How to make something useful and interesting out of page 404: 30 examples

When we enter the wrong address on the site or click on the "dead" link, it should produce a standard HTTP response code - Not Found or "Error 404". We strive to understand what happened and rather leave this page.

A well-designed page 404 in terms of design and usability will help the user understand what to do next.

Consider the most successful examples.


  • Automatic redirect to the main page of the site in 4 seconds.


  • Offer to go to the main page.
  • There is a link to the Amazon Dogs page:


  • Offer to go to the main page.
  • References to the services of company.


  • Relevant sarcasm.
  • Opportunities to go to all sections of the page.

Coca cola

  • The ability to go to the main page.
  • Access to company sections from the page (round red button in the upper right corner).
  • Subscribe to company news.

Convert monster

  • Creative design - a young beautiful girl with a call in the spirit of sex sells.
  • Access to all sections of the site from the footer (it can be seen when scrolling down).
  • The image and the call to action change each time you refresh page 404:


  • Direct indication that something went wrong. And an apology.
  • Offer to return to the main page or use technical support.


  • Reference to links that can be used for further work - start working with the application, purchase a business version, or read materials from the blog.


  • Ability to return to the previous page, go to the news feed or go to the reference information.

Tupichok Goblin

  • Graphic design in the spirit of computer games of the late 90s.
  • Animation on the page - red eyes appear in the slits in the door on the right.
  • Access from the page to all sections of the site.

Denis Kaplunov Studio

  • It turns out the address of the incorrectly entered page.
  • Original accompanying text.
  • Access from the page to the main sections of the site.


  • Link to stocks in the body of the page.
  • Ability to use the site search or select a book from the catalog.

Art. Lebedev Studio

  • Original accompanying text.
  • Access to the most interesting sections of the studio site.

Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine

  • The ability to return to the previous page or go to the main.
  • Link to the geography of the plant's assets and its products.


  • Original accompanying text.
  • Access to the catalog of goods.
  • The ability to see all the promotions and special offers "Ozone".


  • Nontrivially designed links to sections of the electronics catalog.
  • Clickable logo "Sotmarket" to go to the main page of the site.


  • Description of the causes of the problem.
  • Link to the main page of the site.
  • Ability to search the desired page on the site.

Bank "Tinkoff"

  • Original text with a smiley.
  • References to the basic services of the bank "Tinkoff".


  • Original text.
  • Opportunity to go to the main page to reassure the professor or contact the team "Wikium".


  • Ability to use the search :-)
  • References to the services "Yandex".
  • Link to the installation of the Punto Switcher keyboard layout switch.
  • Advertisements (!) On page 404.

University "Synergy"

  • Positive picture with meaning.
  • Ability to use the search.
  • The description of the page suggests a way to solve the problem.

Animation Studio "Magician"

  • The smiley-picture clearly hints that an annoying error has occurred.
  • In the description of the page are given ways to solve the problem, moreover, they are decorated with hyperlinks.
  • Unnecessary duplication of information that the page was not found.


  • All men express genuine panic. The user understands that something went wrong.
  • In the description of the page maintained an informal tone of communication.
  • A solution to the problem is proposed - a button to go to the main page of the site.

"Film Search"

  • The page shows frames from famous movies.
  • The description indicates why such a page could appear. Ways of solution are decorated with hyperlinks.
  • Each time the 404 page generates a new image:

Creative workshop "Stuki"

  • Nontrivial and very relevant title for this kind of page.
  • The way to solve the problem is decorated with a hyperlink.
  • All menu items, authorization and registration on the site, hyperlinks in the footer are available from page 404.

Playboy Russia

  • The pilgrim breaks patterns J.
  • In the description they lure to stay on the site due to the large amount of materials and beautiful ladies (it’s good if the articles and photos of the girls were made up with links to the relevant sections).

"Single Visa Application Center"

  • A memorable meme picture with Grumpy Cat.
  • In the page description, the solutions to the problem are hyperlinked.
  • For a screenshot sent by mail, a page 404 is promised a gift.


  • The title of the page motivates forgive the owners of the site for getting on it.
  • There is a hyperlink to the support page. All is serious.


  • Let me just say - on this page everything is fine!
  • What kind of creature is sitting next to a guy?


  • A better image than the Sorrow from the cartoon "Puzzle" for page 404 is hard to imagine.
  • The title of the page "Oooh ... Don't Cry." It is difficult to restrain, looking at the image.
  • The description of the page is written as if from the face of Joy from the same cartoon:

"This is just a 404 error!

What you are looking for could be lost in a long-term memory. "

What should not be page 404

  1. Instant transition to the main page: in this case, the person will not understand that he entered the wrong address or went through the broken link, and may repeat the wrong input.
  2. Page appearance
  • with unreadable characters:
  • with standard and uninformative inscription:
  • Zen variant of page 404 (such, for example, at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio):

If you decide to make the site, let it be first-rate and the page with the response code 404. Users and search engines will be grateful to you.

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