Which callback is better: a review of the functionality of 14 callback services

In this article you will find an overview of the best callback services for sites. The summary table shows the main functions of the tools. Information will help assess the capabilities of popular callback services and choose the best option.


Pozvonim provides callbacks using the multifunctional widget. This tool allows a site visitor to call back or write to company employees in instant messengers and social networks.


The cost of a call back to Russian subscribers through the Pozvonim service is 4 rubles per minute. The price of using the widget is from 500 rubles per month. There is a free version with limited functionality.

Integration with the site

Widget settings are available in your account in the "Start" menu.

In the Create New Project window, select the Smart Feedback Widget option and the site URL. The system will offer to copy the code and paste it into the site. If you do not know how to do this, follow the instructions for popular CMS.

NB! In the instructions for WordPress widget developers offer to install the script in the template code. This is not entirely correct, since when you change or even update the theme, you will have to install the script again. It’s better to install the widget code using plug-ins like Head, Footer and Post Injection or Google Tag Manager.

After installing the code, a callback widget will appear on the site.

When a site visitor activates a widget, a callback form opens.

Settings, features, features

By default, the form displays a prompt to call back in 28 seconds. A potential customer can choose an immediate call or the option "Call me back later." To configure the widget, go to the appropriate section in your account.

In the menu "Widget - Design" after selecting a paid rate, you can customize the appearance of the widget. It is possible to choose the design and position of the button, change the design of the widget, the background and use arbitrary styles for the design.

In the "Widget - Phrases and Algorithms" menu, you can customize the display mode and select the phrases that the user will see when interacting with the site and the widget. These settings control the activation scenarios of Pozvonim service widgets. In the "Managers and Branches" menu, you can distribute calls to branches or specify extensions.

Impression scenarios determine the degree of proactiveness of callback widgets. By adjusting the scenarios, the administrator adjusts the balance between the efficiency of the lead generation tools and the comfort of the site visitors.

In advanced settings you can integrate smart widget with CRM. Currently the service works with Bitrix24 and amoCRM. Also, in the advanced settings, you can manage blacklists of users, use the API to integrate the Pozvonim service with the site, target the widget displays by region. Additional settings are available after payment of one of the commercial rates.

In the menu "Callback" you need to specify the main settings of the widget. The choice of country is available, the mode of receiving reports. You can specify which phone numbers potential customers and your managers will see: Pozvonim system numbers or manager and customer numbers, respectively. Also available is the choice of the method of call: normal and SIP. In the basic settings, add phone numbers and names of managers. If necessary, you can check the connection using a test call. For this account balance must be positive.

In the "Channels of Communication" menu, the functionality of the callback widget can be extended: add a form of communication via instant messengers and social networks, and also enable the online consultant widget. You can connect a mobile and mini callback widget and specify the contact details of the organization with the location map.

The Statistics section of the menu contains detailed data that can be used to analyze the effectiveness of callbacks. In the event section there is information about deferred calls.

Managers can interact with customers through the operator’s office. To customize it, select the appropriate menu in the "Projects" section.

In the settings, you can integrate the office with CRM, add managers and customize the distribution of dialogues, track event notifications. You can connect the Slack application to work with the online consultant widget and instant messengers.

Please note that the use of the operator’s office is charged separately. The cost of one workplace per month is 750 rubles. The callback function can be used without connecting the operator’s cabinet.

Pozvonim service is versatile. In parallel with the callback function in one widget, you can add chat with a consultant through the form on the website or instant messengers. Pozvonim stands out for its low cost calls. But for access to the full functionality of the smart widget and the operator's office will have to pay.


UpToCall is a universal callback widget. Using a tool, a potential client can contact the business by phone or email.


The cost of using UpToCall is from 360 rubles per month. The base rate is 1200 rubles per month. Subscribers get 150 free minutes to talk to site visitors. After the limit is exhausted, calls are charged at the rate of 10 rubles per minute.

Integration with the site, settings, features, features

To add the UpToCall widget to the site, you must specify the basic settings. After registering in your account, you can specify the URL of the resource. After that, the system will offer to specify the call settings. The following options are available:

  • Selecting the method of calls: telephony or SIP.
  • Connecting extensions.
  • Distribution of calls between departments.
  • Schedule settings work.
  • Deferred call settings.

After selecting the basic settings, the system will offer a code that must be inserted on all pages of the site before the closing tag. After the code is integrated, a widget will appear on the site.

