The power of error. How to cope with failures

Meet Tanya and Ilya. Tanya is an internet marketer, Ilya is a designer; both are great specialists in their fields, both with experience and a head on their shoulders. Tanya and Ilya have a common problem: they often doubt themselves and workers are in trouble. This is today's article. Case number 1. Tanya and hypotheses Tanya is a marketer with ambitions.

How to use the results of the NPS survey: walkthrough

NPS is a Net Promoter Score, an index of consumer loyalty. It helps to know the opinion of customers about your product / business and, accordingly, to optimize work: to adjust development strategies, understand weak and strong points, partially check the accuracy of items from the SWOT analysis. The whole important theory is described in the article "NPS: Consumer Loyalty Index that every company needs to keep track of," and now we will look at what can and should be done with it.

How to run a business with a friend and not lose everything

It is believed that starting a business with a friend is a bad idea. For a year, in a common vessel, my partner and I pretty much messed up at work and had enough reasons to slap breamies to each other, but we did not do that. I tell you how not to stay without a friend, and without a business. # 1 Create a general idea Partnership with friends is beneficial because the general idea is a more effective motivator than money.

What is motivation, or How to sell to people with different dominant motivation

Some people, after reading the motivating article, crush the mountains, the second go back to the sofa. All because people have different dominant motivation. I'll tell you how to determine your type and learn how to understand buyers. The article is useful for a wide circle of readers, but especially for entrepreneurs. In which part of the brain hides motivation Motivation is more based on the expectation of reward.

How to conduct a classic workshop: a complete guide

A hundred years ago, chose products. Today choose manufacturers. The best manufacturers, experts in the business. One of the ways to secure the status of an expert is to conduct a master class on behalf of the owner, director or any other business representative. Advantages of MC: close contact with the target audience and increasing brand loyalty; opportunity to stand out among competitors; access to an audience that is not reachable via the Internet; content for other communication channels (photo, video, info guide, case); the opportunity to get free brand references on print posters and in the events section of city portals; public speaking skills training.

How to reach the state of "eureka"

Have you heard such a word - eureka? Yes, yes, it was him who was running naked along Archimedes Street, who was instructed to measure the volume of the golden crown of King Syracuse - and yet she was irregular. And how many people screamed him when he woke? Yes, do not count! Of course, everyone remembers Mendeleev. Some still know about the German physicist Kekule, who discovered benzene, seeing in a dream a snake of six carbon atoms.

What is more important: education or business acumen?

Every second today is a manager or a lawyer by education. Why are so few people successful in their work, and why are there almost no lawyers and economists among them? The world of business is a complex and constantly changing space of new ideas, new practices and methods for achieving success. As soon as some business concept enters the textbooks, it immediately loses its relevance, because new practices force it out of this world.

We knead memory: how not to forget about work

Have you come from vacation and forgot your password to enter Windows? Or, worse, a pin from a bank card? Did you miss an important meeting because you forgot to put a reminder on your smartphone? Sometimes it seems to me that all the petty problems that sneak up to small business owners and nullify their most thoughtful plans appear solely because of our inability to remember things.

Marketing vs sales. Who gave birth to whom and where do the holivar's legs grow from?

The conflict between sales and marketing is no less classic than between sales and production. Once upon a time, in another country, “planners” and “marketers” liked to fight, who can be called second cousins ​​of today's marketers and sales people. What is the basis of the conflict? Yes, everything is the same: the divergence of ideas about the real (or possible) needs of the client, production capabilities and market capacity.

Unexpected increase: how to cope with stress

If you are a full-time employee of a company (and not a freelancer), then sooner or later you will have to play the role of leader. Many people are horrified by this prospect. A typical reaction to a promotion. Imagine an average office worker named Peter. The man sat quietly, having buried himself in the monitor, did not touch anyone, quietly fulfilled his daily duties, and one “fine” day the boss said to him: “Peter, I thought here and decided to make you responsible for the new project.