Top 17 questions asked by our customers

People who contact our agency are often interested in the same questions: the problems associated with search marketing are similar for many. We have created a selection of the most common questions of our clients to us, and we bring it to your attention.

1. Why on your site are not listed prices for services?

We do not hide our prices. For specific services, which clearly understand the cost, labor, time, we indicate the prices:


As for the main specifics of our activity - integrated Internet marketing, it is difficult to indicate a specific cost of services or an approximate price range for the reason that there are no two identical client projects: goals, labor costs and deadlines for achieving results in each case are individual.

Comprehensive internet marketing is actually building a “sales force” brand on the web. Under a goal specifically formulated by the client, the most complex of tasks that corresponds to the task is formed, that is, a brand promotion strategy is created. Is it possible, without seeing the project, without having studied it and not understanding the goal of the customer, to draw conclusions about what exactly the project needs to be done, what measures to use?

Imagine that someone Vasya wanted to buy a car. On four wheels. With the wheel. With the engine under the hood. With seats for the driver and passengers. What do you think, how much does a car with such characteristics cost? Probably from 200 thousand to 6 million rubles.

The question "how much is website promotion" without detailed immersion in all aspects of the project, can have only one answer - the same as in the case of the car for Vasya.

That is why we would very much like you to formulate your specific expectations from working with us (what results do you expect?) And to have the fullest possible information about your project before communicating with our manager.

2. Why do not buy links?

What for? On March 11, 2014, the search company "Yandex" officially announced that links (at that moment - only for a number of commercial requests) are no longer taken into account when generating the issue. You can plan a budget for the purchase of reference mass - but it will be wasted.

There are indirect signs that links are still working, insist separate seo optimizers. But indirect evidence is contradicted by direct evidence. The most obvious is the statement by Yandex itself: links no longer work.

Until 2014, no ranking factor was used by optimizers so brazenly for issuing manipulations as the reference one. This is how Sergey Lyudkevich, one of the most experienced search marketing market professionals, describes this whole story in an interview given to our portal:

"At a certain point, everyone realized that links are a tool that seriously affects the issue. The era of link exchange began, followed by link exchanges. In 2005, you could literally pull one or two links into the top, but links should Were to be from a popular authoritative resource - remember the term “fat muzzle"? Mutant trade is also a separate milestone in the history of the SEO industry. Yandex didn’t sleep, it already began to actively counteract the manipulative promotion mechanics, lowering the weight of "fat muzzles". work bol links from the internal pages. And so it went as far as the specialized link exchange appeared, on which the entire process of buying and selling links was automated. It appeared at a time when the demand for links from "internal" was very high Thanks to this, the stock exchange quickly grew and became popular. At this moment, Yandex, I believe, lost control of the situation. But, on the other hand, I personally understand why this happened: Yandex couldn’t give up at that moment a tool like reference ranking, replace it ylo essentially nothing. Well, and in the end it all bloomed out in a wild color, gained momentum. Reached the hands of "Yandex" to all of this only by 2014. "

Let's say more: a year or two before the cancellation of the reference one, we began to work mainly without buying backlinks, since even then the weight of this factor began to decline significantly. We learned how to work without references long before their accounting for the issuance was officially canceled by Yandex. And already at that time this work produced more serious results than promotion through links.

3. What guarantees can you give?

Website promotion has always been a venture scheme. No one has ever, in reality, been able to guarantee with 100% accuracy on a certain budget advancement on such a request to the top for a specific period of time. It was always possible only to predict - with varying degrees of accuracy. The question is that today in search marketing is a pure venture, and that is a working scheme that allows you to give close-to-reality predictions.

Clean water venture now - is the promotion of positions (scheme, effective during the heyday of the reference exchanges). It is not possible to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, in what time frame and on which budget a particular request will be taken. This scheme is outdated and does not meet the needs of the business.

Business is focused on sales. The only way to achieve sales growth is to engage in integrated Internet marketing and increase, first of all, targeted traffic across a broad semantic core, that is, across all requests related to your business in one way or another (from 400 or more requests). This is a working scheme whereby it is possible to predict the budget and the time to achieve the result with a fairly high degree of accuracy.

