Valuable catch: 11 useful sites for email marketing

Many years ago I wrote articles for one famous magazine. I had a rather popular heading - Internet finds. Once a month I searched for a certain number of useful sites and compiled a collection for readers.

Such searches soon became a habit. Becoming an email marketer, I took a habit with me. And it helps a lot. Some well-known marketers even engage in such a "search" professionally - and weekly send the results to readers.

Today I want to share not quite familiar finds. About such a gentlemen's set as Google Analytics + "Yandex.Metrica" ​​+ "Glavred" + "Postmaster", of course, we will not speak. I have selected useful services in my list, which I use in my work in addition. Really I use.

1. 10 Minutes Mail

Website: 10 Minutes Mail

An invaluable resource for testing letters (especially - trigger chains). Allows for one click to create a mailbox for 10 minutes. After that, the box is removed, but if desired, the timer can be reset. Saves a good ton of time and eliminates thousands of unnecessary registrations.

2. Bulletproof Background

Website: Bulletproof Background

Pleasant service from the company Campaign Monitor. Allows you to quickly develop a background for writing. Everything is as simple as possible. Specify the desired image, set the parameters, copy the finished code into the letter. The service kindly does everything for you. It is especially convenient to create patterns in this way without attracting web designers and designers.

3. Bulletproof Buttons

Website: Bulletproof Buttons

Another service Campaign Monitor, but to create buttons. Works on the above principle. And if you are (suddenly) too lazy to experiment, you can grab a couple of ready-made designs. All parameters are configured, the code is issued. Beauty, what else is there to say?

4. Soundrown

Website: Soundrown

This site helped me a lot during copywriting. It creates a monotonous noise background (without words), which helps to distract from the surrounding atmosphere. Of course, there are hundreds of similar resources, but I consider this one the most convenient.

There are several noise effects: coffee shop, playground, rain, etc. Effects can be superimposed on each other. Fountain in the train? Rain in a coffee shop? Well, if you wish ...

From myself I recommend "just a coffee house." Saves, if you are exhausted in the openspace. True, this method of abstraction is not for everyone. Many of my friends, for example, prefer absolute silence, but in office conditions this luxury is impermissible.

5. Do nothing for 2 minutes

Website: Do nothing for 2 minutes

If Soundrown is designed to create an abstract working atmosphere, then this service makes you relax. It makes. Turn it on and watch the sea for two minutes, listen to the waves. Moved the mouse - a fine, zeroed.

To this you need to get used to. Learn how to make small but productive pauses at work. For example, between mailing releases. Give yourself a couple of minutes of complete (no, seriously, complete!) Freedom is not as easy as it seems.

Some similar projects even interpret you a philosophy of "doing nothing". For example, Quite Place. There you will not just relax, but also find out why and why this is all. What is worth at least the first sentence on this site: "Millions of souls choose silence." Read - interesting.

6. RealtimeBoard

Website: RealtimeBoard

Many have heard about the Kanban methodology. Thanks to Toyota and the armies of internet experts. Roughly speaking, “Kanban” is an organizational system that allows you to set tasks on a streamlined stream. In practice, it looks like this. You collect tasks in one column (for example, "Task List"), prioritize them, transfer the work task to the next column (for example, "In Work"). When done with the task, it moves to the final column (for example, “Done”), and another takes its place. All this beauty is visually displayed on the "Kanban Board".

Such "boards" on the Internet is darkness. I shoveled dozens of sites before I found something suitable for myself. And this RealtimeBoard is a simple, free and rather beautiful board. There are cute stickers on it. Columns and graphs can be easily edited. The board really saves in the event that routine tasks sypyatsya as from a horn of plenty. Familiar, right?

I use kanban for mailings. All tasks I pour in the first column. Having selected the priority mailing, I transfer it to work (in my case it is “text + layout”), and while it is there, the rest of the newsletters humbly await. The board, among other things, allows not to lose mailing in the general stream.

And, by the way, the board helps to visualize not only tasks, but also success. When you see that a couple of different stickers have already been completed today, there is a pleasant feeling of at least minimal completion. Made a deal - make it bold.

7. "Typographer"

Website: "Typographer"

A classic typographer helps rid the text of technical flaws: reigns quotes on "fir-trees", puts a long dash, cuts extra spaces ... In a word, struggles with text evil.

I prefer this version of the printer - an absolute basis without unnecessary features and bells and whistles. For a more advanced version, including the built-in editor, see Artemy Lebedev’s workshop. There is both a "Typographer" and a powerful "Reformer" with a bunch of useful properties (mainly for editing text).

8. Snapito

Website: Snapito

The simplest and indispensable screenshoter for whole pages. Of course, similar things can be done by the Joxi plugin (modestly I consider myself to be fans of this program), but Snapito definitely impresses with its simplicity. Copy the link page, paste into the field - get a full screenshot in jpeg format. It is very convenient to screen web versions of long letters like this. When managers report large projects to suppliers, I often make such images for them.


Website: PDF2GO

Absolutely user-friendly PDF converter editor. Online. The main feature is the fast and unscheduled conversion of pdf to various formats, including html and vice versa. I constantly dive into it when the newsletter needs to be quickly redone in pdf. Such files are often requested by some departments, although it can be useful for a personal resume. Web versions, alas, tend to break down over time. I do not trust them in the long term.

PDF2GO editor is also good. You can cut, resize, break, twist and redraw pdf'ki in every way.

10. NinjaMock

Website: NinjaMock

Free online editor for layout. It produces very nice layouts of everything you wish - in a hand-drawn style (in essence, this is a "doodle"). I use it when the layout needs to be presented on a large scale. For example, develop a new type of distribution for the marketing department. Visual elements are more than enough (you can even imagine the layout in the interface of something), and the design adds liveliness to the schemes. Before the advent of NinjaMock, I repent, I used PowerPoint. It turned out primitive.

One minus - in the free version when exporting layouts with watermarks.

11. "Business Lynch"

Website: "Business Lynch"

For me, this page is the equivalent of a smoke break. While friends go smoking, I watch how people who are experienced break up / carry / lift up graphic works. Firstly, it helps to switch to visual thinking, which in itself is already a rest and a change of activity. Secondly, you can draw a lot of valuable ideas for creativity. Thirdly, in Lynch sometimes quite deep insights into the psychology of advertising occur (who needs more - this is already in “Kovodstvo”, but for a smoke break it is hardly suitable). Fourth, from time to time Lynches are dedicated to texts. And finally, it's fun!

Metaphor for last

The Internet is full of utility and inspiration. Places need to know. In the search itself there is some charm of its own knowledge. I found a useful site that you use - as if you threw a coin into a piggy bank. It's nice that the moneybox is infinite.

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