After activating the widget, the site visitor can request a call back or write to the managers a message in an email.

After adding the widget to the site, you can access additional service settings. The administrator can select the display mode of the callback button and the location of the widget.

On the "Design and Text" tab, you can select the type and appearance of the widget. Three options are available: a standard widget in the form of a pop-up window, a side panel and a plate.

On the "Black List" tab, you can block selected phone numbers and IP addresses. In the geotargeting tab, you can target widget displays by region. For Russia and Ukraine, targeting is available up to regions and settlements. In the integration settings, you can connect the UpToCall widget to amoCRM, Megaplan or Bitrix24. Also, the Telegram bot is available to users of the service, which sends call statistics by sites.

You can track calls and analyze the effectiveness of callbacks in the “Lida” and “Analytics” sections of your personal account.

The UpToCall service is notable for its simple settings, quick implementation on the site and clear pricing. Among the shortcomings it is necessary to note the absence of a test or free tariff.


Chaser - callback service with flexible activation settings. Integrates with web analytics systems and CRM, allows you to record phone calls.


The cost of using Chaser is from 990 rubles per month. The popular Optimum tariff costs 2990 rubles a month. Subscribers get 250 minutes to talk with customers and the ability to record conversations. After registration, a free test period is available.

Integration with the site

To add a Chaser widget to the site, you must select general settings. The system will prompt you to specify the site URL, add manager numbers, determine working hours. You can also select phone numbers that managers and customers see. It is possible to disable the display of the widget on mobile devices.

After specifying the general data, the system will offer to continue the settings or immediately integrate the widget into the site. In the second case, you can complete the settings later.

Settings, features, features

In the "Manage" menu of your personal account, you can customize the appearance of the widget, the display algorithm, connect the lead collection widget during off-hours, add phones and addresses to the blacklist.

The appearance of the widget is configured in a visual and convenient visual editor. The user can select the type and design of the widget's call button, as well as its position on the site.

In the "Display Algorithm" section, the conditions for activating the widget are configured. The callback order window can be activated by the user's time on the website or page, the number of pages and screens viewed. You can also enable widget displays when a user attempts to close a page.

In the "Lead Collection" section, a callback order widget is activated, which is displayed during off-hours.

Chaser can be integrated with CRM Bitrix24. The function is available in the "Settings - Integration" menu. You can listen to phone conversations in the “Ether” menu, and you can manage tasks and track call statistics in the “Call” menu.

The main features of the service are a convenient visual editor for customizing the design of the widget, recording calls, flexible activation settings. The service supports integration with only one CRM.


CallbackHunter is a multifunctional customer feedback service. The tool provides visitors the opportunity to contact the site managers by phone, as well as using instant messengers and social networks.


The cost of the starting tariff is 2500 rubles per month. The payment includes 50 minutes of calls, an unlimited number of calls, integration with CRM. There is a free tariff, which involves communication with customers via instant messengers and social networks.

Integration with the site

You can install the widget on the site after registering and specifying general settings: URL of the resource, telephone numbers of managers, working hours of the organization. After adding the code to the body of the pages, the widget appears on the site.

When a user interacts with the widget, a callback or chat form in instant messengers opens. When you try to close a page, a client retention window pops up.

Settings, features, features

In the settings you can specify phrases for answering machines in messengers and social networks. The site owner can choose the appearance of the widget buttons and their position on the site. You can also edit the text inside the widget.

In the "Conversion Settings" section, the user can adjust the display mode of the widget. The system allows you to adjust the frequency of impressions, the activity of the widget, depending on the movements of the user's cursor, to activate the night mode. You can also deactivate the client retention window that pops up when you try to close the page.

In the settings of the telecom, you can select the order of calling managers, as well as phone numbers that managers see. The position of the mobile version of the widget is adjusted separately. You can block phone numbers and IP addresses to combat spam. There is a regional targeting and flexible settings for the widget's reactions to user behavior on the site.

Integration of CallbackHunter with CRM, for example, amoCRM and Bitrix24, is possible through the API. The widget can also be integrated with the LPGenerator landing page creation service. API documentation is available in profile settings.

The CallbackHunter service is distinguished by its wide functionality and aggressive widget display mode while maintaining default settings. In the test version, the user is given 120 free minutes to check the quality of the service.

Wait Widget

Wait a minute Widget is a comprehensive tool for retaining and organizing customer feedback.


The basic version of the widget is available for free. The cost of paid versions with extended functionality ranges from 699 rubles per month. The business version can be tested for free during the week. The trial version includes 50 rubles for calls.