But still it is necessary to emphasize once again that internet marketing is first and foremost marketing. Marketing a priori implies the building of hypotheses (assumptions on the question: what will help the brand to develop?), But does not guarantee that the implementation of each hypothesis will bring the expected results. The critical mass of hypotheses and their testing in practice are important. To make it completely clear: no one is demanding from the television advertising guarantees on the number of calls. Yes, there are certain metrics by which the lead forecast is calculated. But, nevertheless, this is a venture, this is marketing.

The only guarantees that we can give (and give them when signing the contract) are the professional and time-accurate execution of the whole complex of works for which we subscribe, - works within the framework of a viable promotion scheme in modern conditions, that is, as part of integrated Internet marketing .

4. What to do to get the result on the promotion faster than three or four months?

Before you think about a qualitative breakthrough, you need to clearly understand: what is your specific goal, what kind of results do you need to achieve during these three to four months? Your goal directly affects the decision on which factors you need to focus on.

If quick results are important to you here and now, and the future of the project does not really bother you, then the path is venture. With Google, if you're lucky, in a short period (and, most likely, for a short period), you can advance by purchasing links. At the same time you need to understand what sanctions this threatens you with. They will catch up with your site sooner or later.

It makes no sense to advance with the purchase of links either on Google or on Yandex, if your website is a long-term project aimed at constant growth and receiving dividends in the future.

And in this case, the only way out is to engage in integrated Internet marketing.

Quite clearly, only one thing can be said: to get results faster, you need to increase investment in the project. If you have the result, but you want to “speed up”, then you need to do the same thing, but three times more intensively: create even more high-quality content, make even more improvements to the site, making it more interesting and more convenient for users and users. .d

5. Why do you recommend redoing the site? Is it not possible to work with what is?

Not all of our customers, we say the phrase "we recommend that you alter the site in such and such a vein." There are projects for which you can limit the recommendations for making minor changes. It is difficult to get targeted traffic, make the audience fall in love with the site if its usability, structure and content do not correspond to the “market” level of quality, which is shaped by user expectations.

Behavioral ranking factors are a reflection of user expectations. It is to bring the site to the critical point from which to meet user expectations, the necessary modifications on the site. If the user characteristics of the project do not meet the requirements of search engines, the chances that the project will be highly ranked and normally receive traffic from the natural issue are extremely small.

And at the same time it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to confine ourselves to a one-time improvement of the project and to reap the benefits. Website improvement is a continuous process.

6. How can blog articles influence user-to-client conversion? I need sales, and in the articles there are no product offers.

A person making a purchase decision considers a combination of factors: price, product quality, product warranty, the ability to contact the service center for troubleshooting, delivery conditions, and social proof of brand reliability. The latter are crucial. Other things being equal, a person would prefer to become a client of a company known in the market, to which the loyal audience attitude was formed. "I like this company" - marketers are seeking such a brand relationship.

Formation of loyalty, trust in the brand is the main task of content marketing. Therefore, the role of educational content (in which potential clients are offered information that does not have a direct advertising character, and expands knowledge in certain issues related to your subject matter) is very large. Filling a blog with information materials that are useful to the target audience pursues precisely this task. By creating and distributing high-quality, user-demanded content, the brand earns expert status in the market and audience loyalty.

7. It is dear to me. Is it possible to do something for 10-15 thousand rubles?

Unfortunately, to achieve any acceptable result with such budgets today is simply impossible.

8. I make a website. This is a new unique project. Can you send me a CP for promotion by leads?

To begin with, leading through the leads implies building a conversion scenario and involving the user: the visitor has to take some action that is potentially aimed at making a purchase: fill out a form, make a call, send the product to the basket. In fact, lead generation in a broad sense is the fixation of any user activity on the site.

When advancing on the leads in each particular case, we discuss with the customer the optimal payment plan. It can be advance with pay for:

  • applications
  • calls
  • perfect purchase

The optimal channel is selected on the basis of information provided by the customer about the marginality of the service or product.

