What is Vkontakte Targeting and How to Configure It: A Beginner's Guide

Say, advertising "VKontakte" does not work well: some students go over the ads, the whole budget is spent per night, but there is no result? This is what happens if you choose the wrong audience. In this article, you will learn how to properly target Vkontakte to show ads to the right people.

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How does VKontakte targeting work?

Imagine that you are advertising auto repair services in Smolensk. You can display ads in the most popular VKontakte communities and wait for a response. If the ad says "Car Repair in Smolensk," customers will probably turn to you. The problem is that you pay for ad impressions to the residents of Penza, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. In addition, you will spend money on advertising shows for users from Smolensk and other cities that do not have a car. Moreover, you invest money in advertising services for people who travel on expensive uncrashed foreign cars. And you specialize in the repair of domestic cars, and you have direct deliveries of spare parts from AvtoVAZ.

To spend money efficiently and make deals, you have to show ads only to Smolensk residents who have cars. It is desirable that the ads be seen by people with not very new cars, which are suitable for spare parts from AvtoVAZ. This problem can be solved by targeting the target audience.

Targeting or targeting is a set of marketing technologies, with the help of which you show advertising only to the target audience.

With the help of targeting, you practically exclude non-targeted ad impressions. For example, do not spend money on advertising vacation in Pattaya to students who are still interested in football and dolls, and not walking on Walking Street. Ad targeting brings these benefits:

  • Increased response: conversions and deals.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Reducing the cost of attracting customers.
  • Prevention of negative reaction of users to untargeted advertising.
  • Ad displays to competitor audiences.

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to target the audience in "VKontakte".

How to set up the targeting of "Vkontakte"

To select an audience for ad impressions, create a new ad in your account on Vkontakte advertising exchange.

Select ad format. Advertisements are available in the tape: carousel, universal recording and recording in the tape. You can also advertise an application, community or external resource.

Imagine advertising a community. Select the appropriate ad type. Use the drop-down menu to select the desired page.

Select ad format: "Image and Text", "Large Image", "Promotion of Communities".

Enter a title and text, upload an image, select a subject. If necessary, you can set the age limit for impressions. At this stage, do not spend a lot of time on these actions. The task is to switch to audience targeting.

To effectively use targeting, you need to know your audience. To collect data about users, research the market, question real customers, use the method of purchasing persons. About him you can read here and here.

For the experiment, imagine that the company operates in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. You serve clients in all cities of the region, except Zheleznogorsk. It is known that you are most often approached by female office managers aged 20 to 50 years. Another group of clients - IT professionals of large companies, 70% of which are men. Their age also ranges from 20 to 50 years.

How to set up geographical targeting

Target audience groups suggested above. To get started, select the geography of your ads. Specify the Krasnoyarsk Territory as a target and exclude Zheleznogorsk.

How to set demographic targeting

As stated above, your potential clients include women working as office managers, as well as men and women working in IT departments. Therefore, in the "Gender" section, leave the default value. Choose male or female gender only if you are selling a clearly male or female product, for example, spinning rods or decorative cosmetics. Keep in mind that in this case, you cut off potential customers, for example, women who are fond of fishing.

Specify the age of the audience. Under the terms of the experiment, we agreed to target customers between the ages of 20 to 50 years. This is a wide age range, so in the settings, specify it unchanged. If the age of most customers is in a narrow range, for example, 25-30 years old, try to expand the target group. Specify the age from 22 to 33 years and evaluate the results of the campaign.

If necessary, limit the audience shows birthday.

Skip the "Marital Status" menu. Use it only in exceptional cases, for example, if you sell gifts for the holiday of lovers.

When and how to use targeting by interests and interest categories

You can select audience segments in targeting by interest. These are users who are currently interested in one or another product and are ready to buy it. For example, an advertiser may show ads to people who often buy from online stores, look after cars, and are interested in financial services. VKontakte refers users to audience segments by their activity on the social network and on external sites.

How to target community members

The idea is very simple: if you show ads to members of the thematic communities, the response will be higher. For example, you can display announcements about refilling cartridges to members of all communities on relevant topics related to the selected region.

To find suitable communities, use the search "VKontakte". With the filter you can change the search criteria.

Also use the service allsocial.ru, with which you can search and evaluate the community. Be sure to exclude members of your community from the audience. Most likely, they will see publications anyway.

How to show ads to users of specific applications and sites

This task is solved using the "Applications and sites" filter. Enter the name of the site of interest and save the options proposed by the system. At this stage, you can assess the potential reach and expediency of targeting the audience on the basis of the chosen attribute.

If necessary, disconnect any sites or applications from users using the "Except" filter. Check the box "Travelers", if you want to show ads to users who visit "VKontakte" while traveling abroad.

What to do with targeting by education and position

Look for the target audience for education only if you are interested in graduates of specific educational institutions. You can also target users who have recently graduated from an educational institution.

Use post targeting as a last resort and very carefully. This way of targeting can greatly narrow the audience or add to it untargeted people. First, not all users indicate the position. Secondly, the target audience can get people who indicate on the page all places of work.

For example, filter the audience by posts if you want to show advertisements to specific specialists. For example, use this type of targeting if you are selling dental equipment. Note that dentists who have not indicated a profession in their profile will not see the ad.

How to use retargeting

Users who are familiar with your business, product, website or VKontakte public respond to ads many times more often than cold audiences. This is a great reason to use retargeting.

Retargeting is a display of advertising to a warm audience. This tool helps to overcome advertising deafness, reduces the cost of attracting customers and stimulates transactions.

The functionality of the VKontakte advertising platform allows you to display ads to users who have sent you email addresses, phone numbers, visited your site.

To use retargeting, go to the appropriate menu in the advertising room "VKontakte". Click the "Create Audience" button.

You can create an audience using pixel retargeting or data from a file.

Upload a file with a database of email addresses, phone numbers or user profile id. Check out the download information requirements or use the guidelines:

  • Use a CSV or TXT file.
  • Write to the same address, id or phone number in the line. You can also write data in a string separated by a comma or a semicolon. You can find out the user id using the application.
  • Specify the phone number in these formats: +71111111111, 71111111111, 8-111-111-11-11.

You can also set the retargeting code on the site. In the "Pixels" menu, generate a pixel.

Copy the code and paste it on the site.

If the site is powered by WordPress, it is convenient to insert the code using the Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin.

Use the "Edit" menu to add / remove an audience or get the retargeting code again.

After filling the audience retargeting create ads and run an advertising campaign.

What services increase the efficiency of targeting "Vkontakte"

With the help of external services, you can improve the targeting accuracy of the target audience and make advertising more effective. Check out the following sites:

  • Cerebro. This is one of the most popular and efficient external advertising management services for VKontakte. Targeting using Cerebro provides such opportunities: searching for an audience and a similar audience, highlighting active users of groups and publics, targeting potential customers who interacted with individual posts on VKontakte, searching for thematic communities, targeting friends and other users.
  • Pepper. Read about the features of the service in our review.
  • Allsocial. With the service, you can search for thematic community. Allsocial also quickly searches for group administrators and tracks changes in groups, for example, name changes.
  • Spotlight (free). Collects data of group members, targets users by different types of activity, for example, “I like” marks for certain posts or in certain groups. Also finds contact group administrators. To use the service, you must log in using your VKontakte account.
  • Segmento target (paid). With this service, you can target the VKontakte community. The system also works with Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Instagram.
  • Only Push (free). With the help of this site, you can manage advertising campaigns "Vkontakte", including, to determine the target audience.

To improve the effectiveness of advertising, it is necessary to collect data on different segments of the target audience using one or more services. Save the data in CSV or TXT format, and then create the appropriate retargeting groups.

Audience targeting is available in advertising automation services, for example, Aori, Plarin, Sociate.Targeting. Targeting capabilities are standard here, but automation systems provide advertisers with the ability to simultaneously manage advertising campaigns at several sites.

How targeting increases the effectiveness of advertising "Vkontakte"

In this section you will find successful and unsuccessful examples of targeting the target audience "VKontakte". Cases are presented in the form of a list with a brief announcement and a link to the source in which you can study the details. Check out the following targeting lessons:

  • The author of an extravagant blog about SMM writes that thanks to the Cerebro Target service, he managed to significantly increase the CTR of ads, as well as achieve a higher conversion of conversions into applications than advertising in Vkontakte communities.
  • The author of the Effective Targeting Group, Anel Radiant, talks about the experience of attracting 10 thousand subscribers to the group for 10 thousand rubles. The secret to the success of the gardening community’s advertising campaign lies in the fine targeting settings. The audience for ad impressions was determined by gender, age and region of residence.
  • The author of the blog "Divan theorist", Mikhail Bursin, gained a very valuable experience of using Vkontakte targeting. The system showed the ad to the same people, because of which the effectiveness of advertising was low. This mini-case recalls the need to use the option to restrict ad delivery to one user.
  • Colleagues from Magwai say that targeted Vkontakte advertising showed higher efficiency in searching for employees compared to paid publication on HeadHunter. Someone else thinks VKontakte is a network for schoolchildren?
  • Another case from Magwai shows the relative effectiveness of targeted advertising on VKontakte, Yandex.Direct advertising in search and YAN. According to the author, ads in YAN bring more clicks and cost the advertiser cheaper.
  • Colleagues from Icontext write that retargeting makes VKontakte advertising comparable in performance to Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct.
  • Maxim Lukyanov tells how, using Cerebro, he managed to target an interested audience and get commercial traffic at a ridiculous price.

You can also get acquainted with a large selection of cases from Cerebro Target and the Effective Targeting group. Practical experience confirms the possibility of thin targeting advertising. However, the success of an advertising campaign depends not only on successful or unsuccessful targeting. For ads to bring deals, the audience must notice your ad and go over it. This will be discussed below. In addition, your offer must be relevant and competitive.

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How to increase the effectiveness of ads

The choice of ad format, the design of headings and images is not directly related to the targeting of the audience. At the same time, poor-quality ads reduce the effectiveness of advertising, even with a good audience choice. Therefore, before preparing an advertising campaign, read the recommendations for the design of ads.

What ad format to choose

In the advertising office "VKontakte" advertising entries are available in the tape: carousel, recording with a button and universal recording. Choose a record with a button when you need to get targeted user actions, for example, site transitions, purchases, subscriptions, and so on.

Choose the format "Carousel" if you need to offer the user several products at the same time. This ad format works well for online stores.

The format "Universal post" is suitable when you need to draw attention to the publication in a blog or in public.

External site ads are displayed in the sidebar. According to the well-known SMM expert Dmitry Rumyantsev, the effectiveness of this format falls, since ads are not seen by mobile users. Look for details in an interview with Dmitry Rumyantsev for our blog.

The format "Community" is suitable for advertising groups, pages and meetings, and the format "Application" is needed for advertising applications.

More information about ad formats can be found in the reference book of the Vkontakte advertising office.

How to increase ad clickability

CTR ads depend on several factors. The main ones include the correct choice of the target audience, the relevance and competitiveness of the proposal, the visual appeal and the prompting title and text. After precise targeting settings, take care of the ad design. Use the following guidelines:

Use attractive images

When choosing a photo, consider the features of the product and the interests of the target audience. You may need sources of free photos and image processing tools. Do not forget that the photos must comply with the requirements for registration and the rules for publishing ads. Test multiple images to determine audience preferences. With recommendations for testing advertising "Vkontakte" can be found here.

Adapt the names of communities and applications to advertising

In Community ads, header length is limited. The "Reduce" button does not always work correctly. For example, when you try to automatically shorten the title “University of Internet Professions Not”, the option “University of Internet professions” is obtained. Manually change the title can not be.

Pay attention to the title and description text.

If the image solves the problem of attracting attention, then the title and text stimulate the user to act. You will find an article about creating slaughter headers and a CTA compilation for all occasions.

Prepare the landing area

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign as a whole and the targeting in particular cannot be high if the user does not find the necessary information or is disappointed in the product after switching to the ad. Pay attention to the rules for creating landing pages.

Choose the appropriate payment format for solving specific tasks.

If transitions and deals are needed, prefer pay-per-click advertising campaigns. If it’s important to increase your reach, choose pay per impression.

Track advertising performance

Watch for CTR, number and cost of impressions and conversions, number of conversions.

Combine advertising and informational announcements

This will help fight the advertising deafness of the audience.

Targeting is not a panacea, but an important element of advertising success.

The correct choice of the target audience is one of the main success factors for the VKontakte advertising campaigns. The most popular social network of the Russian Internet provides marketers with access to precise targeting tools. You can also use third-party services that provide more advanced settings. Please note that targeting alone is not enough for effective advertising. You must offer the user a relevant and competitive product, as well as to correctly advertise.

In the comments, you can write additions and comments to the article, as well as share your own experience of using targeting.

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