When using the free tariff, you can buy individual functions. These include setting up blacklists and the ability to show managers the phone numbers of interlocutors.

Integration with the site

To install the Wait Widget site, you must specify the URL and select the design settings. You can change the color and position of the button and widget, brand callback form. Also in the settings you can specify the time of the organization. After selecting the settings and adding code, the widget appears on the site.

Clicking on the button opens a callback order form.

Settings, features, features

To work with the service, you can rent a multichannel city number. The cost of a Moscow room is 450 rubles per month.

In the callback settings, you can specify a call-in manager mode, connect a voice greeting, change the text of the widget. The service can also be integrated with your PBX via SIP. Wait Widget can be integrated with amoCRM and with analytics systems "Metric" and Analytics.

The statistics section is available in your account. The effectiveness of callbacks can be analyzed in the context of traffic sources, search phrases, UTM tags, widget activation pages. Visitor log available with contact details. You can filter unwanted calls by IP and phone numbers.

The main feature of Wake Widget is a convenient analytics section with a call tracking function. Site owners can analyze the effectiveness of channels to attract traffic, the conversion of pages and sections of the site and other parameters of advertising campaigns. A big advantage is the ability to use the basic version for free. Among the drawbacks are not enough flexible settings for the activation of the widget.


Perezvoni is a client retention tool that is activated when certain actions are performed by site visitors. Perezvoni has a powerful analytics system, a separate widget for mobile screens and other useful features.


The initial version is available for free. It includes access to statistics, 20 minutes for calls, 5 sms per month.

For commercial tariffs there are several ways of pricing. Site owners can pay for leads, that is, held phone calls. The cost of 90 leads is 7920 rubles. Talking with potential customers is possible without restrictions. You can also pay for minutes and sms.

Unlimited tariff costs 1490 rubles per month.

Integration with the site

Perezvoni widget is installed on the site within a minute. It is enough to enter the registration data, copy the code proposed by the system and paste it in front of the tag.

Settings, features, features

The system uses the data provided during registration to set up callbacks to the phone number of the site owner. If necessary, you can add new managers and phone numbers. That is, immediately after installing the widget, you can receive calls from the site.

In the settings of the widget, you can choose the color and location of the widget on large and mobile screens, visual effects. Thin conditions are set for the widget. You can offer a callback during the search, when you try to leave the site, immediately after the user lands on the page.

The site owner can change the text of the widget, as well as use the split tests to determine the most effective settings. After payment of commercial rates, you can adjust the sensitivity of the widget to the actions of users.

In the telephony settings, you can specify what information the manager will receive when they receive a phone call. It is possible to choose which numbers are seen by managers and clients. If necessary, you can choose a dialing scenario: the system can call all managers at once or select the best rating managers.

The site administrator has the ability to limit unwanted calls by phone number or IP-address. Из важных дополнительных настроек нужно выделить географический фильтр и предложение подписаться на группы компании в соцсетях, которое появляется после завершения звонка.

В разделе аналитики представлены статистические данные, с помощью которых можно оценивать эффективность виджета обратного звонка.

Дополнительные возможности бизнес получает благодаря инструменту "Мультивиджет 2.0". With it, you can improve the efficiency of work with users who come to the site from search engines.

The multividget allows you to show potential clients a pop-up window with a call order form. The title and text of the widget can be made relevant to user search queries. For example, for the author of the request “LG smartphone”, the widget will show the proposal to call back and listen to the latest LG model, and the author of the request “Nokia smartphone” will see an offer to learn about the smartphone of the respective manufacturer.

The functionality of the Perezvoni service allows you to adjust customer feedback in various ways. The tool supports various options for call order forms, the activation rules of which are flexibly configured. The service can be integrated with CRM Megaplan, Bitrix24 and amoCRM.


CallbackKILLER is positioned as a free callback service. In addition to the widget for collecting leads, users get access to beta versions of CRM.


The basic version of the callback widget can be used for free. Site owners pay for conversations with customers at the rates of operators. A commercial version of the widget and additional tools are also available, including online chat and a client generator.

The cost of the paid version is 750 rubles per month, and if you pay immediately for a year, the cost of a month is 500 rubles.

Integration with the site

To install the widget, you must specify the registration data and select the basic settings. At this stage, the site owner enters the phone numbers of managers, the running time of the organization and the settings for displaying the widget during off hours. Then the system generates the code to be inserted into the body of the site pages.

