Seven tactics to improve the effectiveness of advertising in social networks

Most Internet users daily check their accounts on social networks, and many of them cannot even live an hour without VKontakte and Facebook. However, marketers do not use this in full, as they still have to prove to the management and even to themselves the effectiveness of publishing advertising on social networks.

Despite this, brands plan to increase spending on the promotion of business in social media in the current year. Such conclusions were made by specialists of the marketing firm Nielsen, having studied the global market for advertising in social networks.

In particular, Nielsen cites the following facts in the research report:

  • Every seventh inhabitant of the planet has a Facebook account as of the end of 2012.
  • About 80% of active Internet users daily communicate in social networks or read notes on blogs.
  • About 75% of advertisers who participated in the Nielsen study, already publish ads on social resources.
  • 64% of them plan to increase the budget of the advertising campaign in social networks in 2013.
  • Brands finance advertising on social platforms by reducing the cost of offline advertising.

The results of the Nielsen study are an effective tool for increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in social networks. Below you will find a description of seven tactics that allow you to use this tool in practice.

1. Use the social potential of your employees.

About 89% of brand advertisers use free marketing tools in social networks, implementing advertising campaigns on their own. However, only 71% of agencies use this opportunity, promoting the business of their clients. At the same time, 81% of agencies use paid tools of social networks to promote the content of their official pages, while among companies that promote social networks themselves, only 75% of them are.

Thus, brands tend to independently use free marketing tools in social networks. They attract their own resources to create and distribute content, as well as to interact with the audience. At the same time, companies often delegate the publication of paid advertisements to external agencies.

So, consider how company employees can participate in the marketing of your business in social networks. First, it is a good way to save financial resources. Secondly, the audience will get the opportunity to interact with your company on a personal level.

2. Publish ads on social networks that your target audience uses.

As noted above, almost two thirds of advertisers are planning to increase the budget for marketing campaigns in social networks in the current year. At the same time, 40% of respondents report that they will increase the budget by only 10% or less. Thus, brands increase spending on paid ads on social networks only marginally.

In order to effectively spend your budget, try not to exclude any little things. Your ads should be published at the right time, in the right place. At a minimum, you should know your favorite social platforms for your target audience.

3. Use social networks to increase audience reach.

About 40% of advertisers reduce the cost of offline advertising in favor of publishing paid ads in social networks. VKontakte and Facebook reclaim the means of brands from print media and television, as companies consider social platforms to be a phenomenon capable of combining various channels of information dissemination.

Please note that more than half of advertisers combine the publication of paid advertisements in social networks with offline advertising. This is not surprising, since social communities are a cheaper marketing platform. Interestingly, more than 25% of advertisers reduce the cost of traditional online advertising in favor of publishing ads on social networks. And two-thirds of brands coordinate traditional online campaigns with marketing activities in online communities.

Find ways to increase your reach with social media ads. Use for this purpose both paid announcements, and free tools. The simplest example of implementing this tactic is to popularize your group or public through advertising and publishing interesting content at the same time.

4. Define the goals and objectives of the social media advertising campaign.

More than half of marketers use social media advertising to promote the brand. Only every sixth advertiser publishes paid ads on Facebook or VKontakte to get an immediate response (leads, conversions, deals). If you use the sales funnel model, social networks are her wide mouth.

So buy ads in online communities to engage as many potential customers as possible with your company. Do not expect from the audience "VKontakte" immediate deals, as ads on social networks solve other problems. However, think about what you want from a potential client who has reached the page of your public. What should he do so that you can consider advertising effective?

5. Create a relevant landing page for social network users.

More than 54% of advertisers mainly want to use the same criteria for evaluating offline advertising and paid tools to promote content in social networks. In particular, they consider sales, brand awareness and free publications about their company as an indicator of the success of advertising. However, only every tenth seller of advertising in social networks can guarantee advertisers the desired result. And half of the sellers offer brands performance indicators that do not meet their goals.

Therefore, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in social networks yourself. For example, create a landing page on a corporate website for users coming through advertising links from Facebook and VKontakte. Record the number of potential customers who performed the actions you need. But remember that you should not expect immediate transactions from this category of potential customers. Therefore, your landing page should be only one of the stages of acquaintance of consumers with the business. For example, offer them a discount for registering on the site.

6. Measure the effectiveness of advertising in social networks

More than 90% of brands want to use the same methods of measuring success when conducting advertising campaigns in social networks and offline. In particular, they define campaign goals, metrics that allow to evaluate ROI, and then calculate the effectiveness of the publication of ads. A third of advertisers find advertising in social networks useful, but does not believe in the possibility of measuring this benefit.

Identify specific metrics that will allow you to evaluate the return on your advertising investment. Perhaps it will be the number of new subscribers or the frequency of references to your brand in social networks. Specific indicators allow us to understand whether the game is worth the candle.

7. Use advertising on social networks both to inform customers about your brand, and to support sales.

More than half of advertisers want social media activity to increase sales of their product. At the same time, almost half of the companies are waiting for advertising to increase brand awareness.

Nobody forbids you to use ads both to inform customers and to support sales. Involve consumers in the conversion scenario from the first visit to your public in the social network.

So, advertising in social networks helps brands to establish contact with the audience and raises awareness of potential customers. However, paid ads in online communities are also an important element of sales. Use the described tactics to use the full potential of advertising campaigns in social networks.

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