Your marketing strategy: an outside view

What are you thinking about when flying to the next marketing conference? The fact that the hum of air conditioners in the cabin at an altitude of 10 thousand kilometers above the beginning thunderstorm sounds completely different from your office? Yes, this noise always reminds travelers that they are on the way - he, and even the man in the next chair, wondering why wearing slippers and a flannel jacket on the plane. Experienced “flyers” will explain that they feel more comfortable this way - in an enclosed space where air conditioners dry the air to a minimum, in an uncomfortable position and without favorite gadgets it is very difficult to tune in to work and keep up the good spirits ...

Perhaps you do not often attend marketing conferences and have not exchanged experiences with a dozen factories or companies in your field of activity. Perhaps this is all you have yet to come, for a look from the outside is very important for understanding your own business processes. When you find yourself in the very center of a well-established system of a large enterprise, you will talk with directors or rank-and-file employees who do not even have a name plate on the desktop, and analyze their activities, pay attention to a couple of things.

Very often, the marketing strategy is based on the initially wrong beliefs that have grown so deeply into the business culture that they have begun to limit our horizons. Therefore, it is very important to understand what exactly we see wrong.

Dangerous delusion number 1: Customers will always be loyal

Anyone who has a business degree or attended sales training will remember the fundamental idea that teachers are trying to invest in us - "you need to gain the trust of customers." Forget everything that these people taught you - because we already live at another time. Your potential buyers have unlimited choices, and excellent customer service is the minimum requirement of a market that has long been full: judge for yourself - we have come to the point that people buy mobile ads to advertise designer sweaters for dogs!

It's time to face the truth and admit that always loyal customers are practically utopian. Instead, treat every customer interaction as a chance to gain valuable experience. Why? Yes, because when we feel that we should benefit them by our cooperation, and not just earn their trust, they begin to appreciate us more. People are inundated with hundreds of plastic cards of a regular customer - they want to get quality service, and not to get a separate bag for all these cards.

Dangerous Misconception # 2: Employees Must Think like Business Owners

Very often, frustrated entrepreneurs complain about their employees and cannot understand why they do not think the same way as business owners themselves. "What is incomprehensible here?" The answer to this question should not be surprising - and why, in fact, should ordinary employees of your company think like its owners, if in fact they do not own it? Because they have a place in the corporate parking lot or a subscription to the corporate fitness center? This is not enough. There is a good way to motivate employees - to make them co-owners of the business. If you are ready for this, go ahead! Otherwise, be prepared to guide and direct.

When you understand this mistake and begin to take for granted the fact that employees think differently, you will be able to correctly structure your personnel management strategy. It will be easier for you to bring together, motivate and develop the talents of your employees without having to give them access to top-management VIP-toilets with mirrors in gilded frames and super-soft toilet paper.

Dangerous delusion number 3: Competitors think the same as you

Are you so worried about competitors that you follow all their steps? It can cost you dearly, because in this way you flood the market with monotonous products and turn into another faceless Chinese company.

The best thing you can do in a situation of intense competition is to distance yourself from comparing yourself with competitors, look inside yourself and outside the market, and on the basis of this, find out what competitive advantages you have. If you successfully complete all these steps, your competitors will never see you behind you again, because you will be far ahead or even on a different road.

Review your marketing strategy - are there any points in it based on the above assumptions? If so, try to soberly assess the situation and make the necessary adjustments. A side view is very useful - after all, you can learn not only from your mistakes.

In our world there are dangerous misconceptions, but one thing that seems to be true: everything tends to end, and this article also. Bring your slippers to the plane and do not fall for stereotypes.

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