Settings, features, features

The administrator has access to the appearance of the widget. It is possible to choose the shape, size, color and position of the callback button. Adjusted animation, text color. You can turn on the darkening of the site when you activate the call order form Also, the administrator can change the text of the button and the call order form.

In the individual settings, you can select the widget display mode: from rare to aggressive. It is possible to target shows on a geographical basis. With the default settings, the client will be able to receive a recording of the conversation after the completion of communication with the manager

The function "Surprise the client" allows the manager to receive data about previously held conversations with the caller at the time of the call. In this case, the specialist can immediately proceed to the discussion of issues of interest to the potential client.

CallbackKILLER can be integrated with amoCRM, Bitrix24, retailCRM, U-ON Travel. Service can be associated with analytics systems.

The site owner can choose the conditions for downloading the widget. For example, it can be activated only on certain pages of the site.

In the statistical section, you can track the effectiveness of callbacks. The service also makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic attraction channels

CallbackKILLER stands out for its multi-functionality. In addition to the callback widget, site owners can use online chat for customer feedback, as well as other lead generation tools. The default settings provide a too aggressive look and feel for the widget, so the tool needs to be customized.

CallbackKILLER is currently rebranding. New service name - Envybox.


CallBaska provides callbacks using a proactive widget. The functionality of the tool is extended due to the form of communication via instant messengers. The service has a convenient monitoring system.


The cost of the starting package is 300 rubles per month. The package allows you to organize customer feedback through messages. The initial tariff plan with callback function costs 790 rubles per month. After registration, the system provides the user with 30 minutes for test calls.

It is possible to remove the name of the service from the widget. It costs 6000 rubles a year.

Integration with the site

The code for installing the widget on the site is available immediately after registration. You can customize the tool after installation.

Settings, features, features

The webmaster can select the widget display mode during business and non-business hours. In the settings, you can connect chat, integrate the service with RoiStat, Metric and Google Analytics, customize the appearance of the widget and change the default text. You can also add conditions under which the callback widget does not load.

Using the API, CallBaska can be integrated with amoCRM and Bitrix24. Integration with Calltouch call tracking service is also available.

You can configure blacklists by IP and phone number. The statistics section allows you to track the effectiveness of callbacks.

CallBaska is notable for simple introduction of the widget to the site. The service is not inferior to analogues in the flexibility of settings and functionality.

Call tornado

The functionality, appearance of the widget and the interface of the office of the Call Tornado service practically does not differ from the design of the widget and the office of the CallbackKILLER service. According to CallbackKILLER specialist Darya Slabzheninova, Call Tornado is a partner of Envybox, therefore CallbackKILLER and Call Tornado use a common platform.


A free version of the product is available. Site owners pay only for telephony services at the rates of operators. There are paid tariffs that provide access to additional functions: widget customization, integration with analytics systems, geo-targeting. The cost of paid packages ranges from 200 to 10 000 rubles per month.

Call Tornado provides site owners with the same features as CallbackKILLER. Minor differences are only in terms of service use.


Redconnect is a callback widget that is friendly to site visitors. Button and call order form does not interfere with the use of the resource, but effectively generate leads.


A free version of the service is available. It includes 1000 calls per month and 30 minutes for conversations with customers. Over-limit minutes must be paid.

In commercial tariffs leads are paid. For example, when choosing a Large package, you pay 25,010 rubles for 610 connections or 41 rubles for a lead. Package action is not limited in time. That is, you can get 610 leads per day or per year.

Integration with the site

To install the widget on the site, it is enough to register and enter at least one telephone in your personal account for callbacks. After adding the code to the header or body of the page, feedback widgets appear on the site.

Settings, features, features

In the settings, the administrator can create widgets with different phone numbers for different pages of the site. You can add agents, choose the method of communication (telephony or SIP), select the widget display mode.

Appearance is configured using a convenient visual editor. In addition to the standard widget, the owner can activate a pop-up window with a call order form.

In the "History" section, call statistics and call recordings are available. You can configure the regular sending of reports to the administrator email.

Special attention is given to technology Cobrowse. Through a special application, the operator can observe the actions of the visitor on the site. This improves the quality and speed of counseling.

As noted above, by default, the RedHelper online chat is set up with a callback form on the site. If necessary, it can be disabled. For owners of paid accounts, the RedMetric analytics service is available, which is in beta testing.

