YouTube analytics: a review of tools for collecting your own statistics and analyzing competitors

You read about the top ranking factors and you understand: shooting videos is only part of video marketing. To achieve maximum results you need:

  • Work on increasing the viewing time. To do this, it is important to regularly monitor audience retention, involvement and many other indicators.
  • Optimize video metadata, which cannot be done without collecting keywords and competitor tags.
  • Promote fresh videos in all available ways. To do this efficiently and economically, you need to understand - who, how and where is watching the video.

In the article we tell about paid and free, official and third-party YouTube analytics tools.

YouTube Analytics Features

YouTube Analytics is a standard free tool for analyzing the overall performance of the channel and individual videos on it.

How to get there from

  • Click on the avatar in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the item "Creative Studio".
  • Select “YouTube Analytics” in the left menu.

The first step is a summary of the main indicators of the channel for 28 days.

Here we see data on:

  • View time, number of views and average view.

We remind you: all the main YouTube algorithms are associated with the viewing time. Monetization also depends on it: 4,000 hours per year is a prerequisite for connecting AdSense.

Average viewing is considered by dividing the viewing time by the number of views.

  • Like, dislike, comments and repost.

Involvement is the most important indicator in any social networks, YouTube is no exception. By the way, we recommend not to be afraid of dislikes, since the worst thing is the indifference of the audience.

  • Subscribers and videos in playlists.

Many subscribers are good, and if they add your videos to playlists, even better. So those are really useful.

Scroll below - see the top 10 videos of the channel.

Here we can conclude that the audience likes it more and, of course, YouTube algorithms. It is worth paying attention to this rating when developing a content strategy.

The last block of "Review" is devoted to the demography and geography of users, traffic sources and places of reproduction.

This data is quite enough for express auditing. To get detailed information on individual indicators, you need to go to the corresponding menu item or click on the item of interest right in the summary.

Briefly tell about the benefits of other interesting and especially important sections of YouTube Analytics:

  • Real time data show the audience activity depending on when they watch the video. Such information will help you choose the best time to publish new videos.
  • Absolute audience retention - The key to increase viewing time. Studying the schedule for specific videos, you can see at what points users most often stop watching. This is information for consideration - it is important to understand what forces them to close the tab / switch to other videos. By the way, retention of the audience can be more than 100% - this happens when the viewer rewinds back, revises individual fragments again.
According to Yutuba, most users, if they decide to stop viewing, do so in the first 15 seconds. Conclusion: we must try to capture the viewer's attention at the very beginning of the video. If there are dips in the middle of the video or near the end - it is worthwhile to place there hints / screensavers.
  • Demographic data help you better understand your target audience. The report shows the distribution of viewers by sex, age, geography. It can be seen which segment of Central Asia looks longer and longer.

Playback locations show what contribution to views contribute third-party resources. If you click on the "External Web Sites and Applications" tab, a list with top-level resources for playing embedded videos will open. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions on third-party sites.

  • Traffic sources let you know how viewers get to your content. The following screenshot shows: they look longer and longer when they come up with recommendations and searches. This once again proves the importance of SEO in video marketing. To optimize metadata, the YouTube Search tab is useful - there will be a list of keywords by which users have already successfully found videos.
  • Followers - A report useful for evaluating individual videos. On the tab "View page on YouTube" - the most effective videos in terms of attracting subscribers.
  • Tips and end savers - sections with data on impressions and clickability of interactive elements, so important for increasing the viewing time and the number of subscribers. By the way, for a year now, annotations cannot be added, but the report on them is still in YouTube Analytics.

If you are a performer who is obliged to regularly talk about the work done, keep in mind: statistics can be uploaded to Google Sheets and Excel. Those for whom standard reports are not enough can easily compare individual videos, groups of videos and playlists for any indicators.

Everything in the descriptions and screenshots above applies to the classic "Creative Studio". However, it should be noted the possibility of a new version, which is still at the beta testing stage. It not only has a different design, but also several new indicators of YouTube analytics.

To switch to the new "Creative Studio", you need to click on the lowest button in the left menu or enter in the address bar: Attention: it is available only on Chrome, Opera, Firefox desktop browsers.

If you open "Statistics" and then go to the "Views" tab, the following data will appear:

  • Displays and clickability (CTR) video icons.

If there are few clicks and a lot of hits, you should think about optimizing the preview and the title. Nevertheless, it is not worthwhile to get involved - clickbate can lead to a drop in retention rates and, consequently, a decrease in viewing time. According to the “Yutuba” certificate, half of the channels and the video are gaining 2-10% CTR, not more.

