Blue Ocean Strategy for Advertising Agencies

Hi, how are you? What do you need customers?

Yes, yes, those are the most ideal customers who have exactly 400-500 thousands of advertisements for advertising, who need promotion, marketing, advertising and public relations. Who will not argue, but will listen to you. If necessary - take, I do not mind.

I will begin, perhaps, with such a disclaimer: this article is only my personal nonsense, by no means the truth - and this strategy will definitely not work for you, because you have a special, unique case.

And all the rest, to whom the article goes, he would even envy:

He was busy lying on the stove, and the customers themselves found it. (:

In general, let's go. Buckle up!

There is a niche: the sale of ready-made business

I worked in it for two years. Was a business broker. They are often confused with real estate agents. But that's not the point.

It turns out that in large cities, people sell and buy small and medium businesses:

  • hostels, hotels;
  • car washes, garages;
  • online shopping;
  • supermarkets, grocery stores on the "folk trail";
  • dentistry, medical centers;
  • stores curtains, furniture, wallpaper, building materials;
  • fashion boutiques and the most ordinary second-hand.

In general, in this market you will find absolutely everything: from the production of condoms to the sale of "Boeing". And I must say that all this is sold in large quantities. There is no lack of willing.

Business broker - the person who accompanies the sale of the finished business

He will tell you all about business. Well, almost everything ...

He will tell the essence of the business model, check the company for debts, confirm or not confirm the declared profitability of the business, unearth bookkeeping and contracts with suppliers. It will help to make a deal so that you are safe.

A business broker will not tell you how to do marketing in the business you are going to buy. No, well, he knows in general terms about Yandex Direct, bulletin boards, SEO promotion. But he never did advertise the sold business. He can advise something to you, but he cannot take responsibility for the continued success of the business that he sold. And that's fine.

Now let's look at the causes and motivations

There are three sides to the transaction: a business seller, a business broker, and a business buyer. The seller wants to get money for the business. Business broker - a reward for services.

The buyer also wants money - but not “to receive”, but “to receive”. Is always.

For two years of work, I realized this feature - in most cases, the buyer does not care which business to take. He stupidly needs money. He wants to secure his future with minimal costs and risks. And it does not matter whether from the car wash or from the grocery store this very future will be provided. This is also normal.

There are those who know exactly what he needs, for example, dentistry. A man of 10 years worked as a dentist, perfectly understands all the processes (or it seems to him that he perfectly understands them). In general, the moment has come for him when he is morally ready to take all the profit for himself.

But the dentist does not know how to attract clients. In medicine, everyone is accustomed to word of mouth.

The buyer, for whom not a niche is important, but only money, also usually does not know how to attract customers, how to do marketing. All hope for the good old "maybe."

The vast majority of buyers sincerely believe that they need a website. But they treat him as he pleases, only not as a tool for getting leads.

They do not know about UTM tags, but only they know about the context that it is expensive. They do not know about SMM and about its goals, but, again, we are confident that the VKontakte group is needed. If you have never seen a person under deep hypnosis, and you would like to - talk to them about retargeting and e-mail marketing. You can see the squirrel trance when you talk about "Yandex Metric" and "Google analytics."

Two years! Two long years! Everyday! And on weekends too! 2-3 meetings per day! 7-10 daily telephone conversations! I communicated with buyers and sellers. Heard what they say. And I can tell you for sure - they do not understand advertising and marketing.

With a little more patience, I almost went to the main point.


Think about it, would the owner be selling the business if he knew how to attract customers?

I'm not talking about everyone. There are a small number of people who actually leave for another country and therefore sell a business. You can meet a person who has a more ambitious project, for which new investments are needed - and therefore he is forced to sell a less interesting business. But such 10%. Not more.

And there are buyers who buy a dead service station and take it to a plus in six months.

Before my eyes, a man bought a company manufacturing electrical equipment. This company has long been out of work, and there were debts on it - 3 million 200 thousand rubles. With the face of a self-confident person, he bought this business, because he knew how to make a margin on it. But in two years I have seen this only once.

In most cases (overwhelmingly), buyers do not know how to do marketing.

This does not mean that they are stupid, but I am smart, no. After all, they buy businesses, they have money for it, and I just write this article.

Simply, there is a layer of people who do not read Texterra and blogs in general, are not interested in the topic of promotion and lead generation. All that they know about advertising, they somehow, somehow, by the edge of their ears, through the cousin of a second cousin, heard and took on trust.

They have money - that's a fact. And they want a business for themselves - this is a fact.

Not even, not like that. They just have money, but they want more money. And on what this money will be made - this is the tenth question. Let it be a hostel or a stall with a sharmerma - if it brings them 100-150 thousand rubles, then there are no problems.

Now meet the main idea

At the moment, that is, on October 24, 2016, the service for the sale of ready-made business is not provided on a turnkey basis.

If you buy a business, then you sell a ready-made business model that works and sometimes makes a profit. The premises, employees, legal entity, contracts with suppliers and all the inside stories - all included! Well, almost everything ... Everything except further promotion of this business.

Here you need - advertising agencies. Who have successful projects to promote business.

Because buying a business without further progress is like marrying a mermaid. Borsch, she will cook you, of course - yes, there will be no problem with that. But that's all, you know ... everything.

What to do after borscht? It is not clear to you, much less a mermaid. Although here, of course, there are options ... It all depends on your imagination. But we will not now about it.

Because here it is - the main reason for not buying a business. A very common situation - the buyer likes everything, but he is not sure that his business will "go." For him, this is too big a risk. For him, this is the main fear and the main pain. If this pain is removed from him, then ...

Agree, even if the previous owner of the business worked as a plus, it does not mean that the new owner of the business will also work as a plus. I have seen it many times.

Now about the numbers

In my map of the world, I do not know how other brokers have, the buyer has an average of one and a half to two million per business. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

It rarely happens when buyers go all-in and buy a business for the full amount. As a rule, they keep a budget for promotion - 20-30%. Well, merge it in the end.

So, if you have successful cases of promoting small and medium businesses, then you can put getting clients on autopilot. All you need to do is start using business brokers.

They are business people who are constantly considering new options for cooperation and, as a rule, are always open to dialogue. Some will take you to the bayonets, and some will say: "let's work." Because for business brokers it is also a pain when a business is not bought because of incomprehensible marketing.

How to drive to business brokers? Read in my article "How to drive to anyone," but it's better to just call them. :)


Good luck in business and in business. I sincerely love you all. Thanks to all.

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