Redconnect is notable for its convenience and user-friendliness of the call order form. The widget does not distract the visitor from using the site. Of the additional features, Cobrowse technology should be noted, which increases the efficiency of the operators.


2Calls widget callback and lead generation. The site administrator can manage the application using an iOS application.


The cost of use is from 1900 rubles per month. There is a free fare with 25 minutes for test calls.

Integration with the site, settings, features, features

To install the widget on the site, you need to specify the registration data, enter phone numbers and names of managers, choose a method of communication, set up a work schedule. You also need to choose a way to call managers: all at once or alternately. Also, before installation, you must select one of the options for the button and the call order form.

After adding the code, the widget appears on the site.

The administrator can change the widget's display mode, manage the form displays on mobile devices, change the text of the call order form. The service integrates with analytics systems "Metric" and Analytics, CRM Bitrix24b "Megaplan" and amoCRM.

It is possible to filter unwanted calls by IP and phone number. You can add to the site widget that appears when you try to close the page. There is also a tool for announcing stocks.

The statistical section displays conversion sources, the conversion rate of the widget. You can track conversions by widget states: call orders using a button, a hold window and a stock announcement window. The site owner can listen to the recording of conversations.

2Calls stands out for non-standard design of the call order form. The tool allows you to keep the client on the site and inform visitors about the best deals.


Perezvonok is positioned as a free callback service. The form of this system allows you to order a telephone conversation or contact the operator via social networks or e-mail.


The cost of using the full version of the service is 130 rubles per month. A free test is available for two weeks. Calls are paid according to the tariffs of operators in both test and full versions.

Integration with the site, settings, features, features

Before installing the widget on the site, the system suggests specifying the basic settings. The appearance of the button, the pop-up window and the call order form, as well as the widget's display mode, is configured before integrating the tool with the site.

The site owner can specify the pages of the site where the widget will be displayed. You can also specify the pages where the call order button will not be shown. When the settings are selected, you can copy the code and paste it into the body of the site pages.

In the personal account for the site owner available detailed call statistics. Information includes data about visitors: traffic sources, search phrases, conversion pages. Also, statistical information is available for messages in social networks and chat.

Perezvonok is a relatively inexpensive callback service with standard functionality. Of the features, it is worth emphasizing the flexible settings of the mode of impressions, with the help of which the widget's proactivity can be adjusted.


CleverCallback is a callback service that provides different activation scenarios, call recording, geographical targeting of impressions.


Two versions of the widget are available: free Light and paid Pro. Unlike the free version, the appearance of buttons and forms in the paid one can be changed. Service can be integrated with analytics systems. Geo-targeting is available in a paid version. The cost of using the Pro version is 25 rubles per day.

The cost of the package, which includes 300 minutes of calls, is 1,800 rubles.

Integration with the site, settings, features, features

The functionality of CleverCallback, including the settings of the widget, the appearance of buttons and forms, the interface and the capabilities of the administrator’s office, do not differ much from the functionality of the Callbaska service. The differences are in the principles of pricing and tariffs.

Consultants CleverCallback and CallBaska argue that these are different services, but there is no connection between them. Nevertheless, even the design of the letter form of account activation for these services is the same.

CallBaska and CleverCallback probably share a common platform, so they provide users with the same features.

"Saytfon" from CoMagic

"Sitephone" - callback widget from the company CoMagic. CoMagic clients have access to call tracking, analytics service, lead generator and other products.


The cost of using the widget is from 1000 rubles per month.

Integration with the site

To install a callback widget, just register on the service website and specify the URL of the resource. Please note that the code must be inserted into the header of the site pages. By default, the widget is displayed in the upper left corner.

Settings, features, features

The site owner can choose the devices on which the callback widget will be displayed. You can specify the schedule of hits, as well as enable captcha to protect against spam.

You can choose the appearance, color and position of the widget on the site. In your account there is a preview mode of the “Sitephone” button.

The administrator can select call forwarding mode, set processing rules, add voice messages for employees and visitors.

Sytfon is integrated with CoMagic analytics system. Also, the tool can be associated with analytics services "Metric" and Analytics and popular CRM.

"Sitephone" is a tool for organizing callbacks with basic functionality. If the site owner uses other CoMagic tools, he gets a set of funds to attract and retain customers, as well as analytics.

Which service to choose

The unequivocal answer to this question can only be found independently. The choice depends on the specifics of your project. Therefore, it is more appropriate to talk about the selection criteria.

All callback services have similar functionality. The basic features include installing a callback widget on the site. It is activated by user request or scripts selected by the site administrator. Most services provide access to statistics and analytics, call records.