Lead generation is a transparent, absolutely clear and profitable (under certain conditions) scheme for expanding the client base on the Web. When promoting on leads, payment is made exclusively for the conversion action of the visitor on the site, that is, for a specific result.

It should be understood that this scheme is not profitable for every project. It can only be successful for projects offering specific services or products with a fixed price: online stores, financial companies (banks, insurers), cleaning companies, tour operators, brokers, etc. At the same time, a decisively important factor: a clear scheme should be built for tracking the conversion action (of the action for which payment is made). That is, if there is an account of applications, then an adjusted scheme of counting applications left by visitors is needed, if calls are being recorded, their number should be clearly recorded.

9. Why can not work on postpay? You do, and I will cry.

You have opened an online store of electronic gadgets. A visitor comes to you and starts such a dialogue with your manager: "Send me an iPhone, and if I like it, I'll pay for it later." Will you spend time on such a client? We also do not want.

10. Why is responsive design so expensive?

Adaptive design is a universal solution, thanks to which the site is conveniently displayed on desktop computers, on the big screen, and on mobile devices with a different display diagonal. That is, an adaptive design involves the creation of interfaces that adapt to the user's working conditions, and the solution to this problem requires the initial development of the very concept of the updated site and the implementation of the solutions developed at the software level, which is not always easy and fast.

However, it would be wrong to say that responsive design is an expensive thing in all cases. In general, if we are talking about a small or medium site, this is quite acceptable under the budget. Especially if the implementation of an adaptive solution does not have to go far, at a basic level, such a design requires, in principle, only certain changes in CSS.

But the implementation of adaptive layout on a complex, multi-page site with multi-level navigation is a difficult, time-consuming task, which takes a lot of time and is expensive.

To display correctly on different screens, it is necessary at the program level to create either a series of adaptive layouts for windows of various sizes, or a flexible grid-based layout, to optimize typography, to solve the problem of scaling navigation, tables, widgets and images. For large sites, precisely because of the complexity of implementing solutions at the program level, adaptive design is expensive. But in terms of promotion, of course, investments in it are worth it. On the advantages of adaptive design in terms of promotion, we described in this article.

We create an adaptive design only for large, multi-page sites. Accordingly, the complexity of the task is formed and the high price for this service in our agency.

11. Why do you recommend creating a site on Bitrix?

Imagine you are choosing a dental implant. Any qualified specialist will advise you to choose the implants that have long been used in the market. Firstly, with many years of practice, you can objectively judge the quality of the product. Secondly, if suddenly your implant "fails", there will be no problem to order new structural elements for its restoration.

With the site engine - the same. First of all, it must have a reputation of a quality product, and it is checked by time. Secondly, you should not have any problems finding specialists who understand this engine, and this means that this engine should be a ubiquitous product. From this point of view, Bitrix is ​​the best solution.

The needs of most commercial projects meet the capabilities of this CMS. Bitrix is ​​almost perfect for creating online stores and large commercial sites. We created and successfully promoted online stores on this engine - and these were very successful projects.

12. We have a site under the Google Penguin filter. Is it necessary to remove it from the filter, because the main audience is in Yandex?

The overwhelming number of Russian companies are guided exclusively by Yandex - and this, we are sure, will at some point become a serious problem for business. To monitor the site traffic from Google you need to start, and urgently, until the problem has developed into a headache.

According to the number of users, the search engine "Yandex" in Russia still surpasses the Google search engine. But this situation is getting better every year. And if you think about the future, the position of the site in Google should be given no less attention than in Yandex.

This means that it is necessary to remove the site from under Penguin, despite all the difficulties involved. Not many seo-optimizing offices can boast of removing this filter today. У нас этот опыт есть, и, скажем без ложной скромности, очень серьезный.

13. Трафик из Googlе у нас почти не конвертируется. Мы бы хотели заказать у вас продвижение только в "Яндексе". Это возможно?

Ситуация, при которой трафик из "Яндекса" конвертируется, а из Googlе - нет (как и наоборот), конечно, возможна, но все же маловероятна. The standard situation is rather a different situation: the traffic from Google for business-oriented requests is insufficient, hence the feeling that the conversion is low, although in fact it may be quite normal.

