience you need. And to get a part of it, move away from competitors with the help of creatives and unique trade offers.


Through admin

This method is cheaper than advertising, through the official exchange "VK". It is suitable for those who are looking for communities with the help of third-party services and want to be placed in specific groups, and not choose from the proposed "VKontakte".

To accommodate directly:

  1. Find the admin contacts on the page. If not, write your sentence in a message or in a sentence on the wall.
  1. Agree on the price, time and terms of placement. Buying immediately a package of placements, you can negotiate a discount. But buying at once more than one advertising space should only be in already proven communities.
  2. Select the placement time based on the activity of subscribers. If the seats remain only for a time with low activity, ask the administrator to lower the price a bit. You can see the activity in the "Pabler" tab "Detailed Statistics".
  1. Submit post for approval. Please note that you may have to make edits. Therefore, it is better to send a recording in advance so as not to redo it five minutes before publication.

Through the exchange "VK"

Publication through the exchange of advertising "VK" is more expensive by 10-15%. Suitable for those who do not use third-party tools to search for communities, as the service itself offers accommodation options. And those who do not connect third-party metrics to analyze the effectiveness of advertising, because in your account you can see detailed statistics after the campaign.

To post a post through the exchange:

  1. Create an ad and submit it for moderation.

When the post passes the check, it will appear in the "Active" tab - it can be placed. If not pass - "Rejected." In this case, the moderators will indicate the reason, after correcting which, the ad can be sent back to moderation.

  1. According to the specified parameters, find the groups to be placed. You can search for them based on the subject, budget, coverage, number of participants, etc. However, finding a specific community by name will fail - the service will offer options.
  1. Send a request for accommodation. Your ad will automatically be placed in the time range you specify.

Drawing up a post

After you have agreed on the publication, prepare an advertising post.

  1. In the ad, consider the need of the audience, tell us how your product will solve its problem.
  1. Analyze competitor advertising, if any. Then create a unique offer and design of the post, so that your creatives stand out against the general background.
  1. Examine the content of the public in which you plan to post. Finding out which of them are the most popular, you will better understand the interests of subscribers. This will help make a more interesting and less ad record.
  1. Fill the text with emoticons so that it is more noticeable and focuses attention on the main thing. Just do not overdo it, the post should look natural, and emoticons - fit the meaning.
  1. Shorten long links in the text using or Google URL Shortener. So the record will occupy a smaller volume, look neater and most importantly inspire more confidence.
  1. The image should be catchy, so that your post is noticed in the feed, but at the same time relevant to the proposal.
  1. Write a catchy title. To do this, make it the main benefit. If he is not interested in CA, then no one will read your text, even the most useful and selling one.

Work with comments

Negative. After the post is posted, comments will be posted under it and not always positive. So try to work out all the negative.

Informational. Also, people can ask questions: "how to order", "how much it costs", "what is the advantage of the product", etc. They also need to be answered in time.

Outsiders. Any unrelated comments can be asked to delete the administrator.

Evaluation of results

To make it easier to keep statistics and analyze the results, create a table in Google Spreadsheets or Excel with the following fields:

  • community name and link
  • advertising post,
  • cost of accommodation
  • post date and time,
  • admin contacts,
  • number of transitions
  • number of applications
  • ER group
  • profit.

Refer to Yandex.Metrica for referrals and requests. And to distinguish your adverts and communities in which you are located, add UTM tags to links. Dmitry Dementy disclosed this topic in more detail in the article: "How to use the new Yandex.Metrica: a detailed guide for beginners."

If placed through the VC exchange, after the RC you can see in the advertiser's personal account:

  • the total number of users who viewed the advertisement, and their distribution by gender and age;
  • the number of unique users referred by at least one link in the record;
  • the number of users who shared, commented or marked the post with the "Like" button;
  • the number of subscribing users if the community was advertised;
  • number of applications from the group.

To view detailed statistics, click on the corresponding icon in the appropriate advertising section.

If you sent a request directly, but there is no possibility to connect the metric - ask the administrator for post statistics before deleting it. She shows:

  • total reach and reach of subscribers;
  • likes, reposts and comments;
  • the number of users who have hidden a posting from their news feed;
  • the number of complaints about the publication;
  • the number of people following the link in the post.

Repeated postings

If the first few publications in the community were successful, continue posting. But note that over time the conversion of ads will decrease. Most participants will notice your ad after several postings, so the next time they ignore it. To overcome banner blindness update the record once in several placements.

  • Test the new headline.
  • Change emoticons.
  • Change the structure of the text.
  • Post with a different image.

Make the post look different, and users will notice your post again.

For example, I was posted several times in the community with this ad:

The first placement brought ten leads, the second - eight, after the third came only two applications, after the fourth - three.

I changed the photo, came up with a new headline, placed other emoticons and the next day I was placed in the same group.

Repeated postings with a new post brought eight, and a second time - seven applications. Given that the ad text remains the same - only its visual part and title has changed.

Search for new communities

To increase the coverage you need to constantly look for new groups for accommodation. In order to find similar communities, use a tool for searching for intersections of audiences, such as, for example, Cerebro Target. In it, you can click on the link to the public, in which they have already successfully advertised, to find similar ones, where part of the same subscribers will be composed. To do this, go to the "Search for an audience" section, the subsection "Groups with Central Asia" and insert a link to the required page.

Groups can be filtered by the parameters you need and download links to them in a text document or in Excel.

To find intersections of the audience, you can use free analogues, for example, the application "Comparison of group audience".

The disadvantage of this application is that it compares only two communities, and does not immediately look for all of the intersections.

How much is advertising in communities

The main indicators on which the price of placement depends are the number of subscribers and community topics. On average, the cost of 1,000 impressions is 20-80 rubles. The most expensive topics are women's and business: the price for an advertising post in them starts from 40 rubles. At the same time, the narrower the target audience in the group, the more expensive advertising in it. When evaluating requests from administrators, be guided by these numbers and criteria.

Watch the video: FACEBOOK ADVERTISING IN GROUPS (April 2020).


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