The main criterion for choosing a callback service is the ability to flexibly control the widget's pro-activity. Button activation scenarios determine the balance between effective lead generation and visitor comfort.

The second criterion is the ability to customize the appearance of the widget and the callback form. It depends on how seamlessly the new element will fit into the design of the resource.

The third criterion is the pricing principle and tariffs. Most services form prices in one of three ways: pay for a package of services with free minutes, for minutes with a free widget, and only for calls made. The choice depends on the characteristics of the site and business.

comparison table

For your convenience, we have collected all the services in a comparative table. Choose and use:

Oleg Lazarev, Senior Manager of CoMagic Sales Department, recommends that site owners, when choosing a callback service, be guided by the following criteria:

  • Cost per minute of conversation.
  • The status of the operator of the company.
  • Flexibility to customize display scripts.
  • The appearance of the widget and the possibility of customization.
  • Integration with other systems, for example, CRM or analytical services.
  • Ability to customize: instant call or select a convenient time.
  • Ability to configure various call forwarding scenarios.

According to Oleg Lazarev, the status of a telecom operator at a widget developer company provides site owners with an advantage: reliability and quality assurance.

For easy comparison of service capabilities, use the pivot table. And finally choose after testing at least several systems. Most callback services provide a free trial period.

In pursuit of a beautiful widget, you can get a braking site: comment by co-founder "Wait for a Widget" by Sergey Mekhonoshin

Co-founder "Wait for the Widget" Sergey Mekhonoshin commented on an important question for site owners. He told what to look for when choosing a callback service.

Dmitry Dementiy: Sergey, good afternoon. Readers of the Texterra blog will be interested in the opinion of a professional about choosing a callback system for websites. Questions are related to this. Here is the first: what criteria should the site owner pay when choosing a callback service?

Sergey Mekhonoshin: Hello. The first is the ability to customize the widget's obsession, the second is its work on the mobile version of the site.

DD: What do you think, what pricing principle is the most beneficial for the site owner: payment for leads or held calls, payment for a package of services with free minutes included in it, payment only for calls?

CM.: Payment for actual calls. In all other cases, the client overpays. The cost of a lead is calculated so as to pay off any call, and the included minutes in the tariff are calculated so that you do not spend them completely.

DD: How to evaluate the technical excellence or correctness of the widgets? When we add additional code to the site, it can negatively affect at least the speed of loading pages. What should the resource owner assess: download speed, adaptation of the widget to mobile screens, something else?

CM.: First, it is important that the widget is correctly displayed and functioned on your site in all basic uses: computer, mobile phone, tablet. Secondly, so that it does not spoil the layout of the site and does not disrupt the work of the most important components, for example, a basket or calculator of services. Thirdly, it is important to check the download speed of the site for the search engine. Это важно с точки зрения ранжирования вашего сайта в результатах поиска.

Также нужно проверить скорость работы виджета в вашем браузере. Бывает, в погоне за красивым виджетом вы получаете постоянно тормозящий сайт в браузере и из-за этого только начинаете больше терять клиентов.

DD: Мне как интернет-пользователю не нравятся слишком агрессивные виджеты обратного звонка. Когда на странице что-то мерцает, выскакивает само по себе, не дает закрыть окно, это раздражает. How can site owners appreciate the friendliness of callback services to users?

CM.: As already noted, it is important that the widget has advanced options for customizing obsession. For different types of businesses, different obsessions are needed, for sites of different content, but in the same niche, different obsession settings are also needed. Must be selected for the perfect result.

An important feature of the work Wait a minute is that if the visitor has already seen our dialogue on the site, then we no longer automatically offer him anything and thus do not cause undue irritation, unlike many well-known products on the market. In this case, the effectiveness of calls is the same.

DD: Wait Widget provides site owners with access to call tracking. In your opinion, how effective is this tool? Should the callback service necessarily include call tracking?

CM.: Should. For the convenience of the client, all statistics on all types of calls and other types of requests to the company should be in one place and presented in all sections of interest for analysis: from where, who, on what requests, from which pages called and so on. This helps to optimize advertising properly. Otherwise, customers have to screw things up in Excel, and this is long, inconvenient, and it is not always possible.

DD: Sergey, thanks for the comment!

CM.: Please glad to help.

Watch the video: Callbacks, Events, and More: Bring Sanity to Asynchronous Lightning Code 1 (April 2020).


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