And here the main task is not to exclude Google from the scope of its attention (in the near future, if we consider that the number of users of this search engine in runet is seriously increasing every year, inattention to Google can have a bad effect on business), but to identify and eliminate the reasons why there are problems.

By and large, and we say this based on our own practice, there is no such confrontation: the strategy of promotion in Google vs the strategy of promotion in Yandex. There is a strategy for website promotion in search engines. With certain (of course, existing) nuances in general, the concepts of development of the search engines Yandex and Google are close, and will, we are convinced, only converge - in terms of content, links, user behavior on the site.

Let's face it: artificially limit the "zone" of promotion with us will not work. The concept of integrated Internet marketing involves getting traffic and increasing its conversion on the Web, rather than in a separate search engine.

14. I have a single product site. How can I significantly increase traffic?

The promotion of a mono-commodity online store has its own specifics associated with a limited number of requests for which it is possible to receive targeted traffic. The overall success of an internet marketing strategy here depends on the niche and the product itself. It is certainly easier to promote a wow-product that is unique and unparalleled.

The main task for the site of a single product is to expand contacts with the audience: the coverage gives recognition and, accordingly, sales. Promotion strategy - creating content for high-quality external thematic sites. As many people as possible should know about your product.

15. What is a landing page? And can it be promoted in search results?

Landing pages are landing pages where traffic is segmented by specific target requests. Need to sell a product? Service? Draw attention to the action? To do this, you can create a landing page, a design decision and the content of which is sharpened for sale, with the information necessary to make a decision and take an action on the same page. The obvious advantage of landing is that it allows you to increase the conversion, its task is to convert the visitor to the client here and now, without going to other pages.

With the help of landings you can advance in the issue, and quite successfully.

16. What is better: to make a mobile version of the site or create a site with a responsive design?

Mobile traffic takes a serious share in the general Internet traffic of the RuNet. "The number of people using the Internet from mobile devices is growing faster every year. According to TNS, in 2013 there were one and a half times more users, in cities with a population of over 100 thousand, 40% of people access the Web from smartphones and tablets ". (Source - Yandex Newsletter, April 2014)

The question is that from the point of view of search marketing, the most effective is the creation of a mobile version or a website with an adaptive layout?

In terms of promotion, responsive design is an option that has an undeniable advantage over the mobile version. The latter involves the creation of duplicate pages, which makes it difficult for several reasons to promote (for example, if a link is placed on the page of the main site, the mobile duplicate of this page does not get any benefits from this link).

Another thing is that for complex, multi-page websites in finance, a mobile version may be more profitable, since (we repeat) the implementation of adaptive design on a large web resource is a very time-consuming task. But if this task is completed successfully, then you definitely will not regret it, the investment will pay off.

Today, from the point of view of the success of promotion, it is safe to say that a site with an adaptive design is a trend of the future.

17. I want to order only content. Is it possible?

We are reluctant to take on such orders, despite the fact that we have earned ourselves a certain reputation in the field of creating high-quality content. And this is due to the reluctance to take only content-content with the fact that such orders are at odds with our main specialization - integrated Internet marketing.

In fact, being engaged only in writing textual content for a project, we cannot be responsible for the result, and the client ultimately expects the result: he connects his hopes to the fact that the content will give him certain indicators on target traffic, affect the conversion rate, etc. d. When growth does not occur, the customer is inclined to see this as a flaw in those whom he entrusted with creating content.

But content is an important, but by no means the only, cornerstone thing in internet marketing. The results are not achieved solely due to the content, but due to the strategy of promoting and carrying out a complex of works (only part of which is content) for improving the site as a whole, for expanding brand contacts with the audience, for building an optimal scheme for getting customers on the Internet.

Everyone needs results. Including those who order only content content. And here you just need to honestly admit: if you are waiting for results, then you need not a service for writing texts, but integrated Internet marketing.

P.S. If you still have any questions that we did not answer in this article, you can always ask them in our FAQ section.

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