What do online shoppers want?

Online store owners would sell their souls to the devil to look into the heads of online shoppers. Why people buy products on the Internet, what influences their decisions during product selection, what customers like and dislike, - you can use reliable answers to these questions to increase the efficiency of online trading.

How to prepare for holiday sales: tips to domestic retailers

Domestic business has long learned many effective ways of working during periods of festive euphoria. Offline and online stores arrange holiday sales, conduct thematic advertising campaigns, give customers gifts. However, many consumers bypass the holiday sales side. “At first, they raised the price by 30%, and then made a New Year's discount of 25%,” the buyers' complaints about sellers sound like this.

Abandoned Baskets: 7 Posh Examples of "Returning" Emails

No matter how thoughtful is the navigation of your online store and how simple the checkout process is, your customers will still leave their baskets. For various reasons: someone wants to compare prices on another site, someone is going to complete the purchase a little later, while others simply get distracted by another thing and forget about their plans.

Text on the item card: how not to pay for extra characters

The text in the item card is a sacred cow and a sacred phenomenon. The owners of online stores, at least small and medium-sized, tend to describe everything. That's literally everything! Brass shower drain? He needs at least 2,000 characters of text. Toilet bowl brand "Cheap & Angry"? Another 2,000 characters. Cheap t-shirt with a rock band print?

Events in Google Analytics: 5 metrics that every online store should track

If you are the owner of an online store and use Google Analytics to collect site statistics, then you have probably heard about GA events many times. With their help, you can get statistics on absolutely any interactions with the site, which allows you to create the most flexible and detailed reports. But what kind of interaction to track to get really useful information?

How the transition to online retail will change the Internet: everything marketers need to know

"Today is the only day in life, When we all carry our laziness in a crowd. This is the first degree of freedom for now, But you need to take the bull by the horns." Vyacheslav Butusov This article was conceived as an attempt to system analysis, slightly beyond the narrow scope of the ceremonial "trends of Internet marketing." Applying the research of large brands (Naomi Klein) and the prekariat (Guy Standing) to the modern stage of retail development, the author came to disappointing conclusions.

What content is needed for an online store: a complete checklist with recommendations

What to write on the main page of the online store and in the product cards, how to clearly structure the structure, why you need a company blog - I have gathered in this article all the sacred knowledge about filling online shopping sites. "If Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips were to be attached to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose, yes, to take some swagger, like Balthazar’s Balthazarych’s, yes, perhaps add Ivan Pavlovich’s prettiness to it, I’d have to decide immediately,” Gogol's "Marriage".

Online merchandising: how to increase sales in the online store

Offline sales can be increased only by properly placing the goods on the shelves. For the Internet, this statement is also true, however, at the expense of a few other principles. We understand how and what measures and techniques of merchandising work online. Why online shopping merchandising Consider the problem of classic merchandising, which can be successfully solved in the online store.

5 frequent customer complaints from online stores: personal experience

Robert Sutton in the book "Do not work with assholes" said: "Revenge is ugly, but it is a property of human nature that assholes awaken in their victims." The quote vividly characterizes a clear causal link: if you harm a client, you will receive a portion of revenge in return. At best - angry calls, at worst - reputational damage and lawsuits.

How leading online retailers use social networks

Most online stores use social networks in their work. Maintaining activity on social resources, they increase the reach of the audience, attract traffic, try to stimulate sales. American marketing agency 8th Bridge has published the results of a study of the activity of the world's largest retailers in social networks.

Online Store Promotion: 25 Effective Tips

The success of online trading is highly dependent on the visibility of the site in the search. In this article you will find a list of tips on SEO optimization of online stores that will help you attract and convert targeted traffic. 1. Check the robots.txt file. This is a basic tip, from which you need to start search engine promotion of any site.

54-ФЗ: How online stores adapt to online cash registers

What has changed 54-ФЗ? "Vanya began to climb in daddy's box office. Began to disgrace, steal a lot of money." The romance of the XIX century. From July 1, 2017 every sale should be carried out via an online cash desk, that is, authenticated via the Internet in real time with the fiscal data operator (CRF). The licensed data aggregator checks the fiscal attribute of the check, certifies it and stores it in the archive, which merges into the FTS once a day.

How to increase the conversion rate of e-commerce site

The internet economy is booming. According to Internet Retailer, in 2013, buyers spent $ 262 billion in American online stores. This is a 13% increase compared with 2012. This impressive growth leads to the field of e-commerce new players who want to get their piece of cake, the volume of which in the US alone is a quarter trillion dollars.

How to accept payments on the site

There is a virtually infinite number of ways to make money online. However, all representatives of the e-commerce industry are faced with the same problem: how to convert online transactions into real money that lies in the merchant's current account. From this article you will learn how to accept payments on the site.

Resource Center for online stores: 50+ useful tools

In this publication you will find a huge list of tools for online stores. It has useful resources for both beginner e-merchants and experienced marketers at large online stores. Services and programs are classified by the tasks that they solve. Tools for creating online stores The choice of engine or designer is one of the first questions that e-merchants face when launching a project.

Stories from business and not only: 17 examples of storytelling

Have you heard about the effectiveness of storytelling, but have seen few real examples of its use? Sit back: it's time for amazing stories. Megafon business storytelling: "How we laid the cable under the river bottom" Article on Habré. Key points The company was faced with the task of connecting the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions along the Nizhny Novgorod-Murom highway with an additional fiber-optic channel.

How to open an online store in Instagram from scratch: a guide for beginners

Instagram is the best platform to "show the goods face." But users of all social networks, including this one, are tired of direct sales head-on. For your convenience, we navigated the article: Creating and setting up a business profile There is nothing complicated in registering an Instagram business account: all that is required of you is to link your profile to Facebook.