7 techniques for increasing the effectiveness of social media marketing

Editor's Note: This material contains figures relating to the foreign segment of the Internet. In Russia, the numbers may differ, but the general trends are clear.

The dynamic development of social media has long attracted the attention of Internet marketers. Working in online communities allows businesses to reach a large audience at a relatively low cost. However, all sorts of studies confirm a slight conversion rate of social traffic. This is, in general, understandable. The behavior of the audience in social networks is different from the behavior in search engines. Given that the audience spends more and more time in social programs, it does not use them to search for goods and services.

You can solve this problem by integrating social media promotion into your overall marketing plan. This will increase the effectiveness of promotion of the business on the Internet as a whole, as well as increase the effectiveness of promotional activities in the network communities.

This article will introduce you to the seven tactical methods of promoting business in social media. Their effectiveness is confirmed by serious research that can be used as evidence for customers or the management of your company.

So, what tactics of social media promotion increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

1. Use the power of social connections

Consumers are more likely to respond to the recommendations of their friends than to advertisements. Perfomics has established in the course of researching the behavior of social network users that every third respondent responds to commercial messages reposting made by friends.

Effective marketing advice: encourage consumers to share information about your business with friends on social networks. In addition, use paid advertising to attract users to your brand page on the social network.

2. Remember, social media is not limited to Facebook and VKontakte.

Of course, Facebook and VKontakte are too big to be ignored during marketing campaigns. However, some social media provide a higher traffic conversion rate.

In particular, a survey by Shop.org, comScore and The Partnering Group confirms that 70% of corporate blog visitors are moving to the company's official website. And 68% of consumers use YouTube’s video service to find product information. In addition, Pinterest and Twitter users more often subscribe to brand news than Facebook visitors.

Effective marketing advice: create a branded social channel. Share your business through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte and other online communities.

3. Remember the reach of mobile device owners.

Perfomics experts have determined in the course of the aforementioned study what devices are used by visitors of social networks.

Effective marketing advice: adapt your website for mobile traffic. We have already dealt with this topic earlier. Owners of PCs, tablets and smartphones should be able to read your blog.

4. Demonstrate the emotional side of business to make your information viral.

Teachers of the Wharton Business School, Jonah Berger and Catherine Milkman, answered the question "What makes online content viral?" in the article of the same name. Social media users are willing to share with each other emotionally positive, unexpected and useful information.

Effective marketing advice: create appealing content. This increases the likelihood of viral dissemination of your information. By the way, we have material that will help you.

5. Avoid blatant advertising and imposing your product.

Remember, your consumers are as smart as you are. They are well aware of any advertising tricks. Moreover, consumers do not trust advertising and people broadcasting advertising information.

Social media users are looking for content and useful information that will allow them to make their own choices. You may be surprised, but we have material that also reveals this topic in detail.

A study by Nielsen Corp. confirms the above. As seen in the illustration, only 36% of users of online communities trust advertising, while 92% of respondents believe the recommendations of friends.

Effective marketing advice: create useful content that allows your customers to make their own decisions. Tell consumers how to choose and use the product. In short, actively use content marketing.

As researchers at Shop.org have determined, detailed product information, reviews, and user opinions are among the most effective in terms of sales content.

6. Actively use photos

Photos are a real magnet for the audience. Perfomics researchers call illustrations one of the most effective business tools in social networks. They attract the attention of 44% of community visitors.

Effective marketing advice: use relevant photos to attract the attention of the audience in social networks.

7. Continue social media communication via email.

According to Monetate, email has a higher conversion rate compared to social sites (see illustration). In other words, calls for making purchases have low effectiveness if they are published in online communities.

Effective marketing technique: create a database of email addresses of users of social networks interacting with your business. This will help you increase conversion.


Realize the growing consumer activity of social media users. This will be your first step to improving your marketing campaigns.

Use social networks to attract the attention of the audience and establish a relationship of trust with potential buyers. Try to continue to communicate with them via e-mail to increase the likelihood of transactions.

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