How to make a story in "Instagram": video instructions, chips and recommendations

Stories are a relatively new Instagram format. These are photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours. They are interesting to us for seven reasons:

Advance on Instagram: 7 reasons to use Stories

Next, we will tell and show you how to make stories, share chips and recommendations on this format.

How to add a story in Instagram: video instruction

You can add stories to the public access only through the Instagram application. In the next video, we will show how this is done in detail.

How to add Stories to Instagram: a guide for beginners

Features that we haven't covered in the video

In order to load several stories in Instagram within a day, you need to drag the screen to the right every time. Viewers will see stories one by one.

I didn’t check, but blogger Ray Wong experimentally found out that a maximum of 100 stories can be posted in one day. After that, the first of them are removed and their place is occupied by the following. But I would not recommend to follow his example - subscribers may hate you for having to watch too many stories of one author in a row.

How to add history from computer

Instagram has an application for Windows 10. You can download it in the Windows store. The application allows you to create stories, but does not allow them to share. From there, the story can be sent only to subscribers. But you can save it and then post it from your phone.

How to add tags, geotags and stickers

Geotagging is a good idea for local businesses. The fact is that the stories marked by geotags are visible to everyone who is nearby immediately upon entering the search.

To add a geotag, click the "Location" icon and select where you are. You can add a hashtag in two ways: select a sticker in the same menu as the geotag, or simply type it with the text by first placing the # icon.

There are far fewer stories than ordinary photos, so promotion with stories, even for popular hashtags, still works well. Although, by the #love tag, for example, at the time of this writing, stories are shown only in the last 40 minutes. So choose still not so popular hashtags.

Instagram allows you to add up to 10 hashtags to a single story.

In addition to tags, you can add colored stickers, animated stickers from the GIPHY service, date, time, a survey or an additional photo from the front camera to the story. Two fingers can zoom or rotate the sticker.

How to add a link

Business accounts with more than 10,000 views can add a link to an external site to the history.

For users, it looks like this:

How to mark a person in the stories of "Instagram"

To mention a user in the history, insert the @ sign in the text entry field and start typing the name.

How to apply filters

In photo or video editing mode, drag the screen left or right.

How to view statistics

In the published history, view statistics are available:

When viewing statistics, you will see a list of active links to profiles of people who have viewed your history.

How to delete a published story

Go to your story, click on the three points in the lower right corner of the screen and select "Delete."

How to add stories to the "Current" section

Stories are automatically saved in the archive. The best of them can be added to the "Current" section, located on your page under the profile photo. To do this, either in the history itself, click the "Highlight" button, or select the plus sign in the "Actual" section itself.

Applications and services for working with stories


This is a powerful free online photo processing service. Canva has no special story template. Unfortunately, each user’s stories are shown on the full screen, so their size directly depends on the resolution of the mobile phone.

But the approximate aspect ratio of a mobile phone is 9 x 16. Of the Canva templates, the best one is the “Pinterest Graphics” template. Use it for processing photos intended for stories.

Video splitter

An application for "Android" that can cut video into even 15-second segments without gaps. Very handy if you want to add a long video to the story. The length of the segments you install yourself, so the same application can be used to create stories in "VKontakte" and "Facebook." But if that, and on the "Android" and on the "iPhone" is a preset video cropping. But using Video Splitter is a little easier and faster.


Stories are a very promising format. If only because they are created so far less than the main content, but the audience of stories is very large. In November 2017, Instagram has reported that 300 million people are watching stories.

Watch the video: How to Write a Great Short Story - The 8-Point Story Arc (April 2020).


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