Important: Impression statistics do not include views on external resources.

  • Unique viewers.

The number of views weakly reflects the true size of the audience: one person can watch videos several times and from different devices. Statistics on unique viewers is another matter, however, these data are given approximately. "Youtube" explains this by the need to preserve the confidentiality of users.

In the future, YouTube promises to add more new performance indicators to Creative Studio. What exactly - is still unknown.

Why connect Google Analytics and how to do it

Google Analytics is a masthead service for site owners, as well as an auxiliary tool for YouTube analytics. We explain how it is useful for video marketing:

  • Allows you to study the effectiveness of advertising, if it attracts users to the main page of the channel. You can estimate this traffic like on a regular website: by failure rates, time spent on pages, UTM tags, etc. If advertising is running in AdWords - great: system accounts can be linked to each other.
  • Allows you to set goals and track conversions. For example, you can follow the attendance of the page "About the channel" and the number of transitions to the subscription form.
  • Gives more data about the geography of users. YouTube Analytics allocates segments by country only, and Google Analytics considers cities and regions.
  • It helps to collect semantics for SEO and take into account the needs of the audience, as it is able to capture the requests of users who are looking for specific videos on the channel.

Before you connect Google Analytics to the YouTube channel, you need to get the tracking code and set it in the settings of the Creative Studio. How to do it:

  • Log in to Google Analytics and go to the "Administrator" section (click on the gear in the bottom of the left menu).
  • Click on the "Create Resource" button, then select the name, channel address, industry, country and time zone.
  • Click on the "Get tracking ID" button and copy the resulting code.
  • Enter the "Creative Studio", click on the "Channel", go to the "Advanced" tab.
  • Scroll the page to the end, insert the identifier and click on "Save".

So the Google Analytics counter will be able to track user activity on the YouTube channel pages.

To collect the queries used in the search by channel, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the "Administrator" section and go to "View Settings".
  • In the lower block, turn on “Track search by site” and specify the query parameter “query”.
  • Do not forget to click on "Save."

Path to the collected words and phrases: "Behavior" → "Search on a site" → "Search queries".

To track subscription openings, you must:

  • In the same "View Settings" go to the "Goals" section.
  • Click on the button to add a new target, create a name, select the type "Landing Page".
  • Next - in the "Details" - specify the URL of the form (or

Naturally, in order to receive statistics, you need to actively use this link in the descriptions of videos, tips and screensavers, texts of social networks and mailings.

It is important to consider: for all its benefits, GA cannot replace YT Analytics, since it does not record interaction with individual videos. Links like he no longer perceives as belonging to the channel.

Overview of third-party services and extensions for collecting statistics and competitive analysis

YouTube Analytics - even in combination with Google Analytics - is not a panacea.

It is inconvenient to monitor the performance of the channel and individual video indicators using only standard tools. Especially if you need to monitor them every day, and still have time to work in other areas of Internet marketing. In addition, in YT Analytics and GA there is no opportunity to analyze foreign channels and videos.

Therefore, we will describe below about third-party tools that facilitate the task of collecting statistics and help analyze competitors.

- VidIQ is the most useful extension for working with YouTube through the Google Chrome browser. After installing the plugin and updating the pages, you will see the following changes:

  • A toolbar appears next to the search bar, and when you hover over it - a summary of data on viewing time, number of views and subscribers. To study these indicators, it is no longer necessary to switch to YT Analytics.
  • In the search you will see the statistics of the entered keyword and its rating (by own estimation of VidIQ). Also here you can enable the display of tags if you need a quick analysis of the metadata for the videos found.
  • When playing any video on the right, there will be a VidIQ Basic block. In its upper part - statistics on engagement (likes, comments, sheram) and SEO metrics. Slightly below are general indicators for subscribers and channel views. Last block tags: they can be copied to the clipboard in one click or unloaded into CSV.
  • A button with the VidIQ logo will appear next to the view counter. In the drop-down menu - the item "Extended embedding". The function is useful to those who are engaged in sowing on third-party resources.
  • Under the description of the video - filter comments. It allows you to select messages containing questions / insults / specific phrase. The filter helps to work with the community.

As you can see, VidIQ has many free features. For those who are not enough, there is a subscription. To, for example, open access to the keyword planner and historical data analysis, you need to pay from $ 7.5 per month.

- TubeBuddy - a powerful tool for analytics and optimization of YouTube channels. The extension is for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We tell what happens after registering and installing the plugin:

To the right of the video being played, a Videolytics block appears, similar to a summary from VidIQ. In the upper part - data on views, comments, likes / dislikam and sheram. Below - information on views, subscribers and the total number of videos on the channel. At the very bottom of the block are tags. They are easily copied to the clipboard or a separate tag list. Here you can see the ratings of tags.

  • In the Videolytics header there are links to supporting tools. Compare allows you to compare videos by engagement, Social Monitor - analyze backlinks from social networks. Search Ranking shows video positions by tags, and Advanced Embed - helps embed videos to third-party resources.
  • If you click on the TubeBuddy logo next to the search box, you can see links to Tag Explorer and Video Topic Planner. These are tag and keyword planners; they will come in handy when optimizing metadata.

To remove all limits and gain access to dozens of other tools, including brand monitoring and A / B testing, you should go to the Legend tariff. Its cost is $ 39 per month.

By the way: to find suitable keywords for channel optimization, you can use professional SEO services: Rush Analytics or Pixel Tools. The simpler option is the KeyWord Tool, a tool for collecting Google and YouTube search tips.

- SocialBlade is a free service for analyzing your and other people's statistics on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. To study it, it is not necessary to register: it is enough to indicate the channel address in the search line on the main page of the site.

What can the service:

  • On the first screen - gives an estimate on its own indicators, shows the number of subscribers and views, predicts the approximate monthly and annual profits. Here, only affiliate income is meant, because the service cannot even approximately know how much advertising integration costs.
  • Below displays a table by which you can evaluate the dynamics of subscribers, views and projected income. If you need data for the month, you need to click on the red button “See Full Monthly Statistics”.
  • In the last block - draws graphs, visualizes statistics on subscribers and views.

The SocialBlade database has more than 16 million YouTube channels.

- Whatstat is the Russian equivalent of SocialBlade.

The service provides information on subscribers, views, the total number of videos and the estimated income of the channel. It is more convenient to search for competitors here, as there is sorting, and the channels themselves are divided into categories.

If you open a page of a specific channel, in addition, we see the registration date and a table with the dynamics of indicators.

Given the current knowledge of ranking on YouTube, SocialBlade and Whatstat data - by subscribers and views - is not enough for an objective assessment. Therefore, to search and monitor competitors, it is useful to use advertising exchanges among bloggers. Basically, the catalogs of such services are open to all registered users and do not require a paid subscription.

- JagaJam - a service of extended statistics and analytics of brand pages in social networks.

Able to work with VK, OK, FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest accounts. Allows you to analyze your statistics and monitor competitors by 30+ metrics. You can set up automatic upload of reports to PPT or XLS by email.

By the way, JagaJam has open statistics on bloggers and brands, but it is limited by the dynamics of subscribers. This is not enough for a qualitative analysis of competitors.

The most budget fare - Personal - costs 2,700 rubles per month. Major brands needing the help of a dedicated manager and a deep data retrospective will have to pay 40,000 rubles a month.

JagaJam has a trial period of 7 days.

- Popsters - social content content analytics service.

Able to work with 10 platforms. Gives statistics on subscribers, views and engagement, suggests the optimal time of publishing content. Provides a comparison tool and the ability to upload reports to PPT, XLSX, PDF.

The cost of the subscription depends on the number of accounts in social networks and the period of license expiration. There is also a free trial period for 1 week.

- Livedune - service analytics social networks and search bloggers.

Able to work with "YouTube", "Twitter", "VKontakte", "Ingram" and even "LiveJournal".

Livedune features include:

  • Channel audience analysis by geography, gender, age.
  • Assessment of indicators of involvement in the dynamics.
  • Customize comment notifications.

The cheapest fare - "Blogger" - gives the right to work with one account. Subscription costs from 255 rubles per month.

If you want to upload any number of reports, follow the 5+ profiles in social networks and track the mentions, then you need to switch to the "Agency" tariff. Issue price - 8 075 rubles per month.

If you just try - you can activate free access for one day.

Livedune has its own ratings of bloggers, they are available without registration. In addition to the standard set - data by subscribers and views - "Livedune" shows the dynamics of likes and top videos of the channel by likes. However, you will not find information on income, as in SocialBlade and Whatstat, here.

Briefly about the main thing

- Analytics is required for promotion on YouTube.

- YouTube Analytics is a basic tool, without it anywhere.

- Google Analytics in tandem with YouTube Analytics - power.

- VidIQ and TubeBuddy are the coolest browser extensions for analyzing yourself and your rivals.

- SocialBlade and Whatstat - for surface analysis of other people's channels.

- JagaJam, Popsters, Livedune - дорогие, но мощные инструменты глубокой аналитики сразу нескольких аккаунтов. И своих, и посторонних.

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