5 effective strategies to promote your brand with content marketing

Are you ready to start using content marketing technologies in promoting your brand on the web? Then we will present you five working strategies that will help you achieve maximum efficiency when interacting with your audience. Take them on board.

1. Answer your audience’s top 30 questions to you.

Instead of spending time on brainstorming in search of ideas for your content plan and come up with topics that do not care about your target audience, choose to start the 30 most burning questions users to you and answer them. For each question, people should get a very specific answer. Prepare 30 materials: one material - a detailed answer to one question. Or create 30 video podcasts to answer each question.

Why does this work? The rationale is very simple: your prospects are vague until your target audience receives comprehensive answers to the questions she has, she will not buy your products and use your services, until you eliminate her doubts and misunderstandings. By answering people's questions, you will take preventive measures by preventing the “reproduction” of unnecessary content for your audience. And most importantly - you will already understand how to shape your content policy in the future. Being interested in your audience, giving it really what it needs from you, you will not allow blunders when choosing topics that interest your Central Asian.

2. The era of increasing competition is coming - answer the challenges, creating new forms of content

Brand competition on the web will only grow. And to compete in the field of inbound marketing is possible only by distributing more interesting and original content than those of competitors. The variety of forms and genres of content will grow.

New ideas, new features, new tools, new equipment - this is what you need to strive for today, if tomorrow you do not want to be left behind the train. You need to look for opportunities to connect the content of your message to the audience and innovative forms of presentation that will arouse the interest of people.

For example, some Western experts believe that such a tool as infographics is “dead on arrival”. It is much more interesting, and more importantly, more competitive, to create video information graphics and interactive infographics that “interact” with the user.

3. Invest in quality content

It is precisely because the growing competition in content marketing is inevitable that it is worth investing today in the quality of your content - in attracting a team of the best copywriters, the best editors and marketers. It will be very hot. In a few years the inevitable thing will happen: what works in content marketing today will not meet tomorrow’s generally accepted quality standards in this market. The audience quickly gets used to the good. And the "degree" of quality will have to be constantly increased.

In a recent interview, Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) noted that today it is worth relying not on the distribution of a large number of medium-quality materials, but on creating global forms of content that are excellent in quality.

You should not strive to create as many small articles, videos or information, that is, materials, each of which will cause a small response. Concentrate on serious, global in importance things that will immediately cause a flurry of responses. It’s better to spend resources on creating one great White Peper than on twenty so-so articles. It is better to create one, but cool interactive infographics, than ten small ones.

4. Combine content with search engine marketing.

If your goal is to get targeted traffic, your actions in this direction should not be limited to content creation and promotion. It is also necessary to focus on comprehensive measures to improve your website as the main source of search traffic. Improve the site not only in terms of content, but also in terms of usability and design.

5. Create stories that people want to read and see.

What is the reader’s interest in the text and the viewer in the video? On the plot. That is, on the story. Try using this as a marketing ploy. Tell a story about your brand, product, or service using a simple scheme that creates all the stories:

  • hook the reader at the beginning,
  • develop the plot of your story in the main part,
  • Give the reader an ending that will be a worthy end to the culminating events set out in the main part.

Stories are around us. Think about this: your company and your product do not exist in a vacuum, they somehow fit into the surrounding reality, your task is to think about the question: how exactly? Around the brand and its products - the mass of related things, such as the lifestyle that your product offers to people.

Create myths about your brand (myths are in a good way; you shouldn’t speak a deliberate lie, not even because it’s not fair, but mainly because internet marketing is closely related to the offline value of your offer: useless to promote). Create emotional stories that give rise to trust, enter your brand in life situations. Let it be connected with